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It's my fault I can shout if I want to (Geoff/Ru)
« on: January 06, 2018, 08:50:31 PM »
Scripted 1/6/2018

Played Characters
Ruskya- Vargamor Human Servant -dwk
Geoffrey- Stubborn pigheaded ulfric -michael

Non-Played Characters

Ru is heading to Elisa and Rand's old house to do the final pack up of the clothes and various sundries. Runs into Geoff. They pack and have words that esclate in the house electrical probably exploding. Sorry for whomever lives there next!

Geoff: *he said that normal people stay inside in this cold....he also went on to disassociate himself from the normals....that must explain why he's out and about, strolling down the middle of one of the streets within the complex...since most people park in the garage, traffic is usually pretty sparse, and that's before the cold snap that makes most people want to stay inside....he seems to be just out on a stroll, with no evident hurry or destination in his movements....he reaches the spot where the wall had been breached oh those many months ago, and he slows just momentarily, his gaze slanting to the spot, even though by now it's barely distinguishable from the rest anymore, he finds it easily....unlike in times past when he would have stared obsessively at it, but today it's worth only a quick hesitation*

Ruskya: |=|And thus she was here. Coming in from work, or rather she had been, parked and was now walking about. Since we can't remember exactly where everything is located, for forms sake, she was going to her parents house to finish clearing it out. Which, either fortunately or unfortunately we will find out in a few moments, led her within distance of you. She had a bag or two slung over her shoulder, and yes she was dressed warmly. Perhaps not as warmly as you would think a normal human would be, but she wasn't acting as if she was a lycan. The clothing was just warmer than it looked. Thermal silk under right? Probably. She was behind you so, while she's sure you know she's there, she doesn't do any sort of otherwise indication of your presence. It's not like she could give you a beast brush although she probably could extend her aura out such as it was. Even if you couldn't smell her or feel her energy, you'd have heard her walking so she wasn't sneaking|=|

Geoff: *unlike with the last time, he wasn't actually seeking you out, though you're right that he not only knows someone else is out, and it doesn't take him long to figure out it's you...the cold makes it slightly harder to operate by smell alone, but that along with your distinct lack of a beast identifies you to him....he continues to walk as he had been for a few more paces as his mind works furiously...he knows that he can't leave things the way they were after our last meeting, and he's not going to let this opportunity pass him by...he hadn't sought you out since, playing things cautiously, but he's going to capitalize on this....so after a few more steps he stops, pivots on a heel, and turns to face you....his eyes sweep your form, taking in the details, not just your attire but also the bags slung over your shoulder...his brows rise fractionally at that* Fancy meeting you here. *pause* Outside. *pause* I feel like neither of us are taking things seriously about the weather.

Ru:  "Well, I went from the car and now walking to a house. One can't exactly remain holed up within a house until the weather clears." |=|she stopped, one hand in her pocket the other holding the bags over her shoulder. She wasn't exactly restless but she didn't settle in like she was ready for a huge talk. Of course the more she moved, the more energy got stored in her various rings and bracelets, so that's a plus isn't it?|=| "Of course you are better equipped then I am for the weather, so eye brows wouldn't be raised that much would it?"

Geoff: *he grunts at your words...the first response that comes to his head is why it's okay for you to remark that you're not a lycan when you seem to be really p¡§§y about anyone else acknowledging that fact, but for a wonder he keeps it to himself, instead giving a slight shake of his head* Guess not. *his eyes flick back over your shoulder toward where you came from, and then he glances in the direction in which you'd been walking* Which house are you walking to? *he has a very good idea which one it is, but he wants to hear you say it*

Ru: "Mine" |=|which was in a way true, and legal. Her parents are dead, and therefore their things were hers. She doubted she'd live in the house, the house she spent time in as a child, and that her parents lived in, but something had to be done about it. And it wasn't about being a lycan or not being a lycan it was not being treated like a fragile creature of glass without a place in the world. That's what she objected to|=| "And which way were you going to wander yourself to? Going to stare at the hole in the wall for a few more hours?" |=|Yeah she knew it was closed up, anyone can see it, but you know for some it was still there. And for you it probably wouldn't go away.|=|

