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Kennebragh's Club
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Kennebragh's Club

An exclusive but not entirely clandestine establishment, Kennebragh's is a legitimate business owned by members of the Scottish Mafia. Located near the 7th tee-off at a moderately popular golf course in Virginia, it is open to non-club members, but visitors must pay an entrance fee. The card house offers a variety of games, from various flavours of poker to blackjack and craps. All the games are high stakes, the lowest possible buy in for a game being $10,000. It also contains a full kitchen and bar. It is not used to launder money or house any illicit dealings beyond, on occasion, such subjects being discussed among members in a private manner. Rowdy people are not tolerated as the place likes to maintain an air of being very upscale; no fights, no drunks, not even among the made-men.