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Who the Hell is Steven? [Geoff/Bina]
« on: November 18, 2018, 12:58:29 AM »
[Setting - The Mall 11/17/2018]

Geoff Cooper - Ulfric (michael)
Sabrina Young - Weak Alpha Wolf (Rumor)

Synopsis: Geoff takes Bina to the mall to find a rogue wolf, learns about another pack claiming DC called the Red River Lukoi.

Geoff : *it's night time, so what does that mean but time for another of Bina's night-time runs? of course it does, and while it's good to have healthy habits, it does make you a tad predictable, which is why you'll run into Geoff here - not in the garage per se, but in the tunnel leading to the forest.....he's leaning against the wall obviously waiting for you....and the only noteworthy thing is that he's wearing a jacket....even with the cold turn of the weather, he wouldn't normally be wearing one....he pushes away from the wall as you approach, moving to stand in your path, looking you up and down with his arms crossed.....after a moment of silent scrutiny he raises his eyebrows slightly* Are you doing something different with your hair?

Bina : While normally she would be a little more cautious about setting herself up with predictable habits it wasn't something she was entirely worried about here in the compound. Her pack knowing where she was at any given moment was never a bad thing. And if not her pack then her Ulfric at the very least. She heads out for her run with her hair up in a ponytail, a light jacket on that she could tie around her waist when she got too warm from running. She could smell you as she approached so you pushing away from the wall was met with a smile and a light wave. Her beast would brush against yours, not as hesitant as it normally is, and she would tilt her head as you asked if she was doing something different with her hair. "No? You are the second person to ask me that. Mark asked me that also." She would shrug a little bit before she gestured to the forest. "You here to run with me or waylay me and taking me elsewhere?" She knew it was likely one of those two things since you were here and she was a smart enough cookie to know you were waiting for her.

Geoff : *his shields are down as well, which is normal inside the confines of our place....he returns your greeting with a brush of lupine energy...it might feel a bit distracted, but otherwise you'd get no sense from his energy as to his mood; tonight at least he's trying to play it closer to the vest....when you mention that Mark asked about your hair his brows rise a bit more* Is that a fact? *he doesn't/can't keep the surprise from his voice at that one* Huh. *he's quiet for a moment, then dismisses whatever it is he's thinking with a small shake of his head* Waylay. *without further comment, he starts walking, brushing past you (unless you move first to lead him back into the garage proper)....we'd head not into the complex proper, but to his Jeep, and for a wonder he'd open the passenger side door for you to climb in before he gets into the driver's side....he doesn't speak until we're buckled in and driving* I know you didn't change your hair. *pause* But I know what you DID change. *he pauses again, long enough to glance at you sidelong before returning his full attention to the road* The question I guess is whether YOU know it...

Bina : She noted the surprise you had that Mark asked her about her hair also. When you said that you were here to waylay her she would smile and nod, turning on her heel without a second thought. She hesitated long enough to figure out that we were heading to your Jeep and not back into the complex, making for the passenger side door. Your opening it for her caused her brow to lift ever so slightly but she said nothing. It was unusual behavior and she noted it but she didnt feel the need to point it out. She buckles in, naturally, and gets ready to fall into silence until we are where we are going. When you speak again she would turn her gaze to you, tilting her head a little bit as you inform her that you know what changed and then wonder if she herself has figured it out. "Well...I feel stronger. I feel...more." She didnt know if that made sense but it was about one of the only ways that she could put it. "After that evening with Zabela in the forest everything is just a bit sharper. I noticed that my beast reacted to Mark a little differently this time too. His hesistance ruffled me a little bit." She didnt want to say that he felt like prey but the statement wouldnt be far off from what she felt even if it wasnt exactly correct. Then in her typical Bina fashion she would smile and sum things up in her Bina way. "I think I got bigger."

