Author Topic: Trouble? at the Cygnet [Geoff/Ruskya]  (Read 137 times)

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Trouble? at the Cygnet [Geoff/Ruskya]
« on: October 14, 2017, 10:55:39 PM »
[Setting - Cygnet Hotel 10/14/2017]

Geoff Cooper - Ulfric (michael)
Ruskya Romanov-Blanche - Vargamor (dwk)

Synopsis: Ru is sparring with a hyena, Geoff rolls in all upset.

Geoff : *whether or not he'll admit it (at least to you) there's no doubt that since your last talk, Geoff has come out of his self-imposed exile to a large degree....is he all roses and sunshine (or as close to "roses and sunshine" as Geoffrey Cooper is able to get)? no...there's still a lingering dourness about him, the sense that he walks with this great invisible weight on his shoulders, but it's a start.....but since you'd asked about how he thought this all was affecting Ru, it was high time he did just that....not that he's completely unaware of what's going on with her, or that they've never once spoken since that night, but no...there hasn't been much contact.....since it was your idea, he'd thought that the two of us could go....only when we went to see her, she wasn't there.....it only took Geoff a few seconds of consideration before he had abruptly turned on a heel and was striding toward the garage, with a harsh ""You coming, or what?" barked over his shoulder....and now here we are, driving toward the city proper, Geoff seeming....not entirely pleased but also not driving like he's in a flurry of panic about Ru's whereabouts*

Ru : |=|there was something off about this. Nico lounged on a chair, having a quiet conversation with Lina as they watched. Neither were totally concerned about this, at this particular moment, she was near evenly matched with Tamarah, nevermind that the girl was a strong moderate. Why is that? Well that was the question wasn't it? She was convinced that the girl was holding back, and it caused something inside her to uncoil and stir. Maybe it was just because she has thrown herself into training since everything happened, not just physical, but magical, but this just didn't cut it. So she decided to test it. Mid block she shifted herself just slightly to take more of the hit on the armor, but it wasn't a move she normally would do, leaving herself open to a counter. She didn't see it but Nico sat up a little straighter, and his eyes narrowed, wondering. Tamarah didn't take the opening. So maybe that was just being cautious. A few moments later she did a similar action, again with no takers. Her eyes got slightly flinty, and she had that feeling again, that stirring. It wasn't magic, it wasn't anything supernatural. She had been going more and more to how she was within the Sithen with Lottie. Them against the world, fighting to stay alive those last couple of years. That decided her. She took a hit full out just to slide her along the stage, one hand down to help steady her, the other dropped back behind her, supposedly to do the same, but she excecuted a few quick tugs, removing her leg weights, letting them fall to the stage. She paused, waiting.. Tamarah didn't press her advantage, didn't come after her while she was down, and she lifted her lip just slightly. Nico started to stand up, but Lina made a soft noise of dissent. She leaned forward slightly on her chair, a slight smile on her lips. She glanced across the stage briefly to meet Lina's eyes. There was barely a nod, but she took it as a go.|=|

Bina : You didnt need to admit it. She noticed the change and she's smart enough to know that our talking did you some good. Maybe you still had that dournes to you but that was really to be expected. Nothing was going to make everything suddenly all better. We still lost two wolves. But at least now it didnt feel like we had lost an Ulfric too. She was with you when you went to see Ru, as you said it was her idea somewhat, but she frowned when Ru wasnt home. She stood there for a moment and turned look at you as you went striding off towards the garage. When you barked at her she would chuckle a little before she turned on her heel and scampered after you. She was happy to see you out and about even if you were still rather grumpy, and that would show. She got into the Jeep and, as usual, is silent during the ride because Geoff doesnt talk in the car and Bina said pretty much what she felt she needed to say the other day.

Geoff : *silence suits him just fine, as it always does....he drives with definite purpose though; it's clear that Geoff has a destination in mind....how close do we need to get to Lina's hotel before it becomes apparent that's where we're headed? once we get there, he'd pull the Jeep into the area where guests park to check in and check out, only he just leaves it there, taking the keys with him as he goes......call it Ulfric cockiness, call it sort-of-friend of the owner benefit, call it Geoff's not-giving-of-fucks....in any case, he strides past the people struggling with luggage and through the lobby, cutting in line at the concierge desk if need be....presumably,Bina is keeping up with him because he doesn't check over his shoulder on her progress* I need to speak to Lina. Now. *he barks this at the first unfortunate person with a nametag he comes across....there's definitely something in his voice; the humans who overhear might assume he's some jerky rich guy used to getting his way, but those with preternatural hearing would detect the command in his tone, the certainty that it would be done*

Geoff : *how did Geoff know you were here? because even in his self-imposed prison, he still has eyes and ears....or rather, Lou does, and she told him about it.....whether she got it from Lina herself or second- or third-hand from one of the employees or one of the wolves who saw Ru leaving, Geoff had a pretty good idea where you were going....not, necessarily what you were doing, mind, but that's going to end tonight.....he follows Paul to the theater, with Bina close by his side....she earned the right to be here the moment she became a strong moderate, he'll not deny it....whether it turns out to be something very good or something very bad, he knows she can handle herself......he booms the door open widely, letting in a shaft of light from the outside hallway....if there had been a play or other production going on, it would have been very distracting....his eyes immediately spy what's on stage and he tenses, his deeply held instinct telling him to leap into action....it's only at the last moment, when he recognizes who's on the stage with her, that he relaxes, though only barely* What the HELL is going on here?

