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[NPC] Chloe Grace James - Strong Moderate Lion
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OOC Name: Katrina
Character Model:  Kesha Sebert
Ghost Tag:  Picture Imperfect


Name (including Aliases):  Chloe Grace James
Date of Birth:  4-20-87
Eye color:  Hazel - blue
Hair color:  Blonde, messed, curls
Height:  5’9”
Ethnic Background:  White
Dominant Hand: Right
Other features:  Light dusting of freckles across nose and cheeks


Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives:  Parents, brother
Beast Mate:
Religion:  Christianity
Nationality:  Scottish
Previous Residency:  Coventry, England
Occupation:  Photographer
Group Associations:  Solitudio Morsus Pride


Spoken Languages:  English, some high school French
Talents:  Photography, bicycle dismantle and re-assembly
Properties:  Camera equipment, Mini Cooper, bicycle rack, 10speed bicycle
Vulnerabilities:  Silver, smooth talkers, lure of a good camera shot

-]Lycan Details[-

Species:  Lion
Level:  Strong Moderate

-]Known Powers[-

All omega and moderate plus: Hybrid


Though Chloe’s ancestry heralds from Scotland, she was born and brought up in Coventry, a city in England with a population of over 300,000.  Almost a hundred miles northwest of London, life growing up there wasn’t exactly like that found in the busy city.  However, with two universities and a busy motor manufacturing industry, the economy was enough to support their family in just-barely-above poverty lifestyle.  Just barely, I stress that part, because she and her brother were always dressed in second-hand clothing, thus lent Chloe a “garbage-chic” style of dress and the messy blonde curls atop her head contributed to the eclectic look.  “Extras” or “luxuries” were rare in the James’ household.  Both of Chloe’s parents worked in the motor industry’s assembly lines for as long as she can remember and her older brother was strong-armed into the same industry fresh out of high school because, as her father had harped, it’s everybody’s responsibility to contribute to the family’s welfare.  No college for Griffin, then.

Things changed for the James family the day that Chloe’s father had a devastating injury in the manufacturing company where he worked when his hand was crushed in a machine.  He lost the use of most of his hand’s vital functions and his thumb and index finger were amputated.  This devastating injury had both physical and psychological affects on him and the settlement received from his employer did little to sooth the multiple aches the family has endured ever since.  However, one impact on Chloe could not be called negative, and that is that because of the eased strain of the James family finances, she was not forced into that same mundane as Griffin had been.  This fact only increased Griffin’s resentment and caused many arguments and tensions between the family members, especially between Griffin and Chloe.  

To escape from her mother’s emotional distancing, her father’s depression and her brother’s animosity, Chloe delved deeper into photography with a no-frills digital camera that she got for her sixteenth birthday.  On the encouragement of a teacher at her school and with the use of the computer in the school library, she began experimenting with various lighting and enhancement techniques and was pleased when the teacher told her she has a gift for the art.  Over the next couple of years, through the remainder of her time in high school, she continued practicing and improving the art and with money she saved from her after-school jobs, she eventually purchased a better digital camera.

One evening, trying to find just the right lighting to photograph one of the decaying buildings bombed out during World War II, Chloe’s brother, Griffin, found her there and began heckling her work.  This was nothing new, for he had always resented having been discouraged from attending college or otherwise making his own way in the world.  This time, however, the heckling turned to angrier words and hurtful insults.  Their emotional bout turned to a physical one when Griffin took a swipe with his hand to try and grab Chloe’s camera from her hands and she struck back.  Camera clutched in her right hand, she took a swing at Griffin with her left hand, and in a battle of wills and physical confrontation, their emotions swelled.  Little did either of the James’ siblings know, but nearby was a small group of lycans – lions to be specific – whose main goal at the time had been to increase the numbers of their group.  

The two male lycans lumbered forward and try to imagine the scene in slow motion.  They’re large, over six feet both of them, and both of them scenting fear and anger, and they hear Griffin and Chloe’s verbal accusations and colorful exchange of foul language, and as they round the corner of the bombed out building and rubble, they see the man and woman circling each other.  All of these things are taken in – drawing scents into their lungs, psychologically assimilating what they see.  Griffin with his sister in a headlock spins around to face them when he hears a rumbled, throaty growl.  A growl.  Griffin can’t believe his eyes as the two large men approach he and his sister and he attempts to toss Chloe to the side and behind him to protect her.  It’s one thing to fight with his sister, it’s another thing for anyone else to harm his own flesh and blood.  Instinctively, he’d tried to protect her.

