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You're Promoted! [Geoff/Tally]
« on: October 23, 2018, 11:23:19 PM »
Location - Tally's House, Time Indeterminite

Geoffrey Cooper - Ulfric (m i c h a e l)
Tallulah Young - S.A. Wolf (Holiday)

Summary: Geoff presents Tally with a hand-made knife as a gift while promoting her to Freki within the pack, to take the place of the fallen Elisa. She is hesitant at first but he convinces her it's best for the pack.

Geoffrey Cooper: *with Geoff it's something of a crapshoot - is he going to just let himself in, or knock like a more-or-less civilized person....well tonight, the coin-flip lands on "civilized" so whatever you happen to be doing at the moment (reading, eating, scissoring, what have you), it's interrupted by a knock at the front door...it's just two sharp raps, not pounding, but firm, impossible to mistake for anything else....Geoff is making no attempt to conceal that it's him, so even a perfunctory examination by any of a couple means would reveal that it is indeed an Ulfric upon your stoop*

Tallulah Young: The reception would likely have been the same either way, whichever he did...minor irritation, annoyance at being interrupted...and that went for whoever stood at her door or came to see her. It was just doubly so where Geoff was concerned. She was up in her room, seated at her computer, keys rapidly clicking as she worked on the dissertation that, if all went well, should earn her her doctorate at the end of the year. Not many knew she was working on it...hell, not many knew she had a masters degree in applied mathematics, since people rarely looked under the surface, especially once they found out how she made her money. She wore thick, black-framed glasses as she worked, not because she needed the help - the lenses were fashion only - but because they acted as a sort of blinder, keeping her focused on what she was doing. When she heard the knock, and instinctively reached out to find out who it was, she let out an annoyed sigh and saved her work, first to her main drive, then to a cloud, then to an external, and headed downstairs. Opening the door, she was less than her usual glamourous self, in an oversized Georgetown sweatshirt and black leggings, those glasses perched up on her head and her hair pulled back into a serviceable tail. Leaning against the door frame, one brow arched over tawny eyes. "Geoffrey.

Geoffrey Cooper: Tallulah. *he speaks your name in a slightly-lower tone, his voice with a bit more formality to it than is normal....the way you'd speak to someone you're meeting for the first time in an business environment, perhaps, and it seems as out of place from him as say, eyeglasses on a werewolf......his blue eyes flick to the fashion accessory briefly, but not so fast that you don't miss it....if he has questions about them, he keeps them to himself...as for Geoff, he's dressed in more or less normal attire for him: jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt, no jacket in spite of the briskness of the air....he does have something tucked under one arm though - it's a long, slender box a little over a foot long four inches wide, and less than an inch thick....it's wrapped in featureless brown paper like one would for shipping, but no addresses or other writing can be seen on it....instead it seems to be wrapped in a ropey twine, very much like one would wrap ribbons around a present...in fact the twine is fastened in the middle of the box with a bow....he does nothing to draw attention to it though as he speaks again* Can I come in, or am I interrupting something? *the last few words are accompanied by a slight tilt to his head that suggests the request is more formality than anything; he wants (expects) to be invited in*

Tallulah Young: The formality in his tone was a little odd, particularly for him, particularly for him when addressing her, and it almost made her laugh...though not really in a mirthful way. It was hard to say what exactly had robbed this Southern belle of her devil-may-care attitude and outlook, but joy hadn't been something Tally had felt in...well, quite some time. She ignored the glance to her glasses...she knew why she had them, that was all that mattered. She did, however, glance briefly to the object he carried with him, her curiosity mildly whetted, and she tilted her head slightly as she lifted her gaze back up to him. "I'm working on my paper...so, yes, you're interrupting." She stepped aside, though, even if part of her wanted to shut the door without allowing him entrance, if only because she knew what he expected. It was mostly just the nature of their relationship, of course, but partly an unusual - for her - desire that she'd held for quite some time now...to be left alone. "But I suppose you're here for a reason, so...might as well come in. Drink?" She was already headed for the kitchen, where she opened the fridge and took out a soda for herself, waiting to get whatever he wanted if he did, and one way or another, the fridge would be shut and she would make her way back into the living room, handing him his drink or not, before lowering herself into one of the living room's chairs.