Geoff:  I thought about it but decided nah, better not. *he doesn't react to your "mine" comment....truthfully he doesn't know how the whole ownership thing works on the houses in the complex, from a strictly legal perspective....this isn't one of those packs where all the members sign over the titles of their houses to the group, but he also never really concerned himself with housing details like this.....he singly gives a small nod at it* Thought maybe I'd walk with you. *he says this like he had planned on it all along, even though we just happened upon each other*

Ru: "Suit yourself" |=|She took a small step to the side so she wouldn't you know, walk into you, then continued her walk towards the house. Elisa had bought the house before the complex was fully built, which is why it as set up different than all the others. Frankly once she cleaned it out, she didn't care what you do with it. You could buy it off her you could keep it, you could knock it down with a bulldozer and crane. She had a place, a house she lived in with Sem. She didn't need any of this.|=| "Maybe you can even make yourself useful. I already cleaned out the food, but there are things I can't move, and don't want." |=|even if it wasn't noticeable under her coat, and holding the bags she did shrug slightly. Although it could have been taken as adjusting the bags on her shoulder.|=| "I've been busy and haven't finished it out yet. This should be the last trip however." |=|Not quite broaching anything although at the 'been busy' there's the faintest sneer in her voice|=|

Geoff:  *he falls into step with you easily, nodding at your words...if he picked up that hint of sneer or wants to use it as an opening for a discussion, he lets it pass* Fair enough. *some might have taken affront at being drafted into helping you with this, especially an Ulfric, but Geoff has no problem with it....he'd never admit it openly but he was looking for an excuse to extend our time together, this is as good a reason as any....besides, what's a little light work to help work off the cold* What kinds of things are we talking about here?

Ru: |=|this time the shrug was more noticable.|=| "Clothes mostly at this point. No offense but I'd rather not see anyone in here walking around with their clothes, so they are going to a shelter. Some keepsakes, books, movies, stuff like that I'll be keeping. I mean if there's anything like that, random stuff that the pack want, they can take them, but I am going to go through it first. Pictures, keepsakes. Granddya and Granddat wouldn't care anything about the stuff. They didn't care much when I told them to begin with. Aunt Z had more of a reaction. She's not here because she went hunting. You are welcome." |=| She walked up the steps, used the scraper next to the door to clean off her shoes and took them off, stepping inside after she took each off and left them on the mat by the door. She put the bags down and took off her outer gear. There have been changes in her 'casual' wardrobe, although to the outside people, the rest of the world, it could seem normal, for the most part. She was wearing more red than normal, even if it was sometimes just an armband, or a bandana on her leg. She debated cutting her hair as was proper for mourning, but Sem liked it, so she only cut a bit off it off. Jagged on purpose. The collar in the picture is adorned on her person as well.|=|

Geoff:  Ah. *there's not much emotion in his voice, but if anything he sounds a little.....disappointed? that may seem strange, but he'd been looking forward to a little heavy lifting....some people, like Bina, like to go out and run to clear their heads....that's true for Geoff also to an extent, but he also grounds himself with manual labor, working with his hands...still, he'll help you in whatever fashion you need, and uncomplainingly.....that wouldn't necessarily be the case if he had to put up with Zabela.....the "you're welcome" is met with a low chuckle* Much appreciated. *as we step into what used to be Elisa's house, he stops just inside the front door....he'd probably been here since it happened, but not many times.....there are certain advantages to being a lycan that aren't immediately evident, but that keen sense of smell gives him a connection to Elisa and Rand that you don't get: even after the fire and fury, the chaos of that fight, there are still tinctures of their scent lingering around here...they say that for humans, smell is the sense most linked to memory, and perhaps that's true because he's struck by a vivid recollection of Elisabetta, sparring and twisting with her, her using her teeth to attack him while in human form.....that led to his nickname for her, "ankle-biter"....he sucks in a low breath at the sudden strength of it....it's an unusually visible reaction for him....for a moment it's like he forgets you're there*

