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Cupcakes Galore [Semoya/Bina]
« on: February 11, 2019, 10:51:48 PM »
[Setting - The Community Center 2/11/2019]

Sabrina Young - Weak Alpha Wolf (Rumor)
Semoya Romanov-Blanche - Weak Moderate Wolf (AJ)

Synopsis: Semoya is baking cupcakes and Bina comes in. They have a brief conversation.

Semoya : Semoya had come a long way in this pack. The Ulfric still frightened her, which she was told wasn't necessary, that it might be over exagerated... but it wasn't. As far as she understood it, she was the only wolf in this Pack, or alive, that he had tried to kill. It wasn't that she thought he would still do someting to her... it was just that defensive mechanism inside of her that taught her how to survive went off when he was around, or she stepped into his private territory. yes, living in his house was difficult.. but now... despite the fact that the whole Complex was the Ulfrics (it was technically her wife's), she was in the community centre, baking for the entire complex for valentine's day. The smell of chocolate cupcakes and salted caramel icing was permeating the room.. there was batch of strawberry cream waiting to fill the cooling shortbread cupcakes... and Semoya looked as happy as could be for being out of her home, and seemingly alone.

Bina : Bina had been out for a run, which wasnt unusual at all. She normally ran at night when she came back from school and being in town, spending several hours in the forest before coming home. There were only a few people who knew what she did out there, and none of them were talking. She was jogging around the complex and cooling off before she would settle in a more sedate walk on her way back to her house. The path that she took went through the lions section of the complex and past the community center heading for the house that sat catty corner from the Ulfrics house. She was still the only one who lived there and, truth be told, she was okay with that. She loved being a wolf, and she loved her pack, but she loved her privacy as well and when you lived in a complex full of beings who could feel your presence and whatever you might be feeling sometimes being physically alone was the best you could hope for. The scent of salted caramel caused her head to tilt slightly, glancing towards the community center as she was walking past it. It was unusual for someone to be in there baking, really, and it was even more unusual to see you out and about. Both were occasion enough for her to change her path to head for the community center to stop in and say hello. She was friends with your wife, Ru was her partner in crime after that bit of training that they had done together, so she was more than happy to stop in and see how you were doing. She would smile as she opened the door, speaking the minute she does so you arent startled. "Evening Semoya."

Semoya : Semoya was grateful for the care the many of the wolves took in this Pack. There was a time that the very thought would have had her cringing from the implied judgement that she had with such thoughts, but Ruskya was a blessing for her too. She smiled at Sabrina when she walked in, and reached up to grab the glass measuring bowl from the microwave to continue mixing the kraft caramel cubes she was using to make the caramel filing. "Hello Sabrina." She said as she set down the bowl and slid her beast up against Sabrina's energy and offered her a small bow of her head, "I looked at the calendar... and the room appeared free..." She explained, not quite because she felt like she was in the wrong, but because she felt like there needed to be a reason to be taking over a communal spot.. "Do.... do you like cupcakes?"

Bina : She watched Semoya as she continued to stir the caramel as Bina walked in the door. The brush of her beast was met with a warm nudge from Bina's own beast in greeting. Bina would wave her hand as the explanation was given about the room being free and smile. "No need to explain to me, Semoya. Take over the community center and bake anytime you want to. I doubt anyone will complain about the scent of fresh cupcakes." She would grin and step in, the door shutting behind her. At your question about if she liked cupcakes she would get a bright gleam in her pretty blue eyes and nod. Her youth, physically, was easily seen in that moment. She looked like a kid even if she didnt feel like a young wolf anymore. "I love cupcakes. Especially now that I can eat a dozen of them without getting fat. Need any help?" Bina knew how to bake. Aside from the time that she was sick enough that she couldnt move she had taken over the Sunday baking when Myst had been off dealing with family. It wasnt anything that she spoke about, she wouldnt be surprised if people had no idea it was her. The baked goods just continued showing up, as scheduled, every Sunday morning.