Geoffrey Cooper: *it would have been interesting - perhaps even fitting - if you'd decided to take issue with his entry....add that to the long list of "what ifs" in their history together, but this he takes with a faint nod of acknowledgement* I don't expect to be here long, you'll be getting back to your homework soon enough. *if there's any teasing or mockery at the prospect of your doing homework, you wouldn't hear it in his tone - the words come matter-of-factly without much inflection one way or the other...with his free hand he waves away the offer of a drink....and neither does he sit down....he remains where he is for the barest span of heartbeats before crossing the floor briskly and holding the package out for you to take* This is for you. *he's keeping careful steward of both his voice and his expression....so guarded that it actually looks like he's being guarded....but his hand won't waver until you take the package from him....it's neither light nor heavy....but you'd need to unwrap it to see what's inside*

Tallulah Young: "Alright, then," she said with a slight nod before stepping out of the way to let him in, going to get her drink in the meantime. After sitting, she opened her soda and took a small drink before setting it aside, watching as he crossed the room toward her in that brisk manner, no movement wasted, but then, that was their nature. Efficient, deadly hunters. It didn't do to show one's hand when fighting for one's life or livelihood. As he extended the package toward her, she eyed it warily. She didn't like his tone, or the set of his expression...so careful not to let anything by, and that might work on most people, but again...those of their nature. She knew it was just as easily a mark of trouble as it was a sign of nothing going on, and it made her cautious. Pursing her lips slightly, she reached out, slowly, hesitant only because she was quite sure she didn't actually want to know what was within that package, and took it in hand, pulling it to her lap. Drawing in a breath, she pulled at the end of the twine where it was tied up in that bow, slipping the twine off before pulling at the paper.

Geoffrey Cooper: *it's hard to know whether he was being cagey on purpose to set you on edge or simply to annoy you for sh¡ts and giggles...or because there was something bothering him....with Geoff, any of those things could be true and his motivations could change from moment to moment...as you slip the twine free and unfasten the paper, you would see a plain black cardboard box with a lift-off lid....after lifting the lid you would see a knife....the blade is perhaps eight inches from tip to plunge grind, and the handle another five inches....the handle looks to be carved from an antler of some sort and very nicely shaped to hold comfortably, the steel glinting brightly in the light of your living room...there's a slight curve to the blade but no fancy adornments....if you were anything of an expert on knife making, you'd probably spot a few small flaws in the metalworking, some signs of grinding and what appear to be superficial inclusions....but to someone with little to no expertise it would appear to be very well made.....in very tiny letters, less than a quarter of an inch high, you'd make out a faint "GC" near the base of the blade....it's an open secret among the pack that Geoff has been fiddling around with bladesmithing over the past few months - he's turned the first floor of the parking garage into a makeshift forge....but this is the first finished product that anyone (except perhaps Lou) has seen....perhaps the reason for his guarded expression is becoming more clear....he doesn't even seem to take a breath as you examine the knife*

Tallulah Young:  None of those options would surprise her...and at this point, her annoyance would likely be minimal...not the type that she'd lose her sh¡t over and try to make him bleed for. No, there were other things he could do to push her to that edge. As she lifted off the lid of the box, she blinked, seeing the knife. For a moment, her mind raced as to the meaning. Was it a knife that had been used on one of their pack? Was she meant to track the owner? Lifting it out of the box, she used her keen senses to make out what she could about it. It was only when his scent was the only one she could make out, and when she saw the tiny initials etched into the blade, that she realized what it was. It was imperceptible to most, but he would likely notice the slight relaxing of her form as she left her 'danger zone'. Content with the idea that this was a project of his rather than something nefarious, she allowed herself to notice more about the blade. She wasn't necessarily a blade expert - she wouldn't notice the flaws in the metal - but she'd used them, and respected a well-made knife. It was decently balanced, and she appreciated the simple elegance of the hilt's finish. It may have been an open secret among most of the pack, but Tally...well, Tally had, however strange it might seem, kept to herself for the most part over the last several months. "Very nice." Yeah, yeah, it's a compliment, don't faint. "Fancying a new day job?" She glanced up to him now, looking away from the knife, letting the handle twirl absently through her fingers before she set it back down in its box and replaced the lid, holding it back up to him. "I'm sh¡t at wrapping, so if it's a gift for someone, you might want to redo it." She imagined if he was showing her, it was likely something for Lou, or Sabrina.

Geoffrey Cooper: *he doesn't give an big explosive sigh of relief at the compliment, but he does draw in a faint breath and then resume breathing normally afterward....that, my dear, is all you'll know about what it cost him to show this to you....when you pick up the blade you'd find that the handle indexes very well - even with your eyes closed you'd be able to know exactly where the optimal cutting edge is.....it also patently wasn't designed based on his own hands, given how comfortably you can wield it....when you replace it back in its box and hand it back to him, he gives a small fluttery blink and doesn't move to take it back from you* Well it is a gift for someone. *pause* For you. *longer pause* Consider it a promotion gift.