Ru:  |=|No her sense of smell isn't as keen as yours, but chances were it was getting a bit stronger because of the marks. If so it's gradual and she isn't fully aware of it. You suck in a breath, and she figures you got their scent still. There was a part of her that was slightly envious and another part that wasn't. Knowing this, the house was probably colder than it should be, she had left open a few windows, even with the weather, to air the place out. Which meant that the heater was probably running crazily too. But there you go. She moved to close some of them, although they were only cracked, because it was chilly. You could stand there or you could move to help. It didn't matter to her. If she lingered over a few things, touching, brushing, well could you fault her? When the windows downstairs were closed she scooped up the bags and moved to the stairs. She didn't speak while she did these things.|=|

Geoff: *we've already established that cold is bad for preserving scents, which means that even if you do have some enhancements to your own senses from the marks, you might not even catch it....Geoff doesn't care about the heater running, probably doesn't even notice it, truth be told ...he's still caught up in his own thing so he doesn't notice your own movements, the lingering....he doesn't fully return to the moment until you start heading up the stairs....at that, he moves to follow you....unusually, he's the one to break the silence* So where do you want me, coach?

Ru:  |=|She let out a grunt and just tossed a bag at you and waved a hand|=| "I don't care. Just pick a closet. The other rooms are done." |=|the were of course in the master. She probably should have done this room first, but she didn't want to deal with it. But she was. It wasn't like it was locked up, but she isn't sure if anyone else had come in. She wouldn't know by scent would she? And she wouldn't know 100% if anything had been taken, but chances were no one had come in to do anything involving packing or whatever. There were boxes in here, and most of them empty or half empty.|=| "I'm borrowing a delivery van from Miss Lina to get everything to the donation center. Raise less suspicion that way, it coming from a business van I guess." |=|Her voice was near emotionless as she opened up the tall chest of drawers that held a cowboy hat ontop, and started going through the contents|=|

Geoff: *he catches the bag easily, and nods* Fair enough. *he doesn't question your decision.....some people might feel weird to have someone with Geoff's reputation pawing through their dead parents' things, but he moves with an almost reverent sense, removing the items gently and placing them in the bag....he doesn't really have much of a connection to any of the articles of clothing but every so often he'd pause with one of Elisa's shirts in one hand, half-glaceing at you as though expecting you to stop him from disposing of it....but if you don't say anything, he won't ask....we'd proceed in silence like this for a while, but then:* You planning on staying here? *if by "here" he means this house, the complex, or D.C. in general, he doesn't specify, leaving it to your interpretation*

Ru:  "No. I am happy in my house. It would be too weird here, with the mismatched memories. The complex is bad enough. I have enough memories that I don't need a house for them." |=|she ran her finger over the brim of the hat, put it on after a moment, then continued putting the stuff into the bags. When she was finished with the dresser she moved to the side table, taking a box with her that had 'K' written on it in marker. She put the bag down next to the box and started to put stuff from the drawers and the top of the nightstand into the boxes and the bags. Not quite alternating, but it was close.|=| "I'll be heading out soon, not sure if Sem is coming with me or not, but it's needful."

Geoff: *he's not about to try and talk you into staying here, and nods slightly at your explanation* Makes sense. *he wouldn't want to live in this place either, with the memories.....Geoff is no stranger to the ghosts that live in your head, he's no wish to add anything to yours....he turns back to his work, but not for long....when you mention that you're "heading out" though, he stops what he's doing and turns to face you* Heading out? To where? *he tries to keep his tone casual, even indifferent, but can't quite pull that off*

Ru: |=|now she bristled slightly. She pushed the box with her foot around the bed to the other nightstand. She could have picked it up, it wasn't heavy but why? Her tone now got slightly waspish|=| "Who's asking? My Uncle or the Ulfric? Because it seems to me that there'es a bigger difference lately then there was when I was a child here." |=|her movements were still controlled and measured, she wasn't lashing out, but she wasn't a still lake you know. More from this nightstand went into the K box and less into the bag. She moved to pick up another box and headed to a shelf along the wall|=|

Geoff: *he doesn't care a lick about your stillness (or lack thereof)....the question - and the implication in it, moreso - on the other hand.....he straightens up, letting the bag drop to the floor, forgotten for the time being* Would the answer be different depending on who asked? *his voice is a little softer than usual when he speaks this time, with more than a hint of irritation in his tone*

