Author Topic: The Tavern's trashed again.. [Geoff/Lou]  (Read 36 times)

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The Tavern's trashed again.. [Geoff/Lou]
« on: April 07, 2019, 01:33:52 AM »
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Synopsis: Lou informs Geoff about the developments post tavern brawl.

Lou: Blood... it was such a hearty smell. She stood in the cellar of the basement looking at the mess that was left and headed up to her office where she had left her cellphone. There was never any need for accidental eavesdropping of torture nor an execution. She texted Geoff, "I need you at the Tavern." and dropped her cell phone back into the drawer of her desk. The bar was trashed. Again. It could have been worse. Hell, it had been worse before. She hauled herself onto the counter of the bar and sat with her feet planted firmly on a stool, a bottle of whiskey in one hand, a glass in the other and waited for Geoff to arrive. Jared would be at the medical centre by now. Clarissa should be home any time now... and well... their guest was waiting in the cellar. She didn't even think to wash her hands, or the blood from her cheek... the furthest thing from her mind was image or propriety. sh¡t was getting real and she had her war paint on to match her combat boots.

Geoff: *where had Geoff been when all this went down? it doesn't really's fair to say that he had a sense that SOMETHING had gone down, yours wasn't the first text (or call, or whatever) he'd point of fact, he was speeding back to the pack complex when he got your message (the car slewing dangerously out of his lane as he struggled to read it).....he quickly responds back: "PK O NMY WAY".....he makes another dangerous lane change, getting off the highway at the next exit (and ignoring the angry honking of the cars he cuts off) so he can turn around and head back into the time he gets there, the strange traffic snarls seem to have cleared up, and he gets a parking spot right near the front door....he takes a step inside and stops, the air around him seeming to almost chill as he takes in the damage.....he crosses the floor to you, moving deliberately around the splintered tables and broken glass....he comes to a stop just close enough to touch if he were to reach out his arm, his gaze very obviously moving to the blood on your face, and then to your reddened hands* Steven's people? *it's phrased as a question, but he doesn't wait for an answer* Is anyone badly hurt?

LOU: Yes, well, there was a reason that you were only getting communciation hours later. She was busy. What was weirding her out the most, was the metaphysical hold that she had had on the wolf. Once his heart stopped beating... the metaphysics waned in a way that made her heart sink, and the implications of her capabilities sank in. That is what was on her mind when he entered, and made his way to her at the back of the bar. Her grey eyes looked up into his stoic face when he approached her. He would notice that her shields were down but she made no effort to greet him... Her head bobbed at the question and she lifted her drink to her lips, downing the burning liquid down in one hissing gulp. Whiskey did nothing to burn the smell of death from one's nose either. "Jared will be fine... One of theirs won't be. His head is in a wine crate in the cellar."

Geoff:  *he assumes that if something truly awful had happened, you would have called him rather than text him, but he had to ask the question aloud and get the response, and then he could relax (or at least as relaxed as an Ulfric could be when his pack had been attacked)....he'd been reaching for the nearest unbroken bottle of booze handy, meaning to take a swig for himself, when you mention that the head of one of Steven's wolves is on a crate in the cellar....he stops, and you once again have his full and undivided attention* In....the cellar? *there's a moment of silence that spans a few heartbeats, and you can feel his own pulse ticking upward a few notches* Did they attack from the cellar? *it's a ridiculous question on its face - barring some kind of heavy tunneling machinery, there's no way to get to the cellar from the outside....and yet, that's the question he goes to*

Lou:  It did not become him to be coy. or play stupid. And Lou had enough arguing, proding, and fighting for one night already, so she didn't even rise to the bait. Her chin dipped down so that she could make sure that she wasn't spilling the whiskey and once poured, she pushed the bottle into his hand that had stopped mid motion. "No. They did not attack from the cellar." She scoffed, shaking her head with a sigh, what a fµ¢k¡ng sh¡t show. She took an other large drink from her glass and opened her eyes, looking into your concerned face. "No, instead there were 4 of them, right in the tavern, right under my nose and I didn't know it until they reacted to striking Steven." To Lou, this was the most distressing part of the night... that Steven concealed them from her... and that he had some kind of shielding ability over them... it bothered her even though Primul Patrar had come out relatively unscathed in their exchanges.

Geoff: *he wasn't being stupid, or even coy....the only possible explanation for a head in the cellar would be that the wolf was taken there, and beheaded....Geoff has done his fair share of brutal things in the course of being an alpha, and again as an Ulfric....things that cost him dearly, a price he's still paying off to this very day, with interest....we've fought over this sort of thing before, and there's a brief moment where you think he may be about to go down that path once again....but instead he takes the bottle, uncaps it, takes a long swig....then scowls and tosses the bottle over his shoulder* Jagermeister! Why do we even stock that sh¡t? *he looks back to you, his brows knitting together slightly* Right under your mean, you had no idea they were wolves?