Chloe, on trying to fight off her brother’s headlock with one hand, was still clutching her precious camera as Griffin had spun her around.  She’d heard the growl behind them to some extent, but only subconsciously because her thoughts were consumed with dealing with her unreasonable brother.  Plus, her fear had surged because of care for her precious camera.  As they pivoted 180 degrees to face the newcomers, Chloe’s finger inadvertently pressed down on the camera and clicked a picture of the scene before it had been knocked from her hands.  Chloe only saw blurred images of two figures coming towards them as she was knocked to the side by Griffin.  Her head came in contact with rugged stone from the ruins and she was knocked out.

Chloe’s recovery from what appeared to be deep animal scratches and gouges in her right shoulder was frustrating because she couldn’t remember how she was injured.  All she could remember was her fight with Griffin, and he was not forthcoming with many answers when she tried to question him.  It wasn’t until two weeks later when she was viewing the pictures on her school's computer from her camera that she truly saw their attackers for the first time.  The image she’d snapped before losing control of her camera depicted two men, both appearing to have strange-colored eyes and faces distorted with feral, determined and avaricious intent.  One of the men, to her appalled horror, appeared to be reaching out with an arm distorted partially by an animal’s shape and characteristics – fur!  Sharp claws!

Chloe had not recognized the face of either men in the image she’d developed from her camera, but later that day when she was hurrying to go find her brother, she spotted him behind her a distance when she’d glanced back to get her bearings in his neighborhood.  

It was unfortunate for Chloe that she happened to be inside of a dangerous Coventry neighborhood by the time she realized she was being followed.  Her foray into a sh¡t-hole of an alley was not her idea, but that forced onto her by her stalker who then proceeded to repeat his previous attack, but this time with near-matching scratches and puncture wounds on her Chloe’s opposite shoulder.  Only the second time she was awake and cognizant of everything happening to her.  She had tried to scream, had tried to fight, but her attacker was too strong and too intent on accomplishing his goal:  making another lion.  After being knocked unconscious and taken to a home where similar such men and women lived together, Chloe woke once again and attempted to recover.  This time, though still frustrated and angry, she was able to do so with a deeper education and understanding of just what was in store for her as a lycan and what her choices were.

Chloe could have died during those difficult days:  either by suicide, because of her infection, or because any one of her enemies might seize an opportunity to do so.  However, she was fortunate because Blaire AshlandRoar had recently taken over the pride and become their Regina.  Chloe had, in effect, become one of their newest members during a monumental upheaval and transformation.  The picture she’d developed had been destroyed, of course, and so had her camera and all evidence of what had taken place.  Her brother, she later discovered, had survived.  Blaire, and to a smaller extent her brother, had been instrumental in her gaining control over her beast.  She did eventually gain that control through perseverance and determination, both traits she’d inherited from her mother and cultivated and refined through Blaire’s help.  She also did so with patience by learning how to focus and maintain concentration on very specific things, expanding those skills to multiple things and people at once.  This did not occur overnight and involved training over a span of two years.

It wasn’t until into her second year as a lycan that Chloe was able to accept and follow through with the realization that she not only desired to, but would need to confront and dominate the very man who had infected her in the first place.  In order to prepare for that confrontation, Chloe began physical training to involve sparring, martial arts, hand to hand combat, as well as gun and knife training.  Though she’d much have preferred to be using a camera instead of any of these other things, she force herself to put aside selfish things and think of the greater good of the group as a whole – getting stronger in all ways necessary for survival was the way to do this.

Close to the time she reached her third year as lycan she finally confronted the lion who had made her, fighting him physically when he refused to back down to her verbal challenge as his superior..  To her it was an epic battle – to others it might have seemed average and normal for a lycan community.  In the end it were his ego and pride that allowed her the upper hand, because he severely underestimated her capabilities and determination.  He’d died that day and she’d earned herself the right to claim the status of  strong moderate lion.

Now, Chloe moves with the pride and her Regina to a new land, leaving Coventry behind and facing the new challenges and triumphs of life in Washington, D.C.