Author Topic: Sage and Revelations (Cinna/Veronika)  (Read 87 times)

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Sage and Revelations (Cinna/Veronika)
« on: September 16, 2019, 03:19:05 PM »
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Played Characters
Cinna -Master Water Witch- Veronika's Unknowing Human Servant

Non-Played Characters

Cinna meets up with Veronika for a revelation after weeks of working with her...issues

: In the last few months Veronika had made strides when she was with Cinna. She had gained an awareness that she did not know she lost upon Aleric's death: it was small strides in the big picture, but these small steps had so far, prevented a catastrophe from spilling over into the city. Would anyone know who to thank? Perhaps Geoffrey and Lina, but it was unlikely that Cinna would ever get the proper thanks he deserved for his actions. Veronika was waiting for him in the garden near the lake that they often worked with. She was dressed in a long leather jacket with a bright orange gown layer beneath, leather gloves covering her from finger to elbow and a complimentary hair piece in her hair keeping her dark locks out of her face. She turned to him upon his approach, a slight up tick of her lips at the sound of his footfalls on the grass, "Good evening Cinna." She called to him as she reached out for the crystals set in a circle on the small round wrought iron table before her.

Cinna Wylde-Stannos
says to ]|ANGER|[.]|MANAGEMENT|[: [Well there was more to thank at this point than Cinna. And hopefully Veronika wouldn't murder Lina when she found out that came out! But thats another story. So here he was, wearing nice sturdy boots, nice blue jeans, nothing shabby or torn or heck that even looked -worn-. He was trying to be slightly less formal as you requested. But it was obvious that the jeans were new. He wore a nice shirt however, a nice oxford in tones of water and just a hint of eart. he had a small knapsack in which he too carried crystals. Since it was his job to provide them. Also his notepad, pencil, and a few bottles of water. It could be thirsty work! Plus, water witch. You never knew.] "Good evening, Veronika" [there was a very faint pause, as if he wanted to put something before your name, but you had asked not to. It would be an internal battle, but he'd do it. He had many a conversation about it with his best friend...after she laughed herself sick over it.] "I trust the evening finds you well?"

: Veonika nodded in answer to his question, her gaze distance but her attention focused on him yet. Her fingers plucked the amethyst from the table and turned it over in her covered hands... the color of the pale stone matched her eyes before power lit them afire. "It is a fine evening." She admitted with a startled pause. This awareness of late had her reflecting on more than how she interacted with the world as a formidable player, but in existence. What about tonight was so much more wonderful than any other night? She cast her gaze towards him and motioned to the chair at her side with her fingers, taking in his dressed down clothing with a note of approval despite her aversion to denim. Geoffrey took that fashion niche and ran with it... was this going to be her lot to be surrounded by modernists? "I feel capable of advertising my position within the city again Cinna."

Cinna Wylde-Stannos
says to ]|ANGER|[.]|MANAGEMENT|[: [well you demanded he be less forma. if you wished for him not to wear denim, he wouldn't, for he didn't much like it either. Unless he was working in the garden. But he didn't think his beat up denim jeans would have been appropriate. He didn't wear khaki, but he could as an alternative to the denim if it made things easier. But they haven't really discussed it! He noted the startled pause, part of him wondering -why- he noticed, and how he noticed. Not that he was an unobservant man, but there were years of distance and chasms of power between them. He shouldn't have been able to gather some things easily. He filed that away to think about it later. He sat, placing the bag half under the chair upon which he sat. At her words, he blinked in silence for a heartbeat. Then he felt as if he should ask, as if he needed to ask. He wasn't sure what she was talking about to be honest] "Advertising your position? I wasn't aware that the position had otherwise been filled?"

: Veronika paused when he spoke and she considered his question... it was more of a matter of why she said it. Her gaze moved beyond him to the empty estate behind them and she pointed with her chin. "I have not lived here since his death. This is the place of my position. This is the place of being Master of the District, which I have left empty for too long." She fell into silence, the sound of his oulse was a distant thrum, she was in tune with him in ways that she missed being in tune with Aleric... these revelations had come over the last few months, but had they come without the discipline she was practicing with him, it would have grown into a much more caustic situation... and now she sat here, content and slightly perplexed at this strange state of being she had come into. "These sessions have permitted me to reflect on how I have neglected my duties Cinna."

Cinna Wylde-Stannos
says to ]|ANGER|[.]|MANAGEMENT|[: [ah. ok that makes sense. Houses held memory. Then his eye twitched. Master of the District. Not Ambassador. He didn't get all OMGAGGGGHHHSCARY. There wasn't a hitch in his breathing, heartbeat.. he just.. tilted his head.] "I see" [he said slowly. Thinking. And now she was talking about dereliction of duty. Which had him wondering if he was going to be used and tossed aside in the manner of some stronger creatures. He didn't peg her as that sort, but she was a creature of anger. He straightened and inclined his head] "Well, while I would not wish to paint anyone in an negative light, I am glad you could find yourself in self reflection. However, if you have not been within the house, has it been wholly vacant? Should we run the place throughout with some white sage? To dispel the energy such as it is?" [it might be purley mental at that point, dispelling the thoughts as to why she had left, but it might also help]

: There was no way that she could miss the twitch of his eye, he was such a passive man, but that was not the point.. she noticed things, as a predator, these skills were ingrained, in her case, they were hyper trained. It was note that there was no additional reaction. She could not recall with precision if he knew that she was the Master in DC, but eith eway, his reaction told her plenty. "There is no light in reflection, only glimpses, aren't there?" She asked more rhetorically than anything else as her eyes were drawn from him back to the house. She did not respond to his question, her face was impassive and neutral as she thought about the vacancy, the energy, the memories of that house... it wasn't theirs for very long before he died. Not like the holdings they occupied in England and across heathen lands. "Yes." She turned a small smile to him and rose to her feet, "I will show you the Estate. If you have the required material, I would appreciate your assistance establishing an equilibrium to the air." She would wait for him to join her and slipped her arm into his to guide him up to back entrance. "This was our estate. Few stayed with us, guests, some members of the court..."

Cinna Wylde-Stannos
says to ]|ANGER|[.]|MANAGEMENT|[: "It would depend upon what you wish to be reflected." [it wasn't an automatic response, it was thoughtful, but it did come out as a quick sort of rejoinder. He stood when she did reaching down to pick up the bag and pull it over his shoulder. He eyed the estate, mentally evaluating the size. He gave a small shake of his head] "I do not have enough to do the whole space. If there's one space you wish done immediately, I could do one, perhaps two rooms, but the size of the estate would require more than I generally carry on me in my kit." [yes the knapsack was new too. He did carry a briefcase before if you recall. He stepped up beside her, and gave her arm an automatic pat as she slipped it through his. It wasn't exactly casual, and it wasn't because she was -old- because she was..ha! No, it was just a 'I know you are here' and 'I am here for you' sort of thing. If you stumbled, he'd be there, if you wanted the extra 'muscle' he'd do that too. Versatile, that was him] "Where do the court stay now, if you do not mind my asking? Knowing a schedule would make it easier to set up a time to be here to cleanse the space"

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