Tallulah Young: The reaction, however faint, was curious enough. Tally was sure she had to be mistaken in what she thought she saw coming from him - a sign of nervousness, anxiety? Perhaps not those exactly, but at the very least, hesitation. Caution. Not things she generally associated with Geoff. That blink as she attempted to give the box back to him, though...that made her wonder if she wasn't right after all. As she set the box back down on her lap when he didn't move to take it from her, it was her turn to blink as he spoke, and then her eyes widened ever so slightly as he revealed it was intended for her. He'd managed to surprise her...well, he can check that off of his bucket list. The last bit made her chuckle, though. "Well, I've heard of fashionably late, but waiting a few years to give a gift for an event might be pushing it a little far. But..." she rose, setting the box down in the chair behind her, and faced him, looking him in the eyes. "Thank you. Truly."

Geoffrey Cooper: *his brows furrow for just a moment when you speak, and he realizes that he might not have been clear - that, or you purposefully misunderstood what he meant....he chuckles slightly, shaking his head* No, not Geri. *pause* Freki. *he holds up a hand to forestall any argument* The pack needs one, and there's nobody I'd rather have. *pause* Truly.

Tallulah Young: While she was entirely capable of purposely misunderstanding whether for her own amusement or for other reasons, that wasn't the case now. As far as she knew, the pack structure was intact and she had no desire to challenge for a higher position, content in the trust that had already been placed within her. He had to know her at least a little, because her mouth opened to put forth a bit of dissension, stopping only when that hand lifted. Her brow furrowed and she tilted her head. "I'm strong. I know that. I may have even been stronger than Elisa." She didn't know, of course, she and the woman had never sparred. But if anything could be certain about Tally, it was that the woman had pride and ego to spare. "But I never challenged her because I didn't think I had any business being the second of the pack. Of being the one to lead if something happens. I lead before. It didn't work out." She took a breath and let it out, looking away for a moment before bringing her gaze back to his face. "I know she's lupa, but Lou probably has more business being Freki than I do, Geoff."

Geoffrey Cooper: *he might have expected this, planned for it, had arguments in advance....but he doesn't....as with anything else about him, Geoff's playing this one off the cuff* You think I have any business running this pack? *try as you might, you wouldn't find any self-pity or even self-deprecation in his tone....he does speak those words with the faintest chuckle, though, and moves on* If. *pause* Something were to happen....you wouldn't like it, wouldn't be happy about it, it wouldn't be fair, but....push comes to shove, you'd do right by the pack. We tried Lou as Freki before and it didn't work out. She's right where I need her. This is about where I need you. *for a wonder he doesn't segue into some kind of crude joke, that should tell you how serious he's taking this*

Tallulah Young: It probably spoke to the seriousness the both of them felt in the current moment that neither of them were reducing to snarky comments or crude jokes. It was rare enough when Geoff and Tally were civil to one another...shame that no one else was around to see it, right? As he responded, she drew in a breath and let it out in a sigh...because he was right. She wouldn't like it, but she would do her duty. She would take care of those who needed caring for. Protect them with her life, if need be. And as much as she believed in her own mind that there were any number of others who might be better suited than she...and as much as she trusted them with her life...she knew in her soul that she trusted no one as much as she did her own self to do what needed to be done, because of her exacting standards, and her sound belief that she would never meet them, and she would never stop trying. "Fine," she said softly, almost a whisper, but of course he would hear it as though she were shouting. "I...I accept. Thank you for your trust."

Geoffrey Cooper: *his reply is immediate* You earned it. *his trust, or the position? if you really are interested in knowing the answer, you'd better ask quick, because as abruptly as he arrived, he turns on a heel and moves toward the door...maybe he can't bear being around you when we're both so solemn and serious....maybe he doesn't want to give you the chance to change your mind...in any case, he's almost out the door when he stops and half-turns, presenting you only with his profile* Thank you, Freki. *and with that, he turns and is gone*

Tallulah Young: She wouldn't ask - the truth was that they were one and the same, in her eyes. He wouldn't have asked - damn near demanded, truth be told - if there was no trust, even if she was the strongest in the pack. And his abrupt turn to depart didn't surprise her either...while she might chit-chat with others, that wasn't the nature of their relationship. No, if they weren't shouting at one another or trying to rip the other apart, and if they weren't trading barbs, quick and efficient was the name of the game. No wasted words, just like no wasted movement. And, well, maybe she couldn't bear being around him when he was so serious either. It was just...well, weird. She nodded as he turned that bare bit, and his words made her swallow past the lump in her throat. "You're welcome, Ulfric," she said, just before he passed through her door.
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Re: You're Promoted! [Geoff/Tally]
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