Author Topic: A Wolf of a Different Sort [Geoff/Bina]  (Read 137 times)

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A Wolf of a Different Sort [Geoff/Bina]
« on: October 18, 2017, 09:58:09 PM »
[Setting - The Lupanar 10/18/2017]

Geoff Cooper - Ulfric (michael)
Sabrina Young - Strong Moderate Wolf (Rumor)

Synopsis: Geoff comes across Bina in the Lupanar talking to a natural wolf; they have a conversation about it.

Bina : Bina was out in the forest. She had been out running and found herself near the Lupanar. She was doing a bit of practicing of her wolf and her working together and it was going pretty well considering she had been working on that for a while now. She wasnt perfect yet, there was the occasional power struggle, but at least out there in the forest she was doing pretty good. She came upon the Lupanar and she would smile as she walked into it. She gave a little twirl as she looked around before she would drop down to sit where she was standing. She liked it here. It was calm and peaceful and gave her a sense of well being. It was hard to explain but when she was here she felt safe. Fingers ran along the top of the grass in a sweeping motion as she settled and relaxed before she was going to head back to the complex.

Geoff : *it's been a while since he went anywhere toward the Lupanar outside of full moons.....normally it's a place where he can go to find solace - which of course is why he's been avoiding it all too long....not to mention that it was Laurell and the others that drove him into the rage that ultimately led to the cure....he supposes that he aught to be thankful for that, but still, the place has a lot of mixed emotions for him lately.....still, in many ways it's a muscle (don't ask what he means by "it" - he couldn't tell you) and it needs to be exercised or it'll he's just exiting the tunnel leading to the forest itself.....finally, the weather has started to turn and there's a hint of bite in the air...this summer has dragged on far too long for his liking, and he appreciates the coming fall....he's not wearing a coat or even a long sleeved shirt; the only concession he's made to the changing temperature is that he's wearing jeans instead of shorts....they're nicer jeans so he's obviously not coming out intending to shift*

Bina : She came to the Lupanar all the time. It was hard to explain why but when she was out running she usually came out here even if was only to spend a few minutes. She was sitting there looking and watching the outskirts of the Lupanar when she heard something. Her head would tilt for a minute as a wolf came out of the trees and moved to stand there at the edge of the Lupanar. She wasnt sure why it didnt enter but she was smiling a bit as she decided to experiment a bit. She felt safe here and for some reason it didnt seem like the wolf would enter the Lupanar. She was reasonably sure that it wasnt another lycan wolf but she didnt know for sure. Still she would smile and start talking. "Hello there." She would pause and listen to the yips and growls that the wolf was saying before she would smile a bit more. "I was just out for a run and decided to stop here. Its a special place for a lot of us." There would be more yips, barking and growls and she would be sitting there smiling as she listened to the wolf talking. "Are there many of you out here?" She hadnt seen many wolves around so she wasnt sure if there was a pack out here in the forest.

Geoff : *tonight, he's taking his slow, plodding time getting to the Lupanar....the urge to run is there, make no mistake, but he is no slave to the beast; he continues marching toward the pack's place of power, his breathing slow and steady....if he can fly through the forest while running at breakneck speeds, then when he's walking there's an almost eerie ease to it...he's allowing the same instincts which guide his motion when he runs take over, but he's moving at the slow, steady clip of a walk.....he glances from side to side, noting small patches of displaced foliage, a broken twig here and there, the passage of larger animals as they moved through recently....too, he picks up the scent of pack, of Bina most notably....his nose quirks; her scent is strong enough, barely faded.....there's a good chance he'll run into her at the lupanar, or somewhere out in the woods....this knowledge brings the slightest whisper of a smile to his features, but he doesn't quicken his he nears the lupanar though, he starts to hear a voice....her voice, actually......talking to....someone....he cants his head to one side, and while he hears Bina well enough to be sure it's her, he can't hear another human.....he hears animal sounds well enough but no other person.....he comes to a complete halt for a moment, and then lurches back into motion, his movements quicker, but not panicky....he doesn't sense any danger, but he's just confused....he comes to a halt just as he spies the natural wolf, frowning this distance Bina can probably smell him, though the angles are a bit off for either of them to see each other*

Bina : She continued to talk to the wolf as you came near. She would be able to smell you and she would turn to see if she could see you but she couldnt immediately so she turned back to the wolf. "So a small pack. I wondered. I hadnt seen many around." The wolf would give its series of yips and growls and she would tilt her head to the side and smile. He could smell you too and he was ready to bolt. "Its just my pack leader. He's not a bad person." If the wolf could look a little dubious it would seem he did. The wolf would tilt its head a little bit into a lupine twist as he turned to look your way for a moment. Another round of the wolf speaking to her and she would be smiling again. "Do you have a name? Mine is Sabrina." When it seemed like the wolf answered her she would tilt her head a little and give a touch of a frown. She wasnt sure how that would translate to human talk and she was trying to figure that out. After a minute she would give a little shrug. "Im not sure how to translate that. I will think of something to call you." Again Bina would scan for you because you had to be close but as she didnt see you just yet she would turn back to the wolf.

