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Meggie Donavon - Moderate Raven [Cursed] | Strong Medium
« on: September 10, 2010, 03:38:16 PM »
OOC Name: dwk
Character Model: Emily Browning
Ghost Tag:Once upon a December


Name (including Aliases):Ida Karlov aka Meggie Donovan
Date of Birth:
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown
Height: 5'5
Ethnic Background: dunno
Dominant Hand: ambi
Other features: sometimes she has wings.


Marital Status: single
Known Relatives:
Religion: was raised  Catholic. is now eclectic
Previous Residency: Russia, Japan, China, France
Occupation: student/searching
Group Associations: Cerise


Spoken Languages:Russian, English, Japanese, Mandarin and French
Talents: she's a bird. she flies.
Properties: not much...clothes... a hammock for sleeping
Vulnerabilities: shiney things...and her inability to remember her past makes her sometimes do things she shouldn't do. She has lapses sometimes into her past as she struggles to remember but once she's out of it she can't remember anything.. black outs if you will

-]Gift Details[-

Type of Gift: Medium and Trans-Medium Chanel

Mediumship is the claimed ability of a person (the medium) to experience what they or others believe is contact with spirits of the dead, angels, demons or other immaterial entities. The role of the medium is supposedly to facilitate communication with spirits who have messages to share with non-mediums. Mediums claim to be able to listen to and relate conversations with spirit voices, to go into a trance and speak without knowledge of what is being said, to allow a spirit to control their body and speak through it, and to relay messages from the spirits to those who wish to contact them with the help of a physical tool, such as a writing instrument.

Trans-Medium Channel: a consciousness enters into the human being and communicates to that person not a crowd or audience.  The person channeling is conscious and listening to the being speaking in their head.

Level: Strong

-]Known Powers[-


*[Shift the Skin]
*[Speed and Strength]

[Crow/Raven] *[Caw]
[Crow/Raven] *[Jewelers Eye]:


[Easier Shifting]
[Aura Presence]
[Resist Rolling]

-]Servant Details[-

Master: Haydon - Deceased
Line: Belle Morte
Year of Mark : 1560
Age at Mark: 18
Abilities: [the standard ones through the marks]
Garnered Abilities: [telepathy 2] [Energy Knock - Mod]

[Immunity]: Humans are no longer vulnerable to disease and poison. [as of the second mark]

[Increased Metaphysical Strength] A human can harness more metaphysical power through the Marks to their master (for example, a strong moderate could have the clout of a weak master) - this is strengthened with physical touch [increases with every mark]

[Power Immunity]: As a servant they are immune to their master's vampire tricks once the fourth mark is completed. They do not appear as fast as they did before the marks, they cannot roll their servant without the servant knowing [as of the fourth mark]

[Shared Life Force] This is strengthened with every mark granted, the human will live as long as their master will, when their master is severly weakened, the human is also weakened and must contribute to strengthening each other. [increases with every mark, eternal life as of fourth mark]

[Telepathy] This a power granted once the third mark is completed - the servant can speak at will with thier Master when their marks are not shut. [as of third mark]

[Vampire Influence] Over the years, the human will discover that they have new powers or their powers have been adapted to suit their Master's line.  Pick one or two powers that the character will discover (or pick them later) but note the character will be able to harness different types of power.  For newly submitted characters that have been bound to one an other for more than 60 years, two powers may be selected.  For marks given through Roleplay, select one for the time being and develop the other through play over the following months. [as of fourth mark, influences in personality develop before; including vampire food cravings: shared taste]
          For example, if the character is marked by a Belle Morte, the human may notice that people idolize them, or desire them more... if the character is  marked by a Morte d'Amour and they have offensive magic, the character may notice that their magic tarnishes or corrupts the surface of what it touches.


It all starts at a beginning. Sometimes that beginning is better than others, sometimes its all fanfare and music, trumpets and drums, lace and diamonds...and sometimes its just plain dull. That is this sort of story. She started out life normal. Middle child, parents barely middle class (or the equivalent of that time period) struggling to make ends meet, they were all too thrilled to 'sell' their daughter out as a companion to the Manor owners son, not batting an eyelash that she was only invited over at night. At the time period that was acceptable, manors and buying time...and at that time too other things were acceptable like ever living children. This of course got her more attention then anyone needed. The first time she became a Pomme, it was unwilling and it triggered her gifts(Medium). The boy vampire wanted her, and attacked her, took her and fed from her. People thought she was crazy, that she was acting out because she wanted more than the station she currently had. Only one person saw this for what it was and decided to train her. He was the father(sire) of the little boy her parents got paid for, the boy she played with. He wanted her for his child, that sort of gift rare, and he used his contacts to find her the training she needed. He could have used someone older, but then he couldn't mold them into the image he wanted, couldn't raise them in such a manner that he saw fitting. It took many years, but when it finally appeared that she had all the skill she was going to have, he killed the trainer and marked her that night.

