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Checking In [Bina/Mark]
« on: November 17, 2018, 12:47:07 AM »
[Setting - Community Center 11/16/2018]

Mark Washington - Weak Moderate Wolf (michael)
Sabrina Young - Weak Alpha Wolf (Rumor)

Synopsis: Mark and Bina catch up over some dishes in the community center.

Mark : *so the quarantine has been lifted, the pack has freedom to wander...and Mark, as you might expect, still stays pretty close to home most of the time....every now and then he goes out to help Jean Luc with security related stuff at Lina's hotel, but apart from that, he stays within the complex, keeping to himself as much as is feasible with such a large pack......he doesn't seem miserable so much as....not especially happy....not sad, just kind of neutral, going through the motions.....tonight finds him washing dishes in the community center.....someone had a Friday night game night; he was invited, hung around the periphery, but he's cleaning up so he feels like he's earning his keep for the pack*

Bina : Bina had gone through her normal day which, these days, consisted of school then dinner with Inali, home for some homework, and then hang out for a bit before her late night run in the woods with the wolves. Strangely enough she had just been thinking that she hadnt seen you in a while so when she was passing the community center on her way home and saw you inside she would smile and take a detour to come and see you. You were her first friend here in the pack and you would always have a special place in her heart. She would push through the doors, smiling at anyone else that was in the community as she headed towards where you were standing washing dishes. She didnt say anything at first really, picked up a towel and started drying the dishes you had washed wordlessly. When you looked over, if you did, she would flash you a smile. She knew you were the quiet type so she didnt want to press you into conversation immediately.

Mark : *even within the confines of the community center, here where we can all (usually) let our guard down, Mark still displays a surprisingly low level of situational awareness for a predator....even if you don't recognize it as exactly that, your wolf would certainly note it (and not in a good way)....if you'd wished him ill, you could have gotten awfully close to him before he notices you* Oh....Sabrina-- *he pauses in washing the dishes, half-turning as if to stop you.....after a moment he lowers his hand, his beast stretching out to tentatively brush yours in greeting before he returns to washing....we work in silence for a few moments more before he speaks again* You....didn't have to help, I could, uhm, have taken care of it. But... *pause* .....thank you.

Bina : It was something that she had never really noticed before, or not to the extent that she does now, the way you react towards wolves that are stronger than you. It was something that was always in the back of her head, especially during stressful times like the attack on the compound, but now it was something that roused her wolf. She pushed that back, however, and smiled as you brushed your beast to hers, her own responding in a manner that was perhaps a little more present than it had before. She couldnt really help that, it was simply the nature of her beast getting stronger. She remained quiet as we went back to washing and drying the dishes, glancing over as you speak again. "I wanted to help. There is no need to do things alone. And you are welcome." As much as she was getting stronger she didnt want to lose being who she was in the process. And nice was one of the things that she had always been. Especially to those that werent as far along as she was. After a couple more minutes she would speak again. "How have you been Mark? I havent really seen you since the restrictions were lifted."

Mark : *Mark the man doesn't seem to notice (or at least react to) the new strength of your beast....Mark the wolf, on the other hand, seems to instantly and instinctively recognize your newfound rank, and the metaphysical greeting seems to linger a bit longer than before, his wolf supplicating itself to yours a bit more....when you speak, he smiles slightly, you can see it in his profile as he continues to work....when you ask how he's been doing, he actually stops washing dishes to think about the question* I've been.....okay. know, uhm....keeping busy. *he gestures with sudsy hands to the remaining dishes.....he turns to you, then does a bit of a double-take.....surprise ripples across his face and through his beast* you....change your hair, or....or something?

Bina : When you stopped washing the dishes to answer her question she would pause in her drying, taking a moment to put the dishes away that were sitting there dry while we were talking. She smiled at the comment about keeping busy. "I can see that." Your double take was caught in the corner of her eye and she paused to tilt her head and look at you confused. "No. My hair is the same as it has been. Maybe a little longer since last you saw me." She ponders for a moment before she smiles and shrugs. "I feel stronger since everything happened, and I feel like Im getting stronger all the time, but thats really about the only change I can think of." Its not as though she was pregnant or something. And she still had on her makeup from her day but that wasnt entirely unusual either. Bina had no idea what you might have noticed changed, not off the top of her head. Only that. Well and her ability to talk to natural wolves but you didnt need to know that. Geoffs orders.

