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Roleplay in Cruentus Justia: Dark Origins
« on: February 05, 2010, 09:30:31 AM »
Rather than set up a thread for each single thing you aught to know, we're going try an combine things as much as possible for easier reference.

Types of Characters In CJ:DO

[PC]: A permanent character in the room with full rights to do anything permitted in room rules. A PC sheet must be submitted in CJ:DO's power template and PCs count toward their respective group's ranks/caps.

[NPC]: A character used to facilitate the movement of the storyline -- large or small. Some examples of NPCs are 'mentor' lycan, body guard vampires, thugs, innocent bystanders on the street, and the things of the sort. These characters cannot heavily influence the development of a played character (such as being used for advancement in rank) without RC approval. NPC sheets must be in CJ:DO's structure and templates. NPCs may be permanent parts of the room and can do things that have lasting effects, such as being in relationships/marriage with PCs, own property, etc. An NPC cannot kill a PC without permission from the room controllers.

[Visitor]: A character who comes to the city for a specific purpose and for a fixed length in time. Visitor character sheets do not have to conform to CJ:DO's power or sheet templates, but they also cannot use anything other than "given" type powers (a lycan's beast, etc.). If someone with a visiting character wants/needs to use their powers, then the sheet must be redone in CJ:DO's template. Visiting characters do not count in their respective group's ranks/caps. Should a visiting character attain a rank within a group, they must be resubmitted as an NPC or PC. Visiting characters require room controller, and in some cases, group leader approval to use powers or do anything that would have a permanent affect on a PC.

With rare exceptions, you should assume that the preternatural communities in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, PA are comprised only of played characters and any noted NPCs. You cannot claim that there are a bunch of NPC hyenas in the city willing to aid your character if needed. If you feel an exception to this rule is needed, please contact the RCs.

Vampire Powers - Degrees of Control

Not every character can use every ability with the same level of expertise. Some characters are able to use a given power with a greater or lesser affect than others might be able to. The "Weak", "Mod", or "Expert" sections of a power's descriptions describe the different effects they have depending on their degree of control.

When you fill out your character sheet, you not only list the different powers your character has, but their applicable degree on control. For instance, a Intermediate Level I vampire gets two basic powers (1 or 2 weak, 1 mod) and one line power (weak or mod). On the sheet it would look like this:

[Damage Wave] - Mod
[Detect Lies] - Weak
[Glean] - Mod (This is the line power if the vampire was a Traveler)

Rare Powers

Some gifts are less common than others - they are designated as [RARE]. Each player may only have one character with a rare power. (Several characters may share the same rare ability so long as they are played by different people.)


Fighting is an important part of the LKH world, but it isn't (and shouldn't be) the end-all of roleplay. As such, we're not going to put together a convoluted list of rules for fighting. It can all be boiled down to the following:

1) Never lose sight of the fact that this is a game and it's supposed to be fun.
2) Don't god-mod. Be reasonable. We'll call bu|lsh¡t if we see it.
3) Work out disagreements amongst yourselves.
4) If you can't adhere to rule #3, the room Admin have final say.
5) Fights for position and advancement should be scripted, but they do not need to be "judged" if both combatants agree on the outcome. If there's a dispute, defer to rule #4.

Alpha/Strong Character Caps

Currently there are no limitations on how many alpha, master, or equivalent characters any one player can have. We don't want to get to that level - it's more work for us and a pain for you. However, we want the room as a whole to have a balance between the weak and the strong.

The preternatural world should be shaped like a pyramid, with a lot more people at the lower levels than at the top. Be mindful of this fact when you consider the level at which you submit new characters -- not just what other characters you have personally, but also whether you'd be submitting the fifth alpha for a group that only has two weak characters. We don't want to step in and start enforcing limits, but if things get too top-heavy, we will.

Lycans With Active Powers

When a human has an active power (such as telepathy, animation, etc), it requires concentration of one's metaphysical will to use that power. The same is true when one is infected with lycathropy - however, at lower levels, a lycan beast requires near constant attention lest it break free of its fleshy prison.

Therefore, when a human with an active power becomes infected with lycanthropy, they will lose the ability to use those powers until they have mastered enough control over their beast to be able to split their metaphysical attention. When the character attains Weak Alpha status, they may use their powers, but if they are in a stressful situation it might become too much for them to concentrate on both their power and on maintaining control of their beast - one of the two would have to be sacrificed.

Once a character reaches Alpha level, their control over their beast is such that they can use their powers freely.

Note: The powers are all still there, and the character doesn't lose any levels in their active powers while they learn control of their beast - they just can't use the powers without shifting.

When a character is lycan character is submitted with Active or Passive powers, they must be certain to not take up more than one cap at a time: all gifted characters under the level of Adept do not take up a cap spot and all lycans under Moderate level are not capped. This would mean that hence forth, all gifted lycans must be under the level of Moderate control OR their gift must be under the level of Adept for Active Powers and under Weak level for Passive Powers. Characters are encouraged develop through roleplay and they will not take up additional caps.

Panweres and Caps

When submitting a panwere character, please check the caps for every beast type of the panwere. The character must fall in the caps for all of the beasts making them up.

Submitted Panweres must ensure they are not taking up more than one cap in the room. The character may be submitted with one beast at Strong Moderate or higher and any additional beasts must be submitted at the Moderate level or below. The character is encouraged to grow through roleplay without taking up any additional caps.


Character pregnancies and births are not accepted within Cruentus Justia: Dark Origins. 

We realize that this rule may be limiting to some play, but as room controllers we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of such storylines and we are not willing to bear witness to the stress and tension that these storylines can bring to players, the room atmosphere and by consequence, the position that it puts us in once the problem escalates.