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Simone Lacroix - Adept Pyrokinetic
« on: October 09, 2012, 04:07:25 PM »
OOC Name: Fishie
Character Model:laurence leboeuf
Ghost Tag: ..-. .. .-. . -... ..- --.


Name (including Aliases): Simone Francine Lacroix, Sammie, Red, R.V.
Eye color: Chilling Blue
Hair color: Red
Height: 5'9.5
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Dominant Hand:  right
Other features:


Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: grandparents, parents, siblings (two sisters, two brothers) - Julie, Amelie, Cyril (twin), Martin
Religion: Catholic
Nationality: French-Canadian
Previous Residency: Montreal, QC,Barrie (Ont) Paris, France, Boston, Philly
Occupation: Red Seal Chef, Owner of Red Velvet Catering
Group Associations:  Humans First, Humans Against Vampires, Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC), a lot of snotty upper class contacts


Spoken Languages: French, English, Sign Language, Morse Code,Jack Speak
Talents: Above Average Intelligence , Advanced Computer and Technolgy Skills, Combat Training,
Properties: Red Velvet Catering, VAH & RV Firing Range, Condo in Philly, Mercedes Benz
Vulnerabilities: Her Family - Esepcially Cyril. Her inability to connect with people/lack of empathy.

Weakness due to her gift:Upon reaching this level, the character's body will be in a perpetual state of fever.

-]Gift Details[-

Type of Gift:Pyrokinetic
Level: Adept

-]Known Powers[-

Adept: The character can create a flame the size of a campfire

Adept: The character can shape flames into identifiable items (Example: make it look like a heart  a stick figure, with finesse may make scenes with it like an arrow through a heart.) They can create up to three sources of flame.

Adept: The character can ignite flames within twenty feet of them.

****Additonal Gift****

Simone can communicate with her twin and has been able to since far before their other gifts manifested.  Although she can not directly transmit thoughts to her brother she can focus her thoughts in response and also due to practice she is able to often clear her mind of thoughts (Like who would want their brother to hear their.... every internal thought and desire. -.- well actually...)


    Were there particular events that impacted their life?

Simone Never really connected well with people. She was often off doing her own thing, while her older sisters went through the typical girlie stages, dolls to make up to boys Simone reamined more focused on herself and not what others expected from her. She was close to her twin Cyril and to an extent her other brother Martin but besides that she had no real friends, just a lot of aquantices. Watching too many "Be all that you can be" commerials (as well as the added incentivie to control her powers) drove her to join Sea(navy) cadets and eventually go off after highschool to Basic Training before her life took another course. With her eyes open to the realities of lycanthropy and vampires she decided to follow her brother into taking action.

    How did they become infected/turned/aware of their powers?

Not long after Cyril's mind was plagued with everyones thoughts, Simone herself had her own troublesome problem. it started when she was enraged with some petty girl at school. Firworks errupted. Almost literally. Because of the research she had done for her brothers Telepathic gifts Simone found it easy to find information about her gift.... controlling it was another matter all together because it took focus which she had a lot of but it was almost all consuming because of her already inflated temper. Although Simone hated people Cyril was able to use his own connections to find a girl a few years older then Simone who had the same issue. She joined Cadets to have an excuse to spend time with her. Although Simone hated the social aspect of needed someone who wasnt her brother it ended up being benfical to her health and sanity.

    How did they grow stronger and gain control of their powers?

Due to her OCD qualities and her perfectionist attitude Simone worked none stop on controlling her gift. She spent much of her teenaged years around Rachel- the girl from cadets. Her parents releaved that Simone had finally made a friend held little resistance to the constant over night visits. Rachel helped her with her rage - encouraging her to meditate and do yoga which made the rest of the training realitivly less painful. Whenever an accident came up - either Rachel or Cyril always seemed to be there to help cover it up. As far as her parents were concerned they just had a tempermental little pyro for a daughter.

    Did they do anything in particular with their powers?

Simone uses her powers to intimidate others and as a great weapon/defense against the fanged ones of the night. As well it's amazing how well fire covers up small crimes. You know, like dead lycans.

    How did they discover their special or unusual powers?


So i filled this out at work. So if I fµ¢ked up. Need to add anything etc. Let me know <3

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Re: Simone Lacroix - Adept Pyrokinetic
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So like...this has been approved from like....years ago.
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