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Gold Star [Geoff/Lou]
« on: March 17, 2019, 12:14:36 AM »
Played Characters
Geoffre Cooper - Ulfirc [m i c h a e l ]
Louisianna Cooper - Lupa ][A,J,]

Synopsis: Geoff and Lou prepare the tavern for St Patrick's day and stock the place in case of conflict with the ursurper's pack.

Geoff: *closing early on a Saturday is usually bad business, especially for a bar....fortunately the wolves don't really need to worry about turning a profit.....besides, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, so we're sure to do brisk business, even though it's a Sunday this year.....the last of the patrons have been shooed away, perhaps some of them will be back for green beer or green...whatever else we care to serve....Naomi and Blysse are out on a supply run, so for the time being, we've got the place to ourselves.....imagine: the Ulfric, the most powerful wolf, and one of the most formidable preternatural creatures in the city, wiping off tables and setting chairs atop them so the floors can be cleaned....his stint as a fireman made him very accustomed to pitching in, even on menial household chores like this, but the irony isn't lost on him....after a few minutes of working in relative silence, he stops what he's doing and turns to you* I thought having employees meant we didn't have to do this crap ourselves?

Louisianna: There were some things that Lou liked doing herself. Cleaning was definitely one of them. It meant that things were -actually- clean, and even though she had been a lycan for more than half of her life by now, that did not take away the heeby jeebies that that got from dirty and disgusting environments. She had all of the booze off of the back shelves of the bar and was busy sticking green clingy film to the mirror to give the bar a festive feel -- the other thing she hated was stupid holiday decorations up before the actual celebration. She craned her neck around at him when he spoke up and arched a brow at him where she knelt on the counter behind the bar.... "I thought you weren't afraid of a little elbow grease." She countered before going back to spreading herself out on the mirror, around the glass shelves... you know, this was probably the worst job for the shortest person in the Pack to do. "Can you come lend a hand oh tall one?"

Geoff: *he snorts* Who said anything about being afraid of it? I'm just thinking out loud. *he says this with a more noticeable glint of humor in his voice....ever since our little....spat....and the following reconciliation, he's been in a noticeably better mood (at least by Geoff standards) even if nothing objectively has changed with our situation, simply confronting the fact that there is a problem and resolving to fix it seems to have lifted an invisible burden from him....he finishes the table he'd been working on and ambles over to you, helping to level the decorative border on the mirror and keeping it level before you press it against the glass surface....he glances down at you and chuckles lowly* Well now I see why you keep me around...

Louisianna: She rose to her feet on the counter and crouched when he took over holding it in place and nodded, "Long arms and height count for a lot. You can also reach the top cupboards in the kitchen. Don't underestimate the importance of being an arm extension." She told him, the solemn tone of her voice clearly hiding a smirk. She finished with the border and hopped back off of the counter and eyed the decoration appreciatively before starting to put the bottles back up on the glass shelf. Rather than shamrocks and stupid top hats, it was simply a border of green ivy and gold coins. She pointed to the shamrock stickers to his right, "Start handing me stickers at random. I'll stick them to the back of bottles. First person to order from said bottle gets a free drink." It was an effective way to encourage the patrons to drink from the stock on the shelves.

Geoff: *he has to appreciate that kind of deadpan delivery....if he didn't know better, he'd say you picked that up from him....he responds with a slight rise of his eyebrows but apart from that he keeps a solemn look on his face as he nods* Fair enough. *he looks at the box of stickers as you direct him to it...there's a slight hesitation before he moves over and starts pulling them out, handing them to you....if you're focused on what you're doing, you might miss his second, more appreciative nod as you explain the way the promotion works, understanding the reasoning there* You're quite the businesswoman here. *he pauses for a moment before speaking again, handing you another small handful of stickers as he does it* You think you would have ended up running a place like this in San Diego? You know.... *if he'd never come into your life, if this pack just....hadn't's not the sort of question Geoff usually asks, and if you'd look at him, his face would be unreadable*

Louisianna: Lou didn't need the flattery to feel good, but she liked it. She took the stickers as they came and placed them on the backs of the bottle, the gold and raindbow colour showing through the bottle in some cases. She put some bottles up without stickers, others with two. His question made her squint, and she looked over her shoulder at him with a furrowed brow, "No. Probably not." She paused, "Not because I didn't know how, but I was working in a very different business, and Isaac's crew was know for bars. It likely would have got me killed if I wasn't as strong as I am now." She explained without hesitation... she had never thought about it, but the reality of San Diego was too frank in her mind to even sugar coat the possibility of her evolving into half of the person she was now if he had not come along. "Truth be told, I can't imagine ever getting to the point I am now without if we hadn't met on the beach."