Geoff : *he has the weird sense can it be termed "deja vu" when he's pretty sure he never ACTUALLY saw it happen?....but even so, this notion that he could see Ruskya sitting and talking to one of the pack while in shifted form, having whole conversations with them while not really understanding what they "said" probably don't know that he first met Ru when she was nine or ten....but what you're doing now, he can absolutely see her doing that when she was a kid....but here you are, clearly not a kid, and that is clearly not one of the pack; he would know if it was....he takes a step forward, then another, then stops again...his eyes don't move from the wolf when he speaks, loud enough for you to hear* So just what the sh¡t is happening here? *the words probably make sense being spoken in a loud, angry tone, but when he says them he sounds more.....confused than anything else*

Bina : She would look up as she saw you out of the corner of her eye. You looked a little confused and when you spoke the fact that you were confused would come out too. The wolf she was talking to would give a bit of a yip and growl before she spoke. "Bye." With that the wolf would give you a look before spinning around and taking off. Once the wolf was gone Bina would turn your way with a bit of a frown. "I was talking to him and you ran him off. He's very skittish around humans it seems." She remained sitting with her hands sweeping over the tops of the blades of grass letting it tickle her palms. After a minute she would lift a hand to run fingers through her hair to pull her hair out of her face. The fact that she was still pretty young would be obvious in that moment. She looked young as she stared at you before her hand dropped to rest upon her lap while her other than continued to play with the grass. "I told you that I was talking to a wolf before." She shrugged a little because she *had* told you that. You just thought it might be a lycan. "I was going to come tell you when we were finished talking."

Geoff : Good thing we're not human, then. *this comes out of his lips almost without hesitation, like a reflex action, the tone dry and fairly free of self-loathing....some lycans can never get past that admission - there's a term for it: moderates....his gaze moves to where the wolf had flitted off to, but instead of following it (there's a moment of calculation and you can probably guess he's actually considering it) he moves to stand where the wolf had just been* You were talking to a natural wolf? And you could understand what he was saying? *there's a definite emphasis on the term "natural" that you'd doubtless pick up on.....whether you understand its meaning is another thing's not often that you get incredulity from Geoff - but you'd certainly sense it from him now*

Bina : She chuckle as you commented that we werent human. This was true but the wolf didnt really want to stick around anyway. He was skittish no matter what you were. Maybe it was the power of you that ran him off. No telling. She would ask next time she saw him. Your gaze shifted to where the wolf had disappeared and she could tell that you were pondering whether the follow the wolf or not and she would frown just a tiny bit. That was completely unnecessary but she wouldnt say that. You moved to where the wolf had been and asked her those questions and she would nod a bit with a little smile. "Yes to both. Id tell you his name but Im not entirely sure how to translate it. Im going to have to come up with a nickname for him. He's the wolf I had talked to before but there are others around. Not many but others." She picked up the 'natural' part and she was pretty sure that she understood the meaning. He was an actual wolf. Not a lycan, not someone cursed into animal form, an actual animal. You seemed rather incredulous but she would just shrug a little. There wasnt anything she could do about that. "I dont know why I can. It just started happening after that big battle at the complex and after I was all healed up again." Of course she hadnt really been out to the forest until she was nearly fully healed so there was that.

Geoff : *this is surprising news, so much so that Geoff isn't able to fully keep it contained; there's a slow blink and a slight shake of his head....when he talks next, there's a note of.....something in his voice.....maybe jealousy, maybe pride, it's hard to tell...though most probably one of the venal sins* I've heard of this before but never actually met anyone who..... *he shakes his head again* I don't think you appreciate just how rare that gift is among the lukoi. *you must not, considering how you're acting like it's no big deal.....all at once, his brain locks into place and he's suddenly moving again, dropping to one knee in front of you like someone about to propose....instead of reaching for a ring, he reaches for your chin, catching it under his finger and pulling your face around so you're looking him in the eyes.....whatever wonder or disbelief that had been there is gone, replaced with cold steel* Listen to me, this is important. No. One. Can. Know. *he pauses for a moment, and then adds:* No one outside the pack that is. And don't spread it around too far outside the alphas within the pack, either. Do you understand me?