Lou: She watched with mild annoyance as he tossed her bottle over his shoulder and huffed at him, glad that they weren't talking about the dead wolf in the cellar. She had her own issues that she was trying to put to bed about that, and sharing them with her husband was not going to help her sooth any of the worries she had -- granted, that belief stemmed from avoiding yet an other subject that they didn't see eye to eye on. She pointed to the tables that they were sitting at. "Right there." She pointed to where one was with Jared, "He must have been as strong as Jean Luc after all." She said, and then pointed to the tables to his left, behind the little half wall where the pool table was. "And three of them there. One was on par with Jared, the other too could have given Naomi a run for her money." She admitted, seeking out his gaze, "And when I tried to get an upper hand metaphysically..." She wrinkled her nose, "It's like Steven shielded the Call from me.... even though I wasn't calling necessarily." She inhaled deeply before finishing her drink.

Geoff: *Geoff turns to look at each of the tables you point out, actually moving to stand near each one in turn...his own shields drop, and you'd see his nose twitch as he tries to pick up any residual scent from the interlopers....he seems to be following along with what you say, just kind of nodding along and kind of lost in his own thoughts, until you talk about Steven shedding the other wolves from that his head whips around to meet your gaze with a sudden look of....OK let's call it like it is: alarm....or at least some mild species of it* So he's not just some pretender then..... *we've both faced down our fair share of alphas with superiority complexes who call themselves "Ulfric" but who lack the metaphysical balls to back it up* And he shielded them from....what were you trying to do?

Lou: As he moved around the bar, she reached behind her for an other bottle, he tossed her jag... so she needed something new. She found Crown Royal and twisted the lid off with the thumb and forefinger of the hand holding it. She nodded to where he was going, one to the other, "I wasn't doing much more than I've done in the past," She shrugged, thinking of how to articulate it, and instead, showed him. Her shields were already down and suddenly, the power that they normally guarded as hot, present, sticky and heavy, like the hot humid San Diego sun. He'd feel the way that her energy closed in on him from all sides, and after her demonstration she relented, tipping the drink to her lips. "Clarissa was here too."

Geoff: *he feels the sudden press of your energy, and sucks in a breath, letting it out slowly as he moves back to stand beside you....this time he's standing closer, and he reaches out to brush at some of the dried blood on your's a gesture that some would consider surprising in its gentleness, especially considering his size....he seems less concerned about wiping it free than he is about determining whether it's from a wound or if it's someone else's blood....when he's satisfied, he pulls his hand back, locking eyes with you* That's....not anything I've ever heard of before... The only shielding I've ever seen is from a vampire's call. *he doesn't seem particularly concerned about that fact, he states it with a mild shrug*

Lou: Lou wasn't sure what she expected him to say... but after he brushed the blood from her cheek and dismissed her concern... she leaned into him and pressed her lips to his. It was no chaste kiss, but nor was it an introduction to some immediate need... although if she were pressed, she would admit that she needed him right here, right now, just as he was. Because he was her husband, and he was her Ulfric. She lessened the pressure in her kiss and leaned back, her bloodstained hand sliding down his shoulder to her knee and she glanced around, "Lina also saved our asses. I'd have had shifted Jared and Clarissa and a whole bunch of angry wolves all over me if I hadn't asked for her help." Did she kiss him to lessen the blow of the statement? No.. but if it had that effect so be it.

Geoff: *if he found the kiss to be unexpected, it doesn't impact the way he responds to it, leaning into you, pressing his body in a line of heat against've been more demonstrative of late and he's gotten accustomed to such things....though, if you really had a need, mentioning Lina was probably a bad idea....nothing breaks the mood better than mentioning any of the fang-faces....though Lina may be the least bad of the lot....still, it's enough to bring a scowl to his face, even if he gives a single grudging nod at the practicality of it* Fair enough. You did what you had to do. *he meets your eyes again, and there's no anger there, no falseness to what he said* I'm just sorry I couldn't be there. *if he had, maybe we could have ended this thing once and for all*

Lou: She smoothed her thumb over his chest and nodded, it didn't matter, what was done was done, and they were where they were. "Now..." She tapped her thumb on his shirt. "I plan on making a delivery before we go home." She explained, before glancing at the door leading to the back, "Steven has a pack of 15. Well.. 14 now." She corrected herself, "And he needs to know."

Geoff: He will, in due time. But it's not going to be now. *he says this in a tone you're quite familiar with, the Ulfric's a tone that doesn't invite a lot of debate or disagreement* Even if it might be tactically smart, we're not going anywhere near the Dixie Pig unless we go in full force. *already he has visions in his head of burning the place to the ground....he doesn't verbalize them, but honestly, he probably doesn't need to; you're probably thinking much the same* First we'll check on Jared and Clarissa.

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Re: The Tavern's trashed again.. [Geoff/Lou]
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