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Interlopers: The Story So Far
« on: April 21, 2019, 12:22:34 AM »
During what was meant to be a regular training exercise, Geoff and Bina go to the mall to sniff out a rogue wolf that Geoff had been sensing lately. They find said wolf, but strangely he claims no knowledge of being a rogue, saying instead that he's already oathed to Red River Lukoi. Supposedly this pack had been in D.C. for a while, and was led by a wolf called Steven (Who The Hell Is Steven?).

According to this "rogue" wolf, the Red River pack operates out of a barbecue joint known as the Dixie Pig. Geoff takes a small cadre of wolves to check it out (Making Ourselves Known). There they encounter several wolves, including Eddie, supposedly Steven's second in command. The wolves seem fairly well established and are baffled by Geoff's assertions that he is the rightful Ulfric. Steven is not there, and after a few tense moments the Primul Patrar wolves leave.

During a Hearts for Hope gala, meant to raise awareness for the plight of lycans, Geoff, Lou, Mystery, and others make a token appearance and to donate. While they are there, they encounter Steven and Eddie, who themselves claim to be simply there to enjoy the affair (Hearts for Hope Gala). After Steven is patronizing to Lou and Mystery, Lou slaps him but is forced to restrain herself because of the public location.

Lou and Geoff, fearful that this usurper pack might attack Tinker's Tavern during St. Patrick's Day, decide to conceal some weapons throughout the bar the night before (Gold Star). The day itself passes without incident, but later in the week Eddie, Steven, and several others from Red River make a surprise attack. The surprise is even more prominent - and alarming - due to the fact that several of Steven's wolves seem capable of hiding what they are with uncanny skill, far beyond what would be expected for their level. The attack is brief but bloody, cut short by the sudden explosive appearance of Line, coming to her servant's aid. The fight ends with the Primul Patrar wolves taking one of Steven's wolves hostage.

With her sister's help, Lou tortures and eventually kills the captive wolf (The Spoils), though they learn nothing which contradicts Steven's telling of events. Complicating matters, a new wolf named Claire Watson arrives in town, and is told through underground contacts that the Red River pack is the place for wolves to go in Washington, D.C.. She arrives at the Dixie Pig just as Steven and the others are nursing their wounds from the fight, but they welcome her in as best they can without cluing her in to the current situation. Meanwhile, Geoff finds out the situation from Lou, including the fact that she executed the hostage (The Tavern's Trashed...Again) - however, she keeps to herself the fact that she tortured him to get information.