Ru : |=|there was a moment, barely the space of a heartbeat, and then she moved. She shot from her resting space like a sprinter from the block. She had always been just a bit faster than the normal everyday human. Nothing supernatural, but just as someone who started in martial arts, or boxing, or any sort of fighting, started young and trained as long and hard as they could, their reflexes, their movements, their reflexes, were always going to be faster and more developed than a normal everyday human. Add to that her training within the Sithen, since she came back, and being marked as long as she's been? She was quick. Taking off the leg weights, those 25lb leg weights, 50lbs less of weight to carry around and she was near strong mod speed now. There was a look of surprise. Not fear, but surprise, and now it seemed that T was acting more as if this was worth her time, but it was too late for that. She had watched the girl spar with Nico and Liadan and she didn't really switch up her style much. She watched for it, waited for it, still taking one or two hits near full on with the armour just to set herself up for the opportunity. She broke apart from a close flurry of hits and blocks, sliding along the stage again, flexing her arm to drop the arm band from her upper arm closer to her elbow. Then she took off at T again, shifting towards the right, and that's when she saw it, T getting ready for a side kick. At the last moment she dropped, turning her body, sliding along the stage on one leg, the other bent, knowing the boots she wore would slow her momentum some, but counting on that. When T's ankle came within alignment of her bent arm and upturned leg, she angled her arm slightly and snarled "jaH!" in Klingon, releasing the kinetic energy within her bracelet, focusing it down through it and into the trapped limb. She kept her arm angled slightly for two reasons. (1) She hadn't done this particular move since she had the bracelets and wasn't too sure of the destructive power, she knew this particular move would hurt her as well, as she done it,and had it done to her in the Sithen. It had broken her ankle then.and (2)She needed to use the energy to cause her slide to turn into a slight spin. With the release of the kinetic energy, along with her physical force now? She wouldn't be surprised if it shattered the ankle bones completely. She dropped her other arm, figuring the girl would be too focused on the surprised shock and pain to retaliate, and grasped the leg by the knee as she slid and spun and gave the leg a yank. Is there a sound when a leg gets dislocated? If so you'd be hearing it now. She released her and while it wasn't a smooth motion, she stood, in a fighters stance, crouched and waiting. T didn't push her advantage, to her that was a lack of dominance, even if the hyena was merely trying to be careful. She however, pressed the advantage and while T reeled from the attack, she darted in, falling to one knee as a blow connected to her leg, but it didn't deter her. She gripped the mane of dark hair, and pressed her knife to the hyena's throat. Not her athame, that's a no. This was a silver coated knife.|=| "Do you yield?" |=|She didn't take her attention off the girl in front of her, and it was Lina who answered "Sparring. And perhaps a lesson. Good Evening Geoffrey. Sabrina." Nico gave Geoff a nod standing now to go collect Tamarah...if everything was done.|=|

Geoff : *he has no patience for Lina, and it would appear that her words fall on deaf ears as he strides down the aisle....not quite a run, but quickly enough that a normal human would have to jog to keep up with him...he leaps to the stage with a light, deft movement, something that would seem all out of place from his bulky form except for the fact that he just did it....he's still moving mostly on auto-pilot still, and it takes a visible effort to stop himself from physically pulling you away from the wounded lycan.....he stops himself, though, instead taking a step back and half-turning so that he can see both Ru and Lina at the same time* Somebody better start talking now, and I mean now. *there's a definite roil of anger from him but for the moment it's contained, much like a beast behind the metaphysical bars of an alpha lycan....but like a beast it's rising to the surface, an effect you can almost see, and it's looking for a target*

Ru : |=|When it was clear that there would be no further resistance from Tamarah, she'd simply stand, sheath her knife, and then turned her back on the woman, regarding Geoffrey calmly.|=| "We were sparring. She either decided I wasn't worth her time, or thought I would break if she hit me." |=|She didn't sound too concerned, after all, it would be a simple thing for the girl to heal, all she had to do was shift. Jared too learned the hard way not to apologize or hold back so much in a spar. She broke his jaw and dislocated his knee for his trouble. Granted he nearly took her knee out as well, but that's what happens when you spar.|=| "Nico and Miss Lina have been here the whole time. Though I guess we won't be doing Kendo later." |=|she didn't sigh, and it was said in a rather musing tone. Normally she would have gotten angry, jumped on you for jumping on her, or figured something was wrong with the way you came barrelling in here. But now she just stood there, one hand casually by her sheath, which was an almost normal stance, the other rested on her hip, and her fingers moved. Not restlessly, she always had one of her hands moving, or a toe tapping. It wasn't nervousness, it was just her being practical and storing up the kinetic energy|=|

Geoff : *he's definitely angry, though if you were to ask him why, specifically, he couldn't tell you.....his hands curl into fists at his sides and then slowly, with obvious effort, he uncurls them* Do you think my issue is that you don't have supervision? *though whether he'd necessarily trust a vampire to be an adequately supervise a wolf sparring is up in the air....he slant a quick glance to Lina before he returns his attention to you....so what is his issue then? there's a moment of silence before he tries to give voice to it* You have a whole pack of wolves to spar with, why come here?

