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Charles Goddrich - Strong Alpha Lion
« on: March 16, 2010, 11:20:59 AM »
OOC Name: t-bird
Character Model: Eric Bana
Ghost Tag: savanah roar


Name (including Aliases): Charles Goddrich
Date of Birth: June 16th, 1978
Eye color: honey
Hair color: dark
Height: 6'0
Ethnic Background: caucasian
Dominant Hand: right
Other features: mass of scars no his thighs and hips


Marital Status: he's got a girl
Known Relatives: mother, father, brother, sister, two nieces, one nephew
Beast Mate: -
Religion: none
Nationality: Canadian-South African orriginally, now American
Previous Residency: San Diego
Occupation: RPIT Detective
Group Associations: Bradford Montgomery, Metropolitan Police Department - RPIT(MPDC)


Spoken Languages: English, French, Afrikan
Talents: sharp shooting
Properties: condo, Dodge Challenger V8
Vulnerabilities: lycan vulnerabilities

-]Lycan Details[-

Species: Lion
Level: Strong Alpha

-]Known Powers[-

New Moon: [Feverish Heat]
Omega: [Shifting] [Beast Energy] [Heightened Senses I] [Heightened Stamina] [Mark Recognition]
Moderate: *[Heightened Senses II] *[Memory] [Empathy][Fast Healing] [Beast Comfort] [Slow the Change]
Strong Moderate: *[Consciousness] [Hybrid] [Feline Leap - Cat]
Alpha: *[Heightened Senses III] [Aura Attack] [No Coma] [Commandment] [Inspiration] [Aura Shielding] [Hunter's Prowess - Cat]
Strong Alpha: [Force Shift] [Partial Shift]


Charles was the son of a federal worker who was in the embassies across the world.  James found his wife in South Africa and as such settled and moved through the ranks in the Canadian High Commission. He dealt with awful things according to Charles and his siblings – he coordinated the return and release of deceased Canadian citizens back to their home for burial.  It was gruesome.  He moved back to Canada when he was 17 with his mother – they needed to settle things for Dad’s retirement home, after two years of Cadets in South Africa, he joined the Canadian Cadets, then when he was 18 he joined the Infantry division.  It didn’t take long to figure he didn’t want to be a lackey so he strove to get into the Military Police.

It went well, he was out of the Academy and cruising through Petawawa, then he was transferred back to Kingston and it ended rather quickly when he had to return to Africa.  His father was in Nairobi when the US embassy was attacked and after months of recuperation, he passed from septic shock due to surgery complications.  It was not good.  His mother paid for a two-week safari for him and his siblings, get their minds off of it, get back into the wild. Grieve.  There wasn’t much grieving done; the entire party was attacked by the biggest lion he’d ever seen, it was blood thirsty and was warded off by a pride of lionesses.  Not soon enough.  Their guide was dead, his son was mauled as was Charles but fortunately his brother and sisters were safe… bruised and battered, but nothing severe.  Charles wound up in the same hospital his father died in until he was approached by a middle-aged man who checked him out without much more ado than a fifty note.  

He was a lion.  That’s great.  He didn’t want to be a lion in Africa thank you very much.  So the Rex made calls, it turns out there was a Pride in British Columbia… so home he went.  He called his girlfriend, she worked for IBM, running around like crazy all the time, she was horrified that he was hurt and came with him.  He told her on the plane that he was going to be a lycan.  Not the best idea.  He proposed to her at the same time.  She said yes.  Go figure.  

They were married in 1999, before the turn of the century which was what she wanted.  It was good that she got her wish because while he was struggling to get control of his beast, she was getting more and more frail. By February 2000 he was living at home again, they were confident that spats and blood and sex weren’t going to equal a mauled Judy so he had a sponsor for a month and then they were alone.  He started smelling it at first, she denied it, until he dragged her to the hospital – it’s when they diagnosed the love of his life with Ovarian Cancer.  NOVA became his best friend, and when treatment in Canada took too long, he took a leave from work to move to the States with Judy.  She always wanted to live on a winery, so he bought some land, with a small patch of grapes, they lived the life while she still could, when there was no chimo.  He put his focus on lycan life on the back burner: don’t p¡§§ people, won’t get killed, still there for Judy. Good plan.  Not so great return.

After Judy died in 2002, he went back home… well, where he ‘lived’ in BC. Work was more than accepting.  The new Rex was a hard a§§ and started riding Charles for leaving his family when he was needed… At the time, Charles wasn’t a –lycan-  he was diseased, in his opinion, bound to the same fate as his wife that it would eat him from the inside out.  The Pride didn’t like his infectious attitude and started taking measure to correct it – and it was either take it or resist it.  Goddrich’s don’t just take things.   It made for a hell of a year, there was no help, no guidance, sink or swim kind of thing.  He quickly started showing the lower alphas that it wasn’t just hammer time, that there was going to be blood flying.  By the time he was worth the interest of the leading Alphas, they didn’t want to beat him, they wanted to keep him, bring him into the Pride, give him responsibility.

So he did, up until 6 months ago, when he was reported to the Military Police as being a lycan.  That was a pretty big no no in Canada… his superiors did not sign him over to a bounty hunter like the snitch hoped… instead they made arrangements for a transfer… away.  He still had land in America… he could work out the kinks for citizenship based on his late wife and all the holdings they had… so he wrote the SDPD Captain directly some months ago, then the Rex… six months ago he was in San Diego, remembering his wife fondly and enjoying the warmth.

His fond memories of his wife did not fade as a new flare came into his life... Erin was lively, lithe, young, smart, a dcotor and she was devoted.   Her beast reminded him every time he saw her that she was his, and yes, he would not share her with an other, no matter the circomstances.   She was shot at her jon, ER at the hospital and that had Charles even more on edge, she was going to be found out and there was nothing he could do about it, nor was there a thing his boss could do... so when things started getting tense in San Diego, Erin was given the opportunity to leave, to come work for a 'winery' that was moving to DC... where the hell there was wine there was beyond him, but with more information he found it was vampires... which he was iffy on, but not opposed... when the vampire left, it was a good an excuse as any to get out from under the heat of the microscope that was being directed at his mate.

With his boss' connections Charles was seemlessly transfered to Metropolitan Police Department - their skeletal RPIT division was a joke to place spectators and clean up other group's messes, but he see a change made to that.   He made a call to an old collegue, McCormack.  Good detective, back on his feet(litterally) and with his own reasons to want to stay low with his woman and child in the picture now. Hopefully the New Yorker would be good for settling on the east coast again.

by Alibi

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Re: Charles Goddrich - Strong Alpha Lion
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