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Cyril Lacroix - Journeyman Telepath
« on: April 19, 2017, 09:58:10 PM »
OOC Name: A.J.
Character Model: Gaspard Ulliel
Ghost Tag: lock stock barrel


Name (including Aliases): Cyril Joseph Lacroix, Joseph Cross, Joey Croce
Date of Birth:
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Black
Height: 5'11
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Dominant Hand:  right
Other features:


Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: grandparents, parents, siblings (three sisters, one brother) - Julie, Amelie, Simone (twin), Martin
Religion: Catholic
Nationality: French-Canadian
Previous Residency: Montreal, QC, Paris, France, Boston, MA, Miami, FL
Occupation: construction foreman and company owner
Group Associations: ConstructionCyril Incorporée; Humans First, Humans Against Vampires, Canadian Special Operations Regiment,


Spoken Languages: French, English, Italian
Talents: charming, quick tongued, good with languages and accents, acting.
Properties: construction comapny and it's holdings through the upper east coast; condo in Philadelphia, condo in Miami, cottage in France, apartment building in Montreal
Vulnerabilities: Human, drawbacks of being telepathic:  mild paranoia, hears occasional misplaced whispers

-]Gift Details[-

Type of Gift: Telepath
Level: Journeyman

-]Known Powers[-
Communicate: Journeyman - he character can communicate with up to two individuals simultaneously at an Adept level or four individuals at an Initiate level at a range of 150 ft.
The character can also incorporate smell into any vision projected on one individual at a range of 75 ft
Insight: Adept: The character can deliberately filter the thoughts of up to 5 people at once within a 35 ft range for key thoughts. (Example: filter for thoughts pertaining to bombings)
Persuasion Journeyman: The character can  make one individual of lesser power perform three important actions at a range of 500 ft. (Example: hit someone).  This is limited by the individual’s values (e.g., they would not strike a woman if they are vehemently opposed to the concept).
Psychic Attack: Journeyman: The character can induce migraines that last up to 5 minutes or shooting pains that fade after one minute in another's head badly enough to make them collapse, within a range of 100 ft.
Shields: Journeyman: The character's shields are improving to withstand mental attack/disruption for any lesser preternatural

  • Were there particular events that impacted their life?
Not really.  Cyril read a lot, and not fairytales and such, but phylosophical books, books about order and silent wars.  He and his sister came to the drastic conclusion that the world was a very unsafe place when 9-11 happened and back home were able to look at things in a much more fundamental way than external extremists.  Terrorism wasn't such a hot topic in Quebec, but lycanthropy and vampires trying to take over Montreal was.  The insight into theses monsters living along side their friends and families was enough to spur action.

  • How did they become infected/turned/aware of their powers?
Cyril and Simone could always speak to each other.  They didn't tell others, it wasn't a dirty secret so much as a coveted one.  To this day their parents and siblings don't know that they can communicate telepathically, although Julie might suspect something strange.  When Cyril turned 14 he started growing and getting facial hair, and he was able to hear other people's thoughts.  He told Simone about it immediately, and they started looking into ways for him to get this underwraps - summer camps were a great excuse, and later on he would take 'jobs' to get away for help.

  • How did they grow stronger and gain control of their powers?
Cyril was a quick study.  He had a lot of trouble with filtering the thoughts out though.  Living with 6 other people as a teenager made for limited quiet time, and when everyone thought it was -never- quiet.  He woke up with their thoughts in his dreams, whispers in his ears.. he nearly lost it had it not been for the constant hum in his head from Simone.  She sang little tunes in his head to drown out the others.  When he started training with help in the summer time, he wanted too much and it didn't allow him naturally develop his abilities.  He dreaded school without being able to close out people's thoughts and after close to four months he was finally able to put up that barrier between him and the minds of the world. 

  • Did they do anything in particular with their powers?

talked to people, persuaded them to get into places he shouldn't go, persuaded them to help him when they didn't want to

  • How did they discover their special or unusual powers?

no other powers

by Alibi

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Re: Cyril Lacroix - Journeyman Telepath
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