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A First Meeting [Cedric/Anichka]
« on: March 13, 2019, 11:23:47 PM »
[Setting - Kiss Common Room 03/13/2019]

Cedric - Intermediate III Mora (AJ)
Anichka Petrova - Intermediate III QoN (Rumor)

Synopsis: Cedric and Anichka meet, words are exchange, a little light flirting.

Cedric : The court estate was rather large, there was never a need for any of the vampires here to truly cross each other's paths, but that was not the way that things worked around here. There was a large great room that could conceivably be used as a ball room, with couches, lounges, fireplaces, two bars and more seating areas. This was the common room, and Cedric found himself in this room with a dour look on his face. He was perplexed and aggravated that for the third time this month, his attempt to purchase his own property was thwarted by an anonymous bidder who swept in on his purchase after he had nearly closed the deal. He was certain that it was Sophia, the cold meddling b¡t¢h had a way of putting thorns in his side at the best of times... which was why he was consorting with the others of the Kiss. again. His long form lounged on a divan, one leg tossed over the arm, his neck resting on the other and one heavy leather boot planted firmly on the ground. His hand reached out for a passing blooddoll and watched with a pleased light in his eye as her body broke out in goosebumps, and her spine shivered at his touch. He smirked, pulling her down to his lap before drawing her wrist to his mouth for a thrilling, shivering foreplay of his breath on her flesh, power trickling over her and a locked gaze that promised more to come... He fed from her without rolling her, enjoying the way that her body bucked under his mouth and his fangs broke flesh, spilling crimson warmth into his waiting mouth.

Anichka : Anichka had spent a lot of time on her own recently, her life more solitary than not most days. It was the side effect of her work, writing being a solo affair. So was observing dreams, for that matter. Still she was in a new place, and a new Kiss, so she felt that she should at least attempt to be sociable for a little bit. There would be time to retreat once again later. Or go out and play. Something that meant that she wasnt wandering around aimlessly. She headed towards the great room on silent feet, not in any rush. She relished the control that it took to look mortal, especially as it gave her time to look over the details of the estate as she made her way to where she might run into other people. She stopped in the doorway of the great room, taking in the scene before her with a dispassionate gaze. Her head would tilt ever so slightly, taking in the minutae of the moment, before she would break that still moment and make her way inside. She would saunter past where the male vampire was feeding, bright green eyes looking at him as she passes, her doll features a porcelain perfect mask highlighted only by the deep rich red of her lips. She would give a slight incline of her head, a silent greeting since he was mid-snack, as she passed, heading for another couch where she would perch upon the very edge. Once she had settled she would still, her gaze turning towards one of the fireplaces, a pretty lifesized doll watching the flames dance.

Cedric : Cedric was one of the most dispassionate vampires when he fed... unless he had reason to focus solely on his meal, he did not... His gaze moved from the woman seated on his leg and watched the way that she trembled. He inhaled deeply as she squirmed and her breathing accelerated, panic slowly building in body in response to the overwhelming sensation of walls closing in around her. Her fear made her blood as sweet as candy. He had been enjoying the show, when the pale, red lipped beauty walked past. Honey coloured eyes followed her travel and when she was no longer in sight, his mouth released the woman in trance, and he sat up, disregarding the feedbag without a second thought. He crossed his arms where he stood, one hand at his mouth where he rubbed his lower lip with the pad of his thumb, and he watched her.... "Of all of the things to stare at in this grand place, why settle for the one thing that can kill us thoroughly?" He asked before approaching, moving to perch on the arm of the couch on a diagonal from her, but still close enough to be part of a mutual conversation.

Anichka : "You don't find a certain beauty in that which can take us out of existance so thoroughly?" Aside from speaking she had yet to actually move, remaining that eerie sort of still that vampires tend to be. After a moment, however, she would pull her gaze from the fire and turn towards you. Eyes eyes as green as spring grass would regard you before she would give the faintest of smiles. "Or I could stare at you. You have a certain beauty as well." She glanced over at the feedbag who was just now getting up from where she had been dumped before she regarded you again. Porcelain flesh was luminous in the flickering light of the fire, giving her an almost angelic glow. If you didnt know what she was that is. "I am Anichka." Her name was given with no indication given that she expected the same in return. She didnt. If you wanted to tell her your name that was fine but if you didnt, that was fine too. Our kind could be odd about things like that. About a great many things actually.

