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FYI Scripts / Sage and Revelations (Cinna/Veronika)
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Scripted mm.dd.yy

Played Characters
Cinna -Master Water Witch- Veronika's Unknowing Human Servant

Non-Played Characters

Cinna meets up with Veronika for a revelation after weeks of working with her...issues

: In the last few months Veronika had made strides when she was with Cinna. She had gained an awareness that she did not know she lost upon Aleric's death: it was small strides in the big picture, but these small steps had so far, prevented a catastrophe from spilling over into the city. Would anyone know who to thank? Perhaps Geoffrey and Lina, but it was unlikely that Cinna would ever get the proper thanks he deserved for his actions. Veronika was waiting for him in the garden near the lake that they often worked with. She was dressed in a long leather jacket with a bright orange gown layer beneath, leather gloves covering her from finger to elbow and a complimentary hair piece in her hair keeping her dark locks out of her face. She turned to him upon his approach, a slight up tick of her lips at the sound of his footfalls on the grass, "Good evening Cinna." She called to him as she reached out for the crystals set in a circle on the small round wrought iron table before her.

Cinna Wylde-Stannos
says to ]|ANGER|[.]|MANAGEMENT|[: [Well there was more to thank at this point than Cinna. And hopefully Veronika wouldn't murder Lina when she found out that came out! But thats another story. So here he was, wearing nice sturdy boots, nice blue jeans, nothing shabby or torn or heck that even looked -worn-. He was trying to be slightly less formal as you requested. But it was obvious that the jeans were new. He wore a nice shirt however, a nice oxford in tones of water and just a hint of eart. he had a small knapsack in which he too carried crystals. Since it was his job to provide them. Also his notepad, pencil, and a few bottles of water. It could be thirsty work! Plus, water witch. You never knew.] "Good evening, Veronika" [there was a very faint pause, as if he wanted to put something before your name, but you had asked not to. It would be an internal battle, but he'd do it. He had many a conversation about it with his best friend...after she laughed herself sick over it.] "I trust the evening finds you well?"

: Veonika nodded in answer to his question, her gaze distance but her attention focused on him yet. Her fingers plucked the amethyst from the table and turned it over in her covered hands... the color of the pale stone matched her eyes before power lit them afire. "It is a fine evening." She admitted with a startled pause. This awareness of late had her reflecting on more than how she interacted with the world as a formidable player, but in existence. What about tonight was so much more wonderful than any other night? She cast her gaze towards him and motioned to the chair at her side with her fingers, taking in his dressed down clothing with a note of approval despite her aversion to denim. Geoffrey took that fashion niche and ran with it... was this going to be her lot to be surrounded by modernists? "I feel capable of advertising my position within the city again Cinna."

Cinna Wylde-Stannos
says to ]|ANGER|[.]|MANAGEMENT|[: [well you demanded he be less forma. if you wished for him not to wear denim, he wouldn't, for he didn't much like it either. Unless he was working in the garden. But he didn't think his beat up denim jeans would have been appropriate. He didn't wear khaki, but he could as an alternative to the denim if it made things easier. But they haven't really discussed it! He noted the startled pause, part of him wondering -why- he noticed, and how he noticed. Not that he was an unobservant man, but there were years of distance and chasms of power between them. He shouldn't have been able to gather some things easily. He filed that away to think about it later. He sat, placing the bag half under the chair upon which he sat. At her words, he blinked in silence for a heartbeat. Then he felt as if he should ask, as if he needed to ask. He wasn't sure what she was talking about to be honest] "Advertising your position? I wasn't aware that the position had otherwise been filled?"

: Veronika paused when he spoke and she considered his question... it was more of a matter of why she said it. Her gaze moved beyond him to the empty estate behind them and she pointed with her chin. "I have not lived here since his death. This is the place of my position. This is the place of being Master of the District, which I have left empty for too long." She fell into silence, the sound of his oulse was a distant thrum, she was in tune with him in ways that she missed being in tune with Aleric... these revelations had come over the last few months, but had they come without the discipline she was practicing with him, it would have grown into a much more caustic situation... and now she sat here, content and slightly perplexed at this strange state of being she had come into. "These sessions have permitted me to reflect on how I have neglected my duties Cinna."

Cinna Wylde-Stannos
says to ]|ANGER|[.]|MANAGEMENT|[: [ah. ok that makes sense. Houses held memory. Then his eye twitched. Master of the District. Not Ambassador. He didn't get all OMGAGGGGHHHSCARY. There wasn't a hitch in his breathing, heartbeat.. he just.. tilted his head.] "I see" [he said slowly. Thinking. And now she was talking about dereliction of duty. Which had him wondering if he was going to be used and tossed aside in the manner of some stronger creatures. He didn't peg her as that sort, but she was a creature of anger. He straightened and inclined his head] "Well, while I would not wish to paint anyone in an negative light, I am glad you could find yourself in self reflection. However, if you have not been within the house, has it been wholly vacant? Should we run the place throughout with some white sage? To dispel the energy such as it is?" [it might be purley mental at that point, dispelling the thoughts as to why she had left, but it might also help]

: There was no way that she could miss the twitch of his eye, he was such a passive man, but that was not the point.. she noticed things, as a predator, these skills were ingