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LKH Basics
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In the world of LKH, vampires are not a secret. There is no version of the Masquerade like there is in some White Wolf settings. Not only do people know about vampires, but vampires have legal rights as people in the United States. They can publicly own businesses, and many do (vampire tourism is very big in some parts of the country). There are only a few types of vampires - that is, there are a handful of bloodlines, each of which gives the vampires a different set of powers.

Lycans (that is to say, werewolves, wererats, werehyenas, wereleopards, weretigers, and several others) are also known to the public, but they don't enjoy the same status as vampires. In this universe, lycanthropy is essentially a blood-borne disease and it's very misunderstood by the public. People who "out" themselves as lycans tend to lose their jobs, lose custody of their children, etc. As a result, the vast majority of lycans hide what they are.

Preternatural creatures (vampires and lycans both) organize into rigid pack/clan structures. Within a city there is a single, universally-recognized leader of every preternatural group. The lead vampire in a city is called the Master of the City. The lead werewolf in a city is called the Ulfric, etc. When a lycan or vampire enters a new city, their first course of action is to find the leader of their group and petition for safe passage (if they're only visiting) or for membership into the pack, clan, kiss, etc. (A "kiss" is the name for a group of vampires. They don't organize by bloodline. All vampires within a city belong to the same kiss under the same MotC, regardless of their lineage.) Membership in your group means you have protection of your clan mates, but you are also obligated to obey the rules of conduct as laid down by your leader. If you don't contact the leader upon entering a city, you can be declared "rogue" and a hunt can be issued for you. This is bad.

Pack/clan hierarchy is very important and there can be serious repercussions by not showing proper respect to those higher on the chain than you. Advancement is done via training and sparring. Preternatural creatures generally have an aura or energy around them that sensitive humans can pick up. The weaker you are, the more of this energy leaks out. The stronger you become the more control you attain and the better you could pass for a "normal" human. Strong emotions can strain control, and weaker lycanthropes are known to lose control completely in high-stress situations (which includes sex) and shift into their animal form.

In addition to vampires and lycans, the world of LKH includes and gifted ("magical") humans. You could see witches, necromancers, pyromancers, telekinetics, and the like. For the most part, all these too are known to the public in some degree or another. Necromancers (and their weaker counterparts, animators) are sometimes contracted to raise zombies to settle disputes over wills, inheritance, and the like. This is perfectly legal.

That's it for the basic overview. For a more in-depth look at the Anitaverse, check out the links below: