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A Daring Escape [Jay/Dove]
« on: April 23, 2019, 04:25:17 AM »
[Setting: Red River Lukoi pup house 4/22/2019]

Dove Cox - Omega Wolf (rumor)
Jay Cox - Omega Wolf (AJ)

Synopsis: Jay and Dove attempt a daring escape out from under the noses of the Alphas of Red River

Jay : The advantages of being twins was that no one thought twice about the women wanting to share a room. She felt the inner rage at the situation, and it was disorienting to no longer reach for a little help to calm her nerves, or to get a grip on reality. She had figured out by now that letting her emotions get away with her was a problem. And that shifting out of turn was something that was very very frowned upon. Nothing about being in DC had been pleasant so far. Nothing about being under her cousin's roof was what it was expected to be. They were promised a home, and to start a new life... that was what their mother had told them. That it was 'the path' for them. No one had planned for them to be infected, did they? She rolled over in her single bed and peered over at her sister, straining to listen through the walls of this little cabin for the Alphas. > She tried not to be nervous, she didn't want to fµ¢k this up. She didn't want to alert anyone to them either.

Dove : It was probably a good thing that they had allowed her to room with her sister. Things would have been a lot less pleasant, likely for her, if they had not. She had come to the same understandings as her sister in a few matters. Getting too emotional was bad, as was shifting out of turn. She was also angry, an underlying current of anger, at the current situation that she found her and her sister in. Angry at her mother for sending her here. Angry at her cousin for what he had planned for them. Angry at the wolf who had infected them. She had quickly learned how to seperate her ability to talk to her sister away from everything else, isolating that means of communication from the Alphas who had no real idea that they could do that. It had always been a secret which turned out to be a good thing now. She rolled over onto her side, peering across the small expanse at her sister, giving a little nod and a faint smile. It was as reassuring as she could get at the moment. She knew what we were about to do was dangerous but the alternative....she would rather die.

Jay : There were times in their youth that they had great imagined adventures. It was all James Bond and Huckleberry Finn, death defying and grandiose. She remembered those days, and those courageous stories they told together, because she couldn't allow the fear of failure to cloud her mind right now. She wrapped her fingers around the keys in her pocket carefully, concerned about the possibility of bending the keys if she held them too tight. There was a significant learning curve right now... "I took the keys to the Camry. It's at the end of the lane." Slowly, she pushed the blanket back and slid off of the bed, kneeling first on the floor then crouching on her tip toes, facing the wall with the window that was framed by their small beds.

Dove : The days of grand adventures was over. Those days died when we had been sent to DC to live with Steven. A brutal, violent, bloody death. Still, there was hope to draw from in those stories, in those daring days and thats what she did now. When she heard the words in her head she would nod slowly, responding in the same silent way. "Once we get started, don't look back. Just run. No matter what." When you moved to slide off the bed she would do the same. She was dressed, except for bare feet, and she would settle into a low crouch as well, facing the window. She would rise slowly, ensuring that she made no sound as she tiptoed to the window, wincing a little as she began to slide it open. It was silent, thankfully, and due to some advance planning the window rose without a hitch. She would lift her finger to her sister, the shhh gesture over her lips as she gestured to the window. She wouldnt leave until her sister did.

Jay : She could feel her worry escalating to the low thrum of fear that should have had her heart pounding but by some grace of God, was not. She watched Dove move with a light touch and tried not to breathe on her, the last thing that they needed was something to groan or attract attention from the babysitting Alphas in the common areas. "Sure. no matter what." It wasn't a lie, because at the moment it was. Her brain was fried, and she was struggling to find creative reasons why she would stick around, or come back, you know, except for the obvious if Dove fell behind. She rose with her twin and reached for the little tabs on the screen and lifted slowly. She had practiced this over the last week, testing for ease, and after a protract moment, it released and she was able to guide the frame down to her bed and laid it on the mattress before slipping over the sill to slide down to the ground. It wasn't far, yet she didn't jump, she didn't want anyone hearing her feet land in the new grass. Carefully her toes touched down and she lowered herself to the soles of her feet and reached out to hold the window to assist her sister. "Maybe the car is a bad idea. Maybe we should just run really fast." Where to was an other story.

Dove : Dove had gone beyond worry at this point. She had gotten herself into a sort of surface blankness, something that she had been working on since this all happened. She would nod when Jay responded to her. When the window was open she would step back, letting Jay get the screen out of the window before she slipped out and lowered herself to the ground. She would wait until Jay was on the ground before she would do the same, slipping out of the window and lowering herself quietly to the grass. She would glance at her sister as she said that the car might be a bad idea, shrugging slightly. "Would they be able to follow us by scent if we ran?" She wasnt sure how that worked but she was pretty sure that they would be able to follow us if we didnt find a way to cut off our scent. Her head would cant slowly, as if she was listening to something or someone, before she glanced at you with a furrowing brow. "Did you hear that?" If she was asking it was a pretty good bet that it wasnt something she expected to hear.