Mark : *it's a pretty safe bet that even if your gift was something pretty common knowledge among the pack, Mark would likely be firmly out of the loop...that just seems to be how it is with him....he listens to your explanation, his head canting to one side....he opens his mouth as if to say something, but closes it and gives a small nod* I....okay. *he doesn't sound convinced though.....there's something different about you, and the connection between man and beast isn't strong enough for him to pick up on that which the wolf recognizes....he knows in a general sense about different ranks in the pack, but it doesn't occur to him that you might have just passed a threshold of some sort....when he speaks again, it seems more like he's trying to push past that by changing the subject* been going for you?

Bina : When you moved to change the subject she would smile. She would shrug a little bit and go back to drying dishes while she speaks. "It's been going okay. I have a routine going right during the day, spend time with the boyfriend and have dinner, come home and have a little more dinner then homework, hang out and catch up, go for a run and do some training....sleep and start all over again tomorrow. Lots of busy and lots of on the go. I'm trying to make sure that I spend at least half of my time here at least." She went a little overboard when she was finally let loose on the world again and now that she was getting back on track she was starting to even out into a much more healthy routine. "How have you been? What are you up to lately?" She was curious but that wasnt unusual for Bina.

Mark : *as you recount your daily schedule, he smiles, and it's actually genuine, as opposed to just a standard conversational queue where he might be expected to respond* That....sounds like you've got a good thing going..... *is that a note of jealousy in his voice? yeah, more than just a note, really, but he doesn't dwell on it.....when you ask about what he's been up to, he busies himself washing the next pan....he addresses his next words to the soapy water* I....not really a whole lot. Just...working a bit, and hanging out.... *does he sound bored? maybe a bit sad or regretful? more than likely....he's been long enough removed from Nuri that his physical/emotional addiction is passed, but that doesn't mean he's necessarily "over" her*

Bina : She would smile and give a little bit of a nod. "I have it good. I know that. I've been with Inali for a couple of years now. And considering how weird the last couple of years have been thats a small miracle. Anyone else would have ran by now. I'm pretty lucky." The fact that he isnt entirely human himself helps, to be sure. Although being what we are normal humans dont tend to make the best companions. Even now she is super careful when she is at class. She did note the tinge of jealousy but she chose to not dwell on it either. She knows at least a little about the Nuri situation so she understands your reaction to some extent. When you explain what you have been up to lately she would smile, nodding a little bit before she turns to fold the towel and put it on the counter next to the sink. "We should hang out more, Mark. Find a movie to watch or something." She didnt like the way that you kept yourself seperate from everyone else. Mainly because she remembered when she was doing that. It was lonely. And she hated the idea that you were lonely. She would step back though and smile as she turned to you. "I have some homework to work on though. Hate to clean and run but...." She would smile and shrug. It was the way of a college student and she had a schedule that she tried to keep to these days.

Mark : *when you mention hanging out more and/or watch a movie, he looks at you and smiles before it doesn't seem forced....he bobs his head twice* I'm.....I would like that, thank you. *to their credit, Mystery and Blysse and Ruskya try to involve him in things too, but they have their own things going on, too...and Mark doesn't exactly go out of his way to involve himself in things...when you mention that you have homework to do he nods again and pushes back from the sink a bit so he can face you more directly* Oh! Yes, of should.....homework is important! *he nods again, opens his mouth for a second and seems to change his apology bubbles to his lips (something like "Sorry for keeping you from your homework"), but for a wonder he doesn't give voice to it.....for him, that's some measure of progress that he's made over his time here*

Bina : "It's a date then. We will find a movie and a time and hang out. You and me." She would smile when you turned to face her, saying that homework was important. She would wait as you seemed to almost say something then stop. She knew instinctively that it was almost an apology and she was glad that you didnt give voice to it. She would step in closer for a brief moment, give you a hug, before she stepped back and smiled as she lifted a hand to wave. "See you around Mark." And with that she would turn and go. As quickly as she had arrived Bina would leave, heading off to continue on her nightly schedule.