Ru: |=|the irritation didn't seem to bother her or get more of a rise out of her.|=| "Probably not, but I would like to know exactly who is prompting the question." |=|she turned then to look at you head on|=| "Although at this precise moment, I am not sure if either one of you actually deserves an answer." |=|she wanted to turn back around and continue packing up the nessicary things, and leave. She wasn't sure she could remain in here much longer. She hadn't touched what had been her room, whatever was left in it, probably just stuffed toys and maybe clothes, although she's sure that Elisa, always practical, had already donated them. She just didn't want those memories popping up while she was packing so she didn't go down that hall towards that room. Her usual state of moving fingers, moving feet to get the energy to her bracelets and rings was slightly muted, as if she wanted to be still, but couldn't quite bring herself to be. Habits of years you know|=|

Geoff: *the last time we spoke, he let you get some verbal jabs in on him, and even if they were deserved, in other circumstances he would have still hit back....this time, however, you manage to get his ire up and he can't seem to fully restrain himself* At this precise moment, you're wrong. Both deserve a fµ¢k¡ng answer. *he actually starts moving toward you, at least for half a step, before stopping himself.....his lips press together into little more than a diagonal slash* Your Ulfric would demand an answer. *pause* Your uncle would simply ask. *he falls silent once more, letting that be his answer...whatever you make of it is up to you*

Ru: "And why is that? Why do they deserve more consideration than was shown me, can you answer me that? Why should your feelings and thoughts matter more than mine? Because clearly your actions indicate that mine don't, that my parents, my parents meant more to you than I, that your pain at losing your wolves was more important than me watching my parents being blown to bits in front of my god damned face." |=|she wasn't yelling, no. This was a growl, almost a hiss. She stood there, hat on her head, one of Elisa's hair brushes clenched in her gloved hand, because you know, her emotions are ragged and she didn't want to see any of yours if you were unshielded, which you usually were in the complex, and she didn't want you to see any of hers. So gloves. Right now it wasn't a big deal but in the warmer months she usually got side long glances she didn't care however. You stepped towards her and she didn't move. She didn't shift her stance into a more battle ready one, she didn't step back, she didn't step away, she stood there, hand clenched over the brush.|=| "Well I deserve a fµ¢k¡ng answer too."

Geoff: *and here we are.....finally....in truth, he always knew this conversation would happen, or some version of it.....even if he hadn't talked to Lina, it was going to happen....granted, it may have come much later than this, which probably would have made it all the worse...so in that sense it was glad that he spoke to the vampire when he did....his expression doesn't change, he lets your words wash over him, the anger, the frustration.....that burgeoning ire he'd felt seems to fade somewhat in the face of your words* You're right, you deserve a fµ¢k¡ng answer too. *the only hint of anger from him is the fact that he's using your exact words back to you* I don't know what you expect me to say....that yes, Elisa was more important as my wolf than as your mom? Or that I fµ¢ked up and didn't do right by you? *he spreads his arms* Which do you think it is?

Ru: "I expect the truth. I know she was important to the pack, to you. But I am pack too, did you forget that as well? Even before you made it offical, I've been part of this pack since I was seven years old. Did you even do anything for them? Or did you decide not to include me in that ritual because I don't have fangs and fur? Would it have been different had I been the age you all expect me to be? If I never met the Sidhe? Or would you have locked yourself away and ignored a grieving child then too? Nothing. Not even an "I'm sorry" for your loss. Nothing. Well I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough to go inside that place with them and foul up the equipment." |=|now the hand holding the brush shook and her other hand curled into a fist. The alarm clock that was on the nightstand behind her buzzed and the readout flickered slightly, the lights dimmed|=| "I'm sorry that I wasn't strong enough to be their protection as the Vargamor of this pack. And I'm sorry that the last thing they heard me say was snide and angry because I couldn't do those things for them, that they had to leave me behind." |=|pop fizz...there went the alarm clock with a slight squawk of country music and a high pitched whine before it started smoking. The lights dimmed again and the light bulbs exploded with faint pops.|=|

