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Kei Chahine - Strong Dog Shifter
« on: March 02, 2015, 08:23:12 PM »
OOC Name: Rumor
Character Model: Candice Swanepoel
Ghost Tag: •living without borders•


Name (including Aliases): Kei Chahine
Date of Birth: November 1st 1988
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Ethnic Background: South African
Dominant Hand: Right
Other features: Definitely cute.


Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Kande (twin sister),  Kayin (Cousin) Kiadan (cousin) whole host of family in the cry (pack) back home
Religion: Spiritual
Nationality: South African
Previous Residency: Cape Town, South Africa and Oudsthoorn, South Africa mostly in the Karoo regions
Occupation: Nurse
Group Associations: Doctors Without Borders


Spoken Languages: Afrikkans, English
Talents: Singing, dancing, cooking. Medical training.
Properties: each of the girls has either a necklace or a braclet that allows them to keep on their clothes when they shift. this was done by a coven of witches back home, lasts 3-5 years depending on usage and must be renewed. Hers is a bracelet.
Vulnerabilities: She has a soft heart.

-]Shifter Details[-

Species: African Dog
Type: Born.
Level: Strong

-]Known Powers[-
*[Shift the Skin]
*[Speed and Strength]
[Dogs/Coyotes/Jackals] *[Scent Trail]
[Dogs/Coyotes/Jackals] *[Howl]

*[Easier Shifting]
*[Aura Presence]
*[Resist Rolling]
*[Shield One]

*[Shift Mastery]
*[Resist Force Shift]
[Force the Skin]
[Dogs] [Association]


In the biography we would like to see these points developed about the character where applicable.
Were there particular events that impacted their life?
Normal childhood really. Her life was very much 'it takes a village'. Everyone helped everyone else with parenting and education. Growing up they all lived somewhat apart from the rest of the villages. After high school she went off to college, University of Cape Town, and started to work on a medical degree. She decided about halfway through that she didnt want to be a doctor and instead turned to nursing. She did her two year internship in Cape Town but did her year of community service in a smaller village and its clinic. She started to travel with Doctors Without Borders about a year after she finished her community service.

How did they become infected/turned/aware of their powers?
She was born into a family, her father a twin, her mother was not, both of them shifters as were their parents before them. When they were old enough to understand, they were told, and shown, and when they reached puberty, in a varied age range like normal folk, they had their first shift

How did they grow stronger and gain control of their powers?
Within the family they had teachers, not just of the shifter part of their lives, but everything. Not so much home schooled, but community schooled until they were either middle school age or highschool age, depending on the desires of the child. They were nurtured and as far as the shifter part of them was concerned, raised and trained by the pack as a whole.

Did they do anything in particular with their powers?
Harassing local wildlife, thats about it.

How did they discover their special or unusual powers?
Doesnt have one. Yet.

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Re: Kei Chahine - Strong Dog Shifter
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Works for me!
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Re: Kei Chahine - Strong Dog Shifter
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good here too

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