Cedric : Because I am lazy, I will say that Cedric is dressed as the av, trench coat and all... at her question for a response, he released his thumb and slid his hand into the outside pocket of his trench coat, "Beauty would not be the word I would use... it would liken you to flames, and I am left with the impression that you are not to be treated in the same manner as fiery tendrils." He watched her turn towards him, and he liked what he saw... not in the same way that he hunted, but there was definite appreciation for the pale beauty (no, he does not have a type, not that he would readily admit), and it was too early to tell if he would be taken with her as he was with Sophia. Oh... but she is bold! Where did this wonderfully refreshing addition come from? "Only in the moonlight." He assured her, giving a slight incline of his head at her when she introduced herself, "I am Cedric. Welcome to the District. It is a truly fascinating place to be..." Well, now that he was here it was. "What drew you to this fine, formerly fobidden city?"

Anichka : Being that I am lazy also Anichka is dressed in the blue outfit in the av. She would give a more defined smile as you said that you were left with the impression that she was not to be treated in the same manner as fiery tendrils. "I suppose it depends on how you tend to handle fire." Drenched in water would be unpleasant, after all. When you commented that it was only in the moonlight that you had a certain beauty she would chuckle ever so softly. "Certainly the moonlight doesn't do all the heavy lifting." When you introduced yourself she would incline her head in return, giving another faint smile at the welcome to the District. At the question of what drew her to this fine city she would give a delicate little shrug of her shoulders. "Fate, it would seem. Or a bad throw of a dart. I have yet to decide. I suppose it all depends on how things turn out." She was full of answers although they likely only made complete sense to her. But you had no reason to know that she chose her destination by throwing a dart at a map. Her Russian accent was noticeable but it was obvious that she hadnt been in Russia in a very long time.

Cedric : Cedric only grinned at her as she tried to draw his tricks from him.. no, water would never do, what if it was a grease fire? He tended to choke the air from the flame to extinguish it.. "Oh but lady, it does, have you seen these features in daylight?" He teased, pointing his fingers up to this face to draw attention to his photogenic features... and his voice trailed off with her answer, a side to side swivel kind of bob to her words... "I've yet to put my stock in fate, it would appear you need help throwing then," he assured her, "And what is it that you do.... here. Or anywhere?" He found this question went over better with vampires of their caliber and younger.... we weren't yet engrained in who we shaped ourself into being from the shadows, were we? still young enough to adapt their thinking to millenials.

Anishka : She would chuckle softly and shake her head. "If I ever see those features in daylight I think we are both in trouble." She would smile as you said that she needed help throwing. "The real problem was losing the darts because they went through the wall. Next time I decide to throw darts at a map I shall call for assistance." She would give a faint smile although when you asked what she did here, or anywhere, she would smile and shrug. "I am a writer. Narrative history, poem anthologies, literary fiction. What it is depends on which pseudonym you look under. Luckily its the type of thing that I can do anywhere on the planet, although my publisher is in New York City." She would get a faintly distant smile on her lips for a moment before she came back to the present. "And what is it that you do Cedric?"

Cedric : Cedric's smirk stayed on his features as he listened to her, he liked the easy banter, he could definitely use with a less trying exchange with a fellow undead... "There are some skills that are better left for outdoor actvities so I'm told..." He chuckled, listening with a twinkle in his eye as she spoke about her career... and where she was last from. He should have been still and stoic before, because now he can't do that, not if he wants to not not react to her words... he nodded along. "That is very curious. There is an other author in the Kiss as well, I a certain that you will find her soon enough." he assured her, nodding his head at her, "Alas, I must depart, I shall endeavour to give you a tour of the District in short order dearest Anichka."

Anichka : She would smile and give a touch of a nod as you said that you needed to depart. "Have a good evening, Cedric. I shall hope to see you sooner rather than later. Preferable not in the daylight." She would rise, giving a slight inclination of her head, a graceful and delicate gesture of respect for a fellow member of the Kiss before she is just...gone. If you turn your head just right you can see the last tendrils of white blonde hair turning the corner, the scent of her left behind in her wake.