Geoff : *he snorts at your last statement* My, won't Inali be pleased. *the response is so immediate and delivered without any real inflection that it might pass over your head....then again it might not, who knows?...still, he follows that up with a slow, approving nod* Stronger, yes, but I don't think that's all of it. Or even the most important part. Unless I'm mistaken I'd say you've reached Alpha by now. *he doesn't say it all that much differently but you can almost hear the capitalization of "Alpha" in his voice*

Bina : "Considering how skinny I got before I dont think he will mind too much." She quipped right back at you as you made that statement. Whether or not she caught what you meant will remain up in the air. She would smile as you agreed that she got stronger, and went on to say that you were pretty sure she had reached Alpha at this point. And yes, she heard the capitalization of the word. Said with the same sort of emphasis that you tend to put on Ulfric and Lupanar. She would smile and nod. "I thought so as well but its good that it's not just in my head. It was bound to happen though. I am constantly working on getting stronger and more sure and balanced." And that wasnt bragging on her part. It was simply the truth. Bina was driven. She had been driven from the start and it had never flagged at all. Its what kept her alive when she was sick and its what got her strength back as quick as it came back once she was cured. Bina wasnt the resting on her laurels type. After a minute she would smile. "I'm certainly not the same wolf that Tally brought to you a few years back."

Geoff : That's for damn sure. *about your being a different wolf than you were years ago....he doesn't say anything for a moment..we merge onto highway traffic - it's the weekend before Thanksgiving and traffic is pretty heavy.....Geoff seems to have some kind of destination in mind though he's not going anywhere that you'd be immediately familiar with....he needs to concentrate on driving for a bit, but once we pull off onto a side street he can resume the conversation* Though it was far from "bound to happen". *even though he uses your exact words to the extent where you can hear the air quotes, there isn't any derision in his voice....more like emphasis* Not every wolf can make Alpha. Hell, MOST can't. The vast majority of us tend to top out at moderate or a little more...just enough to get back to their normal lives and that's it. Becoming Alpha....it's not like losing weight...you can't get there just on willpower alone....some wolves never get there no matter how much they may want to. *he falls silent for a moment, then adds* It's something you should be proud of. *he doesn't say "I am" but it hangs there in the air just out of frame*

Bina : She would chuckle at your comment about her not being the same wolf. She has a hard time remembering being that wolf these days. She was so far removed from that wolf now. Although, strangely, she was the same person. She had managed to grow without actually losing who she was in the process. She fell into silence as you did. She wasnt at all surprised or even upset that you had to concentrate on driving. The conversation was more surprising than the silence was. When you started to talk again she would turn her attention back to you. She had realized that she had no idea where we were going so she wasnt entirely focused on you, paying attention to the surroundings as well as she talked. When you said that it wasnt bound to happen, and explained that not every wolf can make Alpha she would smile. You explained more what it meant, and what it took, and she would nod before she contemplates what to say in return. "I am proud, Geoff. I have come a long way from being the wolf who was frightened of everyone around me. And I know that not every wolf makes it as far as I have but...I never doubted that I would be the best wolf I could be. I have a great mentor. And I'm Tally's sister." She said that last bit like there was something to it. "Even if I topped out with just getting my life back I have no regrets. But I didnt. And Im still not done. I will keep fighting to be more than I am today, every day." You would never be able to say that Bina didnt have a supreme amount of willpower. And now the confidence of an Alpha wolf to back it up.

Geoff : *he listens to what you say but doesn't react to it.....part of it, again, is that Geoff himself doesn't seem to know exactly where he's going....he's driving like someone trying to remember directions they'd been given or something.....the pack complex is out in the forested area just outside of D.C> proper, just where the land could properly be called "wilderness"....he started out like he was going to the heart of the city but has since pulled off into a more suburban area, complete with strip malls and fast food franchises...he pulls up to a red light and finally has time to turn to you* The question is.....now that you're Alpha, what's next for you? Our pack is unusually top heavy for our size, most only have three or four alphas tops, and most of them are in leadership positions. Others are focused on teaching the lessers how to come into their own as wolves. Do either of those interest you? *he may have his own opinion, but he keeps it to himself....instead the light turns, and he starts driving again, pulling into a large-ish shopping mall....holiday season isn't officially underway, but it IS a Saturday night and the lot is pretty full....you have time to formulate a reply while he goes back and forth among the rows looking for a parking spot*

