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Erin Goddrich - Strong Moderate Lion
« on: March 17, 2010, 12:40:17 AM »
OOC Name: Cookie
Character Model: Rachel McAdams
Ghost Tag: .·x løvë øƒ a wøman x·.


Name (including Aliases): Erin Forster
Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1983
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Dark mostly, unless she dyes it blonde.
Height: 5'6"
Ethnic Background: white
Dominant Hand: Left
Other features: Infection scar on her back


Marital Status: In a relationship
Known Relatives: Brother in NYC
Beast Mate: -
Religion: N/A
Nationality: American
Previous Residency: San Diego
Occupation: Docter
Group Associations: Para Bellum Pride


Spoken Languages: English, some French
Talents: Medical Degree
Properties: Black BMW, Dalmatian, Nick
Vulnerabilities: Silver, Sappy movies

-]Lycan Details[-

Species: Lion
Level: Strong Moderate

-]Known Powers[-
* All given New Moon powers
* All given Omega powers
* All Moderate powers
- [Feline Leap]
* All given Strong Moderate powers
- [Hybrid]


In the biography we would like to see these points developped about the character where applicable.

August 1st, Erin was born to proud parents. She was followed a year later but a brother and the 4 of them were the perfect family. Her father was a Dr and her mother a teacher she had great role models as she grew up.. and of course she always talked about being a Dr like her dad.. and she did just that. She remembered the day she got accepted into college. She was 18 and on top of the world. Nothing could touch her. That was the way she went about life and it worked for her.. Her first 4 years of college were a breeze. She was actually at her celebration for graduation the night she was infected. Her body wasn't found til the next day and she was rushed to the hospital. Had it not been for the infection she would have died so it was hard to actually hate what she was going to becoming.

The pride in NYC helped her train so a couple months later when Spring came she was able to start the next 4 years of school. She was on her way to becoming an Emergency Room Dr, and not even something like this would stop her. Her first night around blood wasn't easy but with practice and guidance  she and her beast grew stronger and the control she had over it. It was a couple years though and thankfully she had that time.. By the time she graduated from Medical school and earned her degree for Emergency medicine she was confident she could handle it and with the help of her Rex she had a few test runs and passed with flying colors.. She wasn't as Strong as an Alpha because she couldn't quite keep someone else from shifting which she had tried to do and had failed.. but she could handle herself. She stayed in NYC another year before she moved out to the West Coast. A few job offers were just too good to be true and she'd always wanted to live in California  so she had to pick between San Diego and LA.. and SD won out..

This was 3 years ago and since than she had quietly lived her life.. She was part of the pride back when Brad was the leader so when the new Rex took over she went along with it. That was also where she met Charles. He was a cop, more specifically he was part of the RPIT group of the police force that dealt with special crimes. They hit it off well, partly because they were both lions but mostly because she didn't question him. Erin wasn't a submissive but she knew her place and unless provoked. She wasn't weak either but strong enough to do her job. Which she loves almost more than anything else. She was shot on the job one night though and it drew too much attention to herself, one of the other doctors found out about what she was so she was forced to take a long vacation. She hated it but she couldn't risk being found out by anyone else. Charles had made sure that the Dr who knew said nothing.

A month or so went by and she was called one night by someone who wanted her services as a private physician and it seemed like a good idea. She took Charles with her to the meeting and it really didn't seem like a bad gig at all but it was found out later that they wanted her to work for vampires? She'd never dealt with them much but Charles seemed to think it might be a good chance to get away from the area just so she wouldn't be found out so she moved to DC.
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Re: Erin Forster - Strong Moderate Lion
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by Alibi

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Re: Erin Forster - Strong Moderate Lion
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