Ru : |=|Nico had taken Tamarah away, soothing her as best he could. Lina remained though for a variety of reasons. She watched you though. Between the alpha Hyena in Nico and Lina's ablility to control hyenas, even if Tamarah was an omega there was no danger of the girl shifting. Lina's speed and her, shall we say, influence regarding herself, would be able to stop anything before it got out of hand. Apparently Lina did not think it did, for she didn't step in. She lifted an eyebrow at Geoff. She made a motion to where Nico had taken Tamrah|=| "and had I done that to one of the pack, we'd be having quite a different conversation." |=|especially if she had completely turned her back on them. Why did she do that? Did you know why? She basically told the hyena that she didn't find her a threat.|=| "Or do you disagree?"

Geoff : *Geoff didn't miss the significance of the turned back; among lycans, it's a pretty serious insult....he glances toward where Tamarah was taken for just a moment* Maybe, maybe not. *Geoff has never tried to candy-coat how rough and tumble life is for wolves, and he sure as hell doesn't coddle them....if someone gets hurt in a spar, it's not the end of the world* But she's someone's. *he knows there is a hyena leader in the city, but also that the hyenas are stupid about striped versus spotted....as if there'd be a different pack in each city, one for gray wolves, one for timberwolves, what have you....it's madness* And someone is responsible for what happens to her. *and though he strongly suspects that she "belongs" to Lina, that doesn't really set his mind at ease completely....vampires' view of lycans is always a bit more...proprietary than he really is comfortable with, and for all he knows Lina views the hyenas as disposable punching bags*

Ru : |=|"she's mine Geoffrey. While she has ties to the clan that Ashille has here, in the end, I am the one responsible for her and what she does. I gave Ruskya permission to do what she needed. There was a need. Even within the confines of a friendly duel, constantly not pressing an advantage is a weakness a lycan can ill afford." she didn't say it but there was trouble within Philadelphia and she was going to have to send Tamarah there. It seemed to be centered on the business side of things, but that didn't mean there wouldn't be other issues. Tamarah was a scrapper. Not a fighter. She let Lina speak, and she gave a small shrug and a bit of a motion like 'there you go' as she moved to get her weights from the stage floor|=| "Jean Luc would have flattened me to the floor if I gave my opponent such disrespect and acted in such a manner. In the Sithen she'd have died. |=|she nearly had a few times. The Fey didn't wish to lose their newest toys and amusements but that didn't mean insults went unchecked|=| "She needs to grow up"

Geoff : *he fixes Lina with a level gaze; it's not a friendly one....when he finally does speak, there's an acrid, dry tone to his voice that's almost brittle* Please, tell me more about what lycans do and don't need to do in spars, I had no idea. *and that's the beginning and the ending of what he has to say to Lina on that score....maybe some other time they'll have more words about the issue.....he turns back to you* Maybe she does, and maybe your lesson will do it. *Geoff certainly is in no position to take issue with what you've done; he's dispatched more than his fair share of harsh, sometimes painful lessons over the years* Is that what you are now? A teacher?

Ru : |=|you didn't think Lina would shirk from your tone or your gaze did you? She merely remained where she had been and directed her next words to the her. "Sticks tomorrow after dance. Maybe we can convince Mystery to participate this time." and at that she left. She taught Lou and Brooke the panther dance, amoung other things. Why not the girl? She nodded to Lina and gave a short but respectful bow, fist to the palm of her hand before she scooped up her weights, strapping them back onto her legs, looking up at you|=| "No, Uncle Geoff. Just happened to be the proper time for it. Was supposed to be sticks tonight but Miss Lina got a call and decided I needed to go a round with Tamarah. Or her with me, whichever." |=|she stood. At her center she was calm and quiet, although that thing within her still was awake, it had quieted. There was no need to claw for survival here. Not right now.|=| "I have a shift at the center with Jean Luc. He'll bring me home." |=|she wasn't unaware of you locking yourself up from everyone since it happened. Just as she wasn't unaware of you staying away from her. Frankly she's surprised you are here, although you probably came to see Lina, and not her since you have been avoiding her and everyone else|=| (and sadly that'll do me. i would love to do more but check in starts at 8 and i want to try to get a parking lot close to public square. im walking in the walk as it is i don't need to trek a million miles to get to the place!)