Bina : She would smile as you said that the question was whats next for her. When you explained what the others were doing, and basically what the options were, she would ponder. Especially when you asked if either of them interested her. When you pulled into the parking lot of the mall she would glance your way, a little confused. The last time you brought her to a mall you were testing her to see if she could handle the confusion of a packed and noisy place. Although maybe this time you just needed to buy a present. There was really no telling. She pondered the question while you were looking for a parking spot, eventually speaking. "Well, I dont think I have the temperment to be the Bolverk. And the only other leadership position open at this point is Geri, I believe. The lessers respond well to me, most of them at least." Her mind flashed to Lulu for a second, who didnt get along with much of anyone. After a minute she would shrug and smile. "I'll be honest Geoff... I am interested in being where you need me the most. If that means teaching lessers then I am on it. If that means grooming me to be in a leadership spot, Im there. I will rise to whichever challenge is put before me and strive to do my best regardless." And part of that has been that she has been working on herself and in the process sort of divorced herself from pack politics and pulled back from the lessers a touch so she can step into whichever direction you want or need her.

Geoff : *he finds a spot - it's a fair distance away from the mall entrance but it's not like a light walk could bother either of us....not even him with his bum leg....he turns the Jeep off and we sit in silence, punctuated only occasionally by the faint ticking of the engine as it cools....you tell him that you'll work where he needs you and he gives a faint nod* Fair enough. Challenge one, then. *without further explanation he gets out of the Jeep and heads for the mall entrance....he moves easily through the throng of people crowding the door, even with the limp (which he does play up a bit when out in public)....though usually when out in public he has his shields up, but tonight his lupine energy swirls around him in an invisible aura....humans would have to be sensitive or, well, not human to be able to detect it, and it's not the full brunt of his beast, but it's like a door that's been left open just enough to let light out.....he stops just inside the mall proper and turns to you* Find the rogue. *what, you thought he was taking you shopping or something?*

Bina : She would nod as you said fair enough. When you said challenge one, however, she would turn to face you. She pondered what you had in mind and got out of the Jeep when you did so. She made her way to the mall entrance with you, bouncing a little at your side. You played up your limp when you were out in public and she had taken to playing up her youth. Especially when she was with you. You really looked like her grumpy Uncle at that point. She noticed that your shields weren't up as we made our way into the mall, leaving a trickle open to swirl around you in metaphysical energy. She was just wondering about that as she stopped just inside the mall and you turned to her and said 'find the rogue'. She would tilt her head a moment, flash you a smile, and turn her attention to the mall. As an aside she would murmur just loud enough for you to hear. "And here I was hoping for a nice pair of earrings." She opened her shields a trickle, casting her metaphysical energy out to search for the rogue that was somewhere in the mall. She started to wander off in one direction, lets say left, although it was more so that she could search a bit further without opening herself up completely. She was focusing her other senses as well, filtering through the scents and sounds of the normal humans that were gathered in the mall. Specifically she was searching for a void in the myriad scents of perfume and deodorants since most lycans didnt wear that sort of thing. Our noses were far too sensitive. Especially any scent void that was moving away from wherever you were since its a pretty good bet whatever rogue was here wouldnt want to run into the local Ulfric. Otherwise they wouldnt be rogue.

Geoff : *Geoff says nothing to the earrings comment - if you wanted fine jewelry he's probably the last person you'd want to bring along...he crosses his arms again as you begin your search, trailing you at a fair distance, his face inscrutable...he's not even going to give you a "hotter" or "colder" to let you know if you're going in the right direction - this assumes that Geoff even KNOWS what the right direction is.....lycans, especially wolves could be detected by scent, that is true, though it's harder to find an outlier as opposed to tracking someone who's scent you know....searching by energy has its own pitfalls as well, because any lycan worth their salt would keep their shields up when out in public....though as a newfound alpha you might find that you have a bit more sensitivity to that sort of thing, kind of like if you're passing by someone's door and they have the music on and you can JUST hear it.....a month ago you might not have been able to.....but it's not just detecting any old energy - you'd need to know that it's a wolf, and that it's not pack...can you do it? well that's what we're here to find out*

Bina : Once she starts trying to track the rogue wolf it wouldnt matter if you were saying 'hotter' or 'colder'. You were in her peripheral senses but she was focused elsewhere. She wasnt focusing on scent alone, or energy alone. And she knew that if they were more powerful than she was, and shielded, she wouldnt be able to find them by energy. She caught wind of a void in the miasma of scents, something that was stationary, and she paused as she tried to focus and see if she could narrow it down a bit further. She couldnt but it was enough of an anomaly to keep going in the direction that she was going. Her gaze was searching and, to be honest, she probably looked a bit like a woman on a mission. A girl searching for something specific even if she wasnt sure what it was. But like most women doing indiscrimate shopping she would know it when she sees it, or smells it in this case. She paused at an intersection in the mall, turning in a complete circle. She paused as she saw you, flashed you another smile, before she completed her turn and took off to the left a bit more. There were some kiosks off in the distance, along with some stores, and it seems that she was heading in that direction.

