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Character Sheets
« on: February 08, 2010, 09:15:17 AM »
In Cruentus Justia, character sheets are mandatory. 

You have one week to have your sheet up and completed once you play for the first time.

Although you are more than welcome to play the character without a sheet or without final approval, you may not use anything beyond given powers until the sheet is up and approved. This avoids any situations where a power might be used that ends up not being part of the character once the approval has gone through.

Your character sheet will need one or two approvals, A.J. or Michael's and any Group Leader's when applicable.

Keep in mind that not all description in a character's history is created equal. In most cases we don't need to know about a character's parents, family history, upbringing, hobbies, schooling, etc in order to be able to approve them - unless they factor somehow into the character's current status. If the character's boyfriend/girlfriend is the one who infected them, the boyfriend/girlfriend probably belongs in the history, otherwise it's not necessary. Some people choose to add extensive backgrounds for flavor, and that's great but not required. You could deal with a character's entire progression to adulthood in a few sentences if nothing in there factors significantly into their powers or motivations.

A char's history isn't meant to be an autobiography, it's meant to answer the general questions of what are you, what can you do, and how did you get to be as strong as you are. Keep the following in mind as you create you sheet as these will be the main points we're looking for.
  • Were there particular events that impacted their life?
  • How did they become infected/turned/aware of their powers?
  • How did they grow stronger and gain control of their powers?
  • Did they do anything in particular with their powers?
  • How did they discover their special or unusual powers?

The purpose of the character sheet is not to torture you!  We promise =)  It is so we can understand the concept of your character and how they got their abilities.