Geoff: *he listens to what you have to say, head canted to the side slightly and his attention entirely focused on your explanation he nods a bit, his lips twitching at the corner slightly* Good. *he uses a glittery gold star sticker to gesture to the darkened interior of the tavern* So having this....makes you happy, then? *this still in that same bland, even tone, his face given nothing away....once he's asked the question, he hands you the sticker* That's the last one. *his eyes slide to the large cardboard box on the far end of the bar, then back to you*

Louisianna: Lou finished with the last of the bottles as he responded, and her shields melted away and her beast nudged at him as she took the gold star from him and reached for the last bottle of whiskey on the counter. His question put a halt to her motions and she turned to him, tilting her chin up to him with a small smile on her lips. "Yes." She admitted to him, taking the last sticker and pressed it to his chest like his own sherriff's badge and she stood on her tip toes to kiss him softly. "The cache is a good idea." Her chin nodding towards the box. "Got any crafty ideas where to put them?"

Geoff: *he's not insecure in the most literal sense - though he did go through that phase early on in his tenure as Ulfric...this line of questioning isn't coming from that exact same place, but something that's perhaps a close yeah, maybe he needed to hear that you're happy and that becoming his Lupa didn't ruin your life...he might never tell you that in those exact words, but he seems satisfied with your response, making a sound low in his throat when you put the last sticker on his chest, a sound of faint satisfaction.....when the topic turns to more...martial....matters, his demeanor changes and becomes more businesslike* Well.....we wouldn't be the first bar to have a shotgun under the bar......but if the sh¡t really hits the fan we're going to need everything we can get.... *his eyes scan the interior of the tavern for a moment, and he walks over to one of the tables that hasn't been cleaned off yet...he leans over, his arms spreading wide to grip the tabletop and slowly starts to turn it....he has to bend over almost in a C shape so he can brace the legs of the table with his feet to keep them from might look funny, but after a few moments of struggling he manages to unscrew the top of the table from the central support.....he gingerly sets the tabletop aside and grabs the center support, turning it over in his hand* Aha, just what I thought. *he holds it up so you can see....the wooden support is actually hollow inside, there's not enough space for a gun, but there would be for a long slender blade of some kind*

Louisianna: Lou's attentioned moved to him when he went to the table and she arched a brow at his manoever, and grimaced when he turned to her with his find. "I could have told you it was hollow. How about we find hiding spots that won't trash my whole place from the get go." She said, pointing up at the open rafters and the random arraingment of artifacts that hung in the high ceiling space, like a canoe, half of a 1950s pick up truck near the back entrance, a lobster cage and other such random things every preternatural bar needed to acccesorise with. She came round the bar and brought the box with her on her hip, dropping it on the table that was relatively most in the middle of the bar, which meant it was near the central fireplace that was just to the right of centre of the front entrance when you came in the front door. "You're all pretty tall, and we can all jump. I'd say the rafters, maybe a shot gun under the toe kick of the bar and the hearth." She knocked the stone ledge that seemed to float about 6 inches off the ground beside her foot.

Geoff: *he grunts, and carries the center support over to the cache* I take it you've never seen what happens when lycans fight.... *completely ignoring your admonition, he manages to wedge an eight-inch seax knife and a few spare clips of silver-lined ammo into the support* If it gets to this point we'd probably be boned, but you never know... *he carries it back to where it was originally and begins reattaching the table top before turning his attention to you....his eyes glance to the lobster cage, narrowing for a bit, before he turns his attention to the fireplace* Yeah, that'll work. *he starts handing you some shotguns to stow in the lobster cage, as well as a few more blades....these are all hand-forged by Geoff, and his talent is definitely starting to grow....he's also managed to figure out how to layer silver into the blades to make them more harmful to lycans and other preternaturals*

Louisianna: It wasn't that it wasn't a good idea... just not... her first one. She wasn't really waiting for permission, just a conversation, and when he turned back to appraise the area she was talking about, she lept to the rafters and hung with one arm out towards him for the weapons for the lobster cage, and then pointed to the sawed off shot gun, "You've made a lot of progress with your new trade. They smell dangerous." The shot gun in hand, she laid it on the 10x10 beam and pursed her lips, considering what to use to secure it for a moment before dropping to the ground and going back behind the bar to find some of that sticky roll out liner that was used on the shelves under the bar to keep the glasses from moving around. She cut the roll into strips that were as wide as her hand and went back to the place she left the weapon to lay this beneath it... and handed it to him instead, "You can reach better on a chair, lay it under the length of it so it doesn't fall into someone's lap by accident.

Geoff: *at your compliment he flashes a quick grin, something that's more teeth than anything, though it does mean more to him than he lets on to hear that from you* Thanks.... *he cants his head as he watches you stride to the bar, but the moment you start cutting the shelf liners into strips he perceives your plan* Yeah, good idea... *he climbs onto the chair, using one hand to steady himself until he's settled, smoothing the strip down mostly by feel than anything else* That would really tank our reviews...

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