Geoff: *he meets your smile with the barest of nods - the only indication so far that you're heading in the right direction....Geoff is devious but would he really challenge you to "find the rogue" if he didn't have some reasonable assurance there was a rogue to be found?.....well, maybe he would but that's beside the point here.....he continues to follow you on your track, showing no impatience for how long you're taking to find the target.....eventually you'd come upon a piercing pagoda type of place, manned by a bored-looking guy in his late 20's....he's got a long goatee and an impressive array of hoops going all the way up his ears on both sides....he's looking at something on his phone and not really paying attention to his surroundings.....still, Geoff closes the distance and puts a hand on your shoulder to still you before we enter the man's sphere of awareness* Good job. You get the gold star. Now what? *he keeps his hand on your shoulder, leaning in to mutter the words into your ear....we're still far enough away that the wolf shouldn't be able to overhear us if we used our normal speaking voice but it never hurts to be too careful*

Bina : She would keep going on her track until she came upon the piercing pagoda. When she focused enough she could smell the wolf in him and she knew that he wasnt pack because he didnt smell like pack. She snapped her shields back into place once you put your hand on her shoulder to stop her in her tracks. When you said that she did a good job and that she got a gold star she would offer a faint smile before she tilts her head at your question. She pondered that for a moment. She would lean towards you and speak as softly as you did, smiling faintly. "Well demanding fealty in the middle of the mall isnt a great idea. If it were me, since Im assuming thats what you are asking, I would approach him carefully but openly...carefully because you never know what the reaction will be but openly because the last thing you want to do in the middle of a crowded mall is surprise and frighten a lycan. Then I would likely Suggest a meeting at another location so that the Ulfric can meet the rogue and lay down the law of the land." Join us or get the hell out of town seems to be the normal response to situations like this. And she did the verbal capitalization of 'suggest' in order to point out that suggestion was the polite word to use in this matter.

Geoff : *he gives your shoulder a faint squeeze before releasing it, snorting in a faint puff in your ear* You're not gunning for Ulfric, are you? *his tone suggests he's joking* I would assume someone working in a mall is savvy enough not to let themselves be spooked, but otherwise I think you've got it. *he steps around you and saunters up to the glass counter....he doesn't beckon you to follow him but neither does he gesture for you to stay where you are; he kind of assumes you're going to be curious enough to follow* Hey man, do you think I'd look good with an earring? Like a pirate hoop? *the man looks up at Geoff, his eyes narrowing slightly....he looks like someone who'd love his job if it weren't for all the fµ¢k¡ng customers....he looks Geoff up and down, and shrugs: "Yeah sure I guess so".....Geoff glances back to you for a second and then turns back to the man* Maybe a hoop isn't my style......do you have something like a wolf head? *at that, he lets his energy swell out a bit more....the other lycan's shields had been up enough that he didn't immediately pick up on our signatures, but it doesn't take much effort for Geoff to power through them....at that the man's eyes get wide and he actually takes a step back, his mouth turning into an O of surprise... "Who the hell are you?".....Geoff shrugs a bit* You could say I'm the sheriff of this town, if I'm not being too subtle. *he fixes the wolf with a meaningful look as he says it*

Bina : She snorts softly as you asked if she was gunning for Ulfric. She knew you were joking and you knew it wasnt likely regardless. She didnt mind stepping up to the plate but she wasnt in the market for the headache of being Ulfric. She would smile as you said that someone working in the mall would be savvy enough to not be spooked and she would nod. That was true. When you stepped around her to wander up to the piercing pagoda she would follow you. Your assumption that she was curious enough to follow was dead on. Let it never be said that you didnt know who Bina was. When you asked the wolf if you would look good with an earring she would chuckle. You were being subtle, for you, and for whatever reason it amused her. When you glanced back to her as the guy said sure she would smile and move around to look at the earrings on the other side of the pagoda. When you let your energy swell she would smile, watching for his response. When he took a step back she was poised to move should it become necessary, her head tilting as she listened to the back and forth between you and the rogue. She remained quiet. There wasnt anything that she needed to say in the moment. She was here for your test and now she would be here as a second body if you needed it.