Bina : She was watching you pretty closely so she noted the slow blink and the shaking of your head. When you spoke she would hear that tone of your voice and it would confuse her a little bit. You said that you had heard of it but never actually met someone who could actually talk to wolves and it was in that moment that she knew that whatever it was she was able to do it was rare. You said that you didnt think she appreciated how rare the gift was and she would shake her head with a bit of a frown. "No...I thought maybe other people could do it and I just didnt know about it. Is it really all that rare?" She wasnt sure how she felt about that. When you came towards her and suddenly dropped to one knee she would look a little alarmed, especially when you grabbed her chin with that look in your eyes. You told her that no one could know and she would nod a little although she looked a little confused. You added that it was no one outside of the pack but even then she needed to be careful and keeping amongst the alphas. She would nod a little as you asked if she understood you. "I understand. But I dont know why. I mean I would never tell anyone outside of the pack because its no ones business but Im not sure that I understand not saying anything around anyone but the alphas."

Geoff : *that proclamation, like a lot of what he does as Ulfric, came more from his gut than from his when you (justifiably) ask for the reason, he can't immediately put it into can almost hear the gears turning in his head at the queries.....from this close of a distance you can almost see the not-panic-but-still-somewhat-caught-off-guard expression in his eyes as he tries to answer......finally:* If they're not an alpha, they really have no need to know about it. They probably haven't even heard of it before. As to the secrecy..... *he gives a small shake of his head, the way you do just before saying something you know isn't EXACTLY right, but you don't have the exact right words handy* ....your ability to do that, it's an advantage. For you, for the pack. It's something almost nobody is going to even consider as a possibility. And the less people who know about it, the less chance that it gets out. *he's not often in the business of explaining his decisions, the fact that he's making an exception here should tell you just how....well, exceptional....this situation really is*

Bina : She would tilt her head as she watched you trying to find the words to explain why you made that decision. It really shouldnt surprise you that Bina asked because, really, thats what Bina does. She questions just about everything. She would follow you to the ends of the earth and while she might not question you in the immediate it would come eventually. Since there was no danger right now she felt free to ask. She would nod to your explanation about keeping it to the alphas. She knew that the lesser wolves wouldnt likely know about it because she didnt know about it until it happened. When you explained about the secrecy she would tilt her head in a little bit of a lupine twist. At least as much as a humanoid could. She frowned a little as you spoke. She knew that it wasnt exactly right what you were saying but she knew that you likely werent able to find the right words. She nodded a bit. She understood how it could be an advantage but she didnt like the idea of asking the wolves to do something that might get them hurt. "Okay Geoff. I wont tell anyone. Could I tell Inali though?" She figured she would ask if she could tell her boyfriend before she actually did it. It wasnt that she was trying to get around what you were saying but...she loved this man and they tried not to have secrets between them. It was how she was able to have a healthy relationship outside of the pack.

Geoff : *when you ask whether you can tell Inali, he winces....he tries to hide it, but this close to you, he can't fully....perhaps he senses this, which is why he stands back up.....his answer isn't immediate, which should tell you he at least considered it.....though ultimately it's probably not the response you were looking for* No. He may have our protection but he's not pack. *if he feels guilty for introducing what could be drama into your relationship, you wouldn't be able to hear it in his voice...he reaches out a hand to you, as if to help you stand should you wish to do so*

Geoff : You winced about her asking if she could tell Inali and she would tilt her head just a little. She could see it whether you tried to hide it or not. She watched you stand back up and take your face out of her direct line of sight. You didnt answer her quickly which meant that you were at least thinking about it. She appreciated that. When you gave your answer, however, she would give a little frown. It really wasnt the answer that she was hoping for. She didnt like the idea of keeping a secret from Inali but she would nod after a minute. You said no and she wouldnt go against that no matter how much she didnt like it. She could at least tell her sister since she was an alpha. When you reached out your hand to help her up she would take it and pull herself up until she was standing. "Thank you." She was still a little disturbed by your reaction to this whole thing. "Ill be more careful when Im out here talking to the wolves. Not too many people come out here outside of the full moon but Ill make sure that Im more careful anyway."