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Rules and Conduct
« on: February 05, 2010, 09:25:38 AM »
Room Rules

1) All ImagineChat rules apply.
2) Everyone is welcome in D.C. However, we understand that not everyone finds the same things fun in RP. If there's a disagreement involving a certain scene or storyline, we expect people to act like the adults they are and come to a reasonable compromise.
3) Roleplay in D.C. isn't about "winning" or being the strongest, it's about putting together a good story and having fun. We're all here to play a game. Don't forget that.
4) Bad things can happen to your character here. The world of LKH is not a nice place. However, we won't ask people to play out something they find intolerable or that is forced on them arbitrarily. Note: This does not excuse your character from the consequences of their actions, such as shifting in public, challenging a stronger character, openly defying a leader's stance and so on.
5) Open sex is not forbidden, but we encourage you to use fade to black or take it to PM whenever feasible. When it is not, please do use the Explicit Content drop down as a courtesy to other players and observers.
6) In this room, the entire US Congress and the President are fictionalized versions of the real thing. Do not make reference to any actual members of Congress or the President. Any storylines involving high-level government officials (whether they be Congress, FBI, etc.) need to be run past the RCs first.
7) If you play an Alpha or a Master, it is expected that you will be in the room as frequently as possible and that you will make every effort for interactive play. This means you can't strictly solo, or do sex scenes. We expect higher-ups to be involved in facilitating roleplay, especially group leaders.
8) Observers are welcome when identified by a name.  Anonymous viewers are not welcome in D.C.
9) Maximum AV size - 500 x 800 (portrait or landscape).

Standards and Conduct
1) About Character Sheets
2) Character Caps
3) Other Roleplay-related Info

Please Note: Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. We will let you know if we ever add any new guidelines or change how we do something. You are not required to sign off anywhere. We're all adults here; you're either going to do it or you're not, regardless of whether you sign your name on a thread.

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Re: Rules and Conduct
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2010, 05:27:50 PM »

We have added the following information about character sheets and approvals.

Although you are more than welcome to play the character without a sheet or without final approval, you may not use anything beyond given powers until the sheet is up and approved. This avoids any situations where a power might be used that ends up not being part of the character once the approval has gone through.

This had been an unspoken rule anyway and no one has been abusing it..we just realized it had never been formally stated anywhere.