She didn't know what was going on, didn't know she HAD been marked. It wasn't until the final mark that it sank in. It wasn't that she was a dull witted girl, he kept her in a fogged stupor most of the time, but once she realized what happened, felt that connection it was far too late. She was upset, furious, and it was only the threats to her family that kept her in line. She hadn't yet realized that she would live forever, with him, and her family would be long dead. It took her 5 years to realize that she wasn't really aging, and when her parents died, it sort of hit home. She was stuck with this boy. She didn't think about killing herself, and thereby him, she didn't think that it would work. She knew that he was stronger, faster, more resilient amoung other things, what she didn't know was HOW to kill him. And for all his monstrous ways now...he was still, to her a child in appearance and in the way he acted. She couldn't kill him. With her being his servant he was now stronger than he had been before, which was good and bad. He was still spoilt and try as she could, she could not get him to be nicer. With her he traveled to many places, and while she can speak a host of languages, a lot of them are dead, and she is not fluent in all of them. She learned many tricks, slight of hand and otherwise parlour tricks, that in that age was seen as true magic. The father(Sire) of her Master, shall we say, could call ghosts, spirits. He used her abilities to play with mortals, setting himself and her as well up as sooth sayers, exploiting the poor people with their loved ones.

She lost track on how many years this went on for. It was an almost constant thing, the days melding into weeks, weeks into months...and dare we say Months into years. She garnered new abilities, telepathy for one, although she wasn't fond of it, she could use it, and that too was exploited. She also gained the ability to use an Energy knock *which got stronger when she became a shifter* and it got her into trouble on more than one occasion. Things, while not perfect, were her own, until her Master saw someone else that he desired. She wasn't jealous of this but she could see that this girl, Ana, did not want anything to do with her Master and he was going to force her..just as she herself was forced. She was kept away from Ana after she tried to warn her to leave town, and was locked up for her efforts. With the third mark in place, and preparations for the fourth, she was released, thinking she could do no harm. She went out that night and found herself a witch, although it was hard. Her Master had to wait until after the full moon to mark his new servant, some superstitious nonsense that he believed in so she had at least three days to end this. She promised the witch money, promised her anything she wanted if only she would help her kill him. Since the marks were finalized on Ana she would have a greater chance at living. Ida didn't care if she lived or died, just so long as that monster, her Master wasn't going to force someone else into living forever.

The witch agreed, since he had wronged her at one point and had taken her only daughter as a pomme and killed her. The witch told her how to kill him, saying she'd send help to her, and Ida paid her handsomely, she had a hell of a lot of money at this point and then she went home, repeating to herself over and over what she had to do before shoving it down into the recesses of her mind so it couldn't be brought up. Thankfully he was too excited on actually making a Trim..he was too spoilt to realize would be his death once the MoTC found out, too excited pay much attention to his surroundings. Did it surprise her to find out that someone else was plotting his demise? No.. it was the only pleasant thing she had before her death after so many years, even if she can't remember it now, it was a puzzle to be sure. Ana was actually an agent of the MoTC... who, upon hearing the actions of the boy Master was dispatching someone to deal with Haydon. Long story short, many people died that night but for some reason, perhaps because she herself did not deliver the killing blow, she survived. Cursed into a raven, what some see as the harbinger of death, she's been cursed to live until her deed is done. Maybe she has to find some of his mortal family and kill them? As a repayment for the witch? Perhaps find the witches family and redeem herself? she doesn't know because she can't remember anything of her past.

She traveled for a while, a lot of the time spent as a Raven until she met Cerise. She felt at home with Cerise in a way she couldn't recognize, couldn't put into words. She has been with Cerise for about a decade now, and is still no closer to finding out about her past then she was before. All she knows is there's a huge gap in her life, things she can't explain...and she isn't sure she wants too.

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Re: Meggie Donavon. Raven shifter Moderate Medium/trans chanelling
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done! finally!

i love you like Snape loved Lily

When the whole world becomes our enemy...I'll protect you

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Re: Meggie Donavon - Moderate Raven [Cursed] | Strong Medium
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Re: Meggie Donavon - Moderate Raven [Cursed] | Strong Medium
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