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Matilda Enid Cooper- SA Lionness
« on: January 12, 2019, 09:13:28 PM »
OOC Name: AJ
Character Model: Elizabeth Hurley
Ghost Tag: · consilium · caelestibus ·


Name (including Aliases): Matilda Enid Cooper
Date of Birth: 19700-01-01
Eye color: Cooper Blue
Hair color: Brown
Height: 5'9''
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Dominant Hand: ambidextrous
Other features: super smiley


Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: two siblings, mother
Beast Mate: none
Religion: None
Nationality: American
Previous Residency: Portland
Occupation: Event Coordinator
Group Associations: none really


Spoken Languages: English, Russian, Mandarin, Italian
Talents: she can play string instruments with adaptable ease, she plays a mean game of Racko and is a general jill of all trades
Properties: cabin in Colorado, home in Maryland
Vulnerabilities: lycan vulnerabilities, she's a secret romantic, and looks for the best in everything

-]Lycan Details[-

Species: Lion
Level: SA

-]Known Powers[-

New Moon
[Feverish Heat]

[Beast Energy]
[Heightened Senses I]
[Heightened Stamina]
[Mark Recognition]

*[Heightened Senses II]
[Beast Comfort]
[Slow the Change]
[Fast Healing]
[Feline Leap]

Strong Moderate

*[Heightened Senses III]: The changes to the body make all senses, smell, touch, sight and sound ten times as attuned as humans
[Aura Attack]: The ability to use lycan metaphysical energy to push, smack and knock other preternatural being around in warning and as distraction.
[No Coma]: The lack of exhausted sleep required after shifting.
[Inspiration]: The ability to inspire calm or terror in a weaker lycan – it can result in the reclusion of a beast to keep them from shifting or such turmoil that would surpass reasoning and bring forth the animal within.
[Aura Shielding]: The ability to use their metaphysical aura to protect weaker lycans from Metaphysical assault and emotions – like vampire auras (fear, anger, lust) and other metaphysical lycan attacks.
[Speed Healing]: Nearly immediate healing of wounds inflicted without magic/powers or preternatural claws.  Within two to three days lethal wounds inflicted without silver are healed with the assistance of shifting.  All injuries with Silver and Fire heal human slow and leave scars.
[Hunter's Prowess]: While tracking prey, the feline's movements are sly, undetectable. This ability allows the lycan to better conceal itself while it lies in wait. This can be used in either the beast or human form and allows the lycan to become eerily still and silent. There is even an additional level of metaphysical shielding provided for a short period of time to further conceal the lycan. Note: This ability may not be invoked at will - it happens naturally in conjunction with activities such as hunting, tracking, waiting in ambush. etc.

Strong Alpha
[Partial Shift]: Only the strongest of lycans can do this, their hands, their arms, their legs, one part of their body will change into that of their beast – proportionate to their size, a small handed person would not have a paw as big as a lycan with hands the size of a professional wrestler.  Their entire bodies keep their human shape but for the part that changes form.
[Fast Shift]: The ability to shift from human form to animal form and back without hindrance by the pain or awkwardness of changing form. When changing to beast form, it still leaves the beast famished and when returning to human form, it often leaves the person weakened.


In the biography we would like to see these points developed about the character where applicable.
  • Were there particular events that impacted their life?
Cooper grew up in a happy world that could have been much darker if her parents hadn't been very enlightened about the impacts of the environment on their children. The first big thing was she learned to not user her name; neither Matilda nor Enid.  She was Cooper. Second to that, she was most impacted by hitting a harsher world when she moved to LA when she was in her late teens.  The loss of her father sent her into a dark place, until she took a shift in career and delved into hyper controling things around her: events. 
  • How did they become infected/turned/aware of their powers?
When Cooper was in LA, she was infected following a romp with a kid at a party.  She was with her bestfriend/lover, and they both got slain by their flavour of the night.  She was infected, he wasn't... not that night.   IT was a tough few years.

  • How did they grow stronger and gain control of their powers?
Cooper grew stronger out of stubborness.  She was determined to keep herself together and not let some random infection dictate her life.  She infected her best friend, it was a tedious process, and over time they challenged each other as they grew within the pride in Los Angeles. It didn't work out the way she wanted... the infection dictated her life for a very long time.  It was an other harsh reality to deal with, and after a few decades, she started working with the limitations being lycan set upon her instead of being at odds with them.

  • Did they do anything in particular with their powers?
She infected a human -- paid a dear price for it, but it was worth it in order to not navigate this alone. She came to terms with her life and has pretty much used her powers for survival and self preservation since then.

  • How did they discover their special or unusual powers?
She doesn't have any.  But she figured out she could play violin on a bet.

by Alibi

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Re: Matilda Enid Cooper- SA Lionness
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I'm OK with this if DWK is!
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Re: Matilda Enid Cooper- SA Lionness
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i love you like Snape loved Lily

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