Geoff : *the man is perceptive enough to understand what Geoff is saying, but his next reaction is a bit odd: rather that looking scared, or ashamed, or defiant, he looks surprised.... "This town, like D.C.?"....that question catches Geoff off guard for a second, so he takes a moment to nod.....the man's confusion only seems to intensify.... "What happened to Steven?".....now it's Geoff's turn to look surprised (though from where you're standing you might not see it - shame* Who the hell is Steven? *even if you can't see the expression you can hear it in his voice to a degree.....the man looks around to make sure that no one is too close, but leans in anyway.... "Steven.....he's my, you know....sheriff...." ....the guy pulls down the collar of his shirt slightly, showing what might look like a hickey to a normal human.....we'd recognize it as a nearly-healed bite wound as if from a marking ceremony* Steven is the sheriff of....D.C.? *the man nods.....Geoff gives a low growl in the back of his throat* Like hell he is......this is my territory, and it has been for years. *the man holds up his hands in a "don't shoot the messenger" posture, shaking his head and speaking again, "I don't know anything about that man, I just got here a few weeks ago....everyone said that Red River was the place to be, and someone put me in touch with Steven."....Geoff actually takes a half-step back, as if this revelation was some kind of physical blow* Red....River?! *obviously this translates to Red River Lukoi or something...he looks back to you* So uh....challenge two. We need to figure out what the fµ¢k is going on.

Bina : When the man says what he does, and looks a bit surprised, her brow would furl lightly. When the name Steven comes up her brow would furl a bit more and she would tilt her head curiously. She was watching the wolf in question so she did miss your surprised look although the sound of it in your voice was obvious. When he made the implication that Steve was his Ulfric she was putting two and two together as quickly as you were. There was another Ulfric claiming DC? Since when? And why the hell were we just knowing about it now? When you growled Bina would look at you, her gaze snapping to the other wolf as he held up his hands in the universal 'Dont shoot the messenger' pose. When you took a step back and made that exclamation her gaze shifted to you and she would frown. You made the challenge two comment and she would nod, turning her attention back to the wolf in question here, the rogue that wasnt exactly a rogue. "You said everyone said that Red River was the place to be and someone put you in touch with this Steven....where did you come from and who put you in touch with him?" Those were the two questions that would need an immediate answer. Getting that information would go some ways towards figuring out what the hell was going on. Because this went beyond weird.

Geoff : *the man's attention had (understandably) been focused on Geoff this whole time, so when you step forward and start talking he blinks a few times and looks between you and the Ulfric.....he opens his mouth obviously in preparation for asking a question, but then gives a small shake of his head and thinks the better of it....he licks his lips and speaks again, "Me? I just moved here from West Virginia. There was this bar, on the north side of town. It's called the Dixie Pig.....when I came into town I stopped there and the bartender, Eddie, he gave me the info. You can go talk to Eddie if you want, he's going to tell you the same thing I did."......Geoff looks at you, frowning....truthfully this is not at all what he'd expected and there's not much protocol in situations like this...Geoff could detect the rogue because he hadn't marked the guy....but apparently it doesn't get specific enough to say whether someone else had....finally he raises a finger, crooking it to the man* Don't leave town for a while, if we have any questions we're coming back. *with that he jerks his head for you to follow him* That....wasn't part of the plan. We're going bar hopping....but not tonight. *if he's going someplace like that he's going with more backup....no offense*

Bina : When he opened his mouth to speak she was glad that he just answered what she had asked. She would nod at his answers, making a mental note of what all he said. Dixie Pig, Eddie. When you looked at her she was frowning as well, but she was already contemplating how to get more information before heading into there. When you told the rogue to stay in town and that we would be back if we had questions she would not then go to follow you out. When you said that wasnt part of the plan she would nod. That was pretty obvious. And when you said that we were going bar hopping but not tonight she would nod again. She wasnt not at all averse to the idea of having more backup when we went barhopping. She would speak quietly. "I will get on the computer when I get home and start looking into the Dixie Pig....who owns it, how long its been in town, that sort of thing." If there was anything weird she might be able to start sniffing out what it was.