Geoff: *we're in it now, aren't we? he doesn't seem to notice the chaos of the room, your energy building and taking things to a boiling point....speaking of things coming to a boiling point, his anger finally makes an appearance....as though a switch were being flipped, he roars his next words* IT WASN'T YOUR JOB TO PROTECT THEM! *the sound fills the space, adding to the cloying, prickling closeness of the room, his own energy sizzling in anger.....but after that explosion, he speaks in a quieter tone, though no less passionately* It was my job! And I let them down. *how he was supposed to protect them when he didn't even know they had gone is another question entirely....he takes a step toward you, stops...he's just outside of arm's reach* I didn't take it well.....I never have. *Geoff isn't like a lot of Ulfrics, and in most cases it's a good thing, but some of them would be more stoic about the death of pack; Geoff has been too emotionally invested* I was too much in my own head.....and that's no one's fault but mine.......but you paid for it too. *he pauses slightly* And for that....I'm sorry.

Ru: "You weren't there!" |=|her voice was rising now|=| "I was. Is it not part of what I do? Protect. Healing. Is that not what we do for each other? Is that not part of my job description? Why was I sent then, if it was just to be useless dead weight, if it wasn't to help protect my family? My pack? What is my function now? You are all I have left and you pushed me away Geoffrey." |=|had she ever just called you that? Ever? You took a step closer and this time she did step back, not in fear, just away, her voice dropping even as yours did. The next words came out quiet, almost lost. She took your words in registered them in some way, and it undid her. She knew even at a young age that there was a difference between the Ulfric and her Uncle. She knew it in part now as well. But the fact is both of them left her alone. Part of her understood it, but until you made her the Vargamor, Elisa and Rand where the only real ties she had, legally in some ways, of belonging to the pack. A way of her being protected, even as an adult should the big bad preternatual boogie men came to town. To be off the menu as it were. And that was ripped away, so that left her Uncle..and he didn't come.|=| "You pushed me away."

Geoff: *he makes a low sound at the back of his throat, half chuckle, half moan* If it makes you feel any better, I pushed everyone away, it wasn't personal. *maybe it's a good thing you're not a lycan, because there's more than a hint of lie to his words.....he was purposefully avoiding you, avoiding....well this conversation, really, or at least having to answer the question of how he could have let it happen....the fact that you were there and he wasn't in no way diminishes the blame that he places on himself for it.....he steps forward once more, but even though he's close enough to do so, he doesn't reach out to you* You asked about your function? To keep the Romanov and Blanche blood in the pack. If you're here, then part of them is too. *and in a different way than the normal lukoi method of disposing of their dead* The pack would be diminished if you left. *pause* Where are you heading out to?

Ru:  |=|she didn't step back from you but she didn't reach out either. She wanted to. She lived amoung lycans, amoung the Sidhe. Both are creatures of touch, skin hunger. But she didn't take that final step, she still wasn't sure if you would welcome it. She wanted to put her arms around herself but she didn't do that either. You thought she'd ask you how you could have let it happen? She knew better than that. Things happen. Had you been there and not pulled them back? She might have blamed you. But you weren't. She didn't say anything for a while. A minute passed, maybe two. Her hand relaxed on the brush but she didn't let it go. Her head was bowed but then she looked up, a strange sort of look on her face|=| "Back to the Clan for Dya's last rites. Aunt Zabela pushed them off for a while seeing as there were no..bodies to worry about, but it must be done. Thankfully I don't need permission to travel there, Aunt Zabela won't tolerate any vampires in Clan Territory. Miss Lina said I have to worry about that now." |=|there was an almost petulant tone in her voice on that score.|=|

Geoff: *finally, he reaches out to you...if you head had still been bowed, he would have caught you under your chin to pull your face back up....instead he reaches out and gently brushes his thumb over the apple of your cheek, the touch light, feathery, and surprisingly tender from him* But you will be coming back, right?

Ru:  |=|she didn't pull away from the touch and she half leaned her head into it, a bit of a shudder in her. She let out a half laugh, half snort|=| "You are my family. Of course I am coming back. I wasn't sure if you would have wanted me to, so I never said I made the plans. I haven't even mentioned them to Sem yet." |=|She had put her shields back up, all her shielding when you had stepped closer. She isn't sure if she can transfer memories if someone touched her from her to them, but Mirari said it happens as we get stronger. She didn't want to flood you with it. She didn't want to always seem them herself|=|

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