Semoya : Sem smiled at her when she encouraged her to use the community center. If truth be told, it was mostly the place where the lessers came together because they didn't get to go out alone, but that didn't mean that any of them thought that this place was more of their place than the rest of the Pack's... and the Pride's... She gave her a quick, pleased smile at her answer and turned to grab the long rectangular plate that had a variety of flavours on them, "Yes, please, can you taste these?" She asked, "Please? I.. I'm not sure who likes what flavours, and," She shrugged, you know, "This is carrot cake with maple cream cheese with bacon crumbles," Guess who that was for..., "This is vanilla with a lemon curd filling and raspberry icing, and this is tuxedo cake with chocolate icing, and this is chocolate and salted caramel icing, and this one is strawberry shortcake." She stopped when she'd completed the presentation.. and she blinked,coming back to reality with a small shake of her head before sliding the plate towards Sabrina."

Bina : When you turned to grab the long rectangular plate that had the various types of cupcakes on them she would blink. That was more cupcakes than she had expected. She eyed them all, her gaze going from one cupcake to the next as you told her what they were. She would stare at the plate then at you and give you the cutest grin. "You want me to taste cupcakes for you? I think...I can sacrifice myself on that particular altar. In the name of baking science of course. Purely for educational purposes." She would grin as the plate slid towards her. Her hand would lift, fingers fluttering as she made a big show out of choosing which cupcake to sample first. She even did a little bit of 'eeny meeny miney mo' before she would beam and pick up the tuxedo cake with chocolate icing first. Watching her at this moment would give you a good guess what a much younger Sabrina was like with her mother in the kitchen. She peeled away the paper and then took a decidedly delicate bite in the presence of someone else. If you werent here she might well have stuffed the entire thing in her mouth. Or half of it at least. "This is good Semoya. Did you make the frosting yourself?" It tasted homemade.

Semoya : Semoya had been in the community center all day, so far, all alone too... but that was OK. All of the cupboards behind her were pretty much filled with cupcakes, no one gives a werewolf one cupcake if you give a gift... that's like giving a child one goldfish cracker... it was just inconceivable. She watched anxiously, but she didn't fidget, that wouldn't do... but she was eager to know Sabrina's thoughts... even when her question made her blush. "Thank you." She said with a voice that was a little breathy from holding it. "Yes, I did... Ru.. and I, have a stand mixer, which makes it lot easier to do." She admitted, glancing over at the cooling caramel and remembered to continue mixing it.

Bina : "Ru is one lucky lady. These cupcakes are life." She would grin. She was going to have to get this recipe so she could make these cupcakes for Inali. These cupcakes were amazing. She put the tuxedo cupcake down and picked up the vanilla cupcake with the lemon curd and raspberry icing. "Semoya these are so pretty. My mama bakes like this. This reminds me of home." She would get a brilliant smile on her face. She would peel the paper back on the vanilla cupcake before she would take another delicate bite, although she made sure that it was a big enough bite to get some of the lemon curd with the frosting and cupcake. Her eyes rolled back in her head for a moment before her head dropped back and she would just exhale softly. She chewed and swallowed before she looked back at you. "Why are you not working in the bakery already?"

Semoya : Semoya never fished for compliments, and Ru had worked really hard with her over the last years to have her accept them... and with the attention from Sabrina, she was conflicted, she almost wanted to take the cupcakes away and hide them... she just felt awkward... but then.. then she asked about the bakery. Surely, Sem had heard about it, but hadn't given it much thought... and she slowed the stirring of the sauce... "Oh... um.. I.. well.. Ruskya, we need me at home." It wasn't a lie, but it was a bit of a stretch that Sem would have that kind of conversation with Ru..

Bina : There was a blessing and a curse when it came to Bina. She had the strength of character and senses that an Alpha wolf has but she also has the brain of a young woman who is far too nice and caring at times. She could tell that you were starting to feel awkward and she would smile, shifting on her seat a little. At your comment that you were needed at home she would smile and give a bouncing nod. "That certainly explains it then." She didnt want you to feel awkward with her so she did the only thing that she knew to do. Her beast would brush yours slowly, comforting your beast for a moment before she slid from the stool she had sat on during the taste test. "Keep up the baking, Semoya. I will have to get these recipes from you later. Inali would love these. I need to get home so I can call him before he heads to bed. See you later." She would lift a hand and give a patented Bina wave before she spun on her heel and bounced out of the community center. She was gone just as quick as she came in, leaving behind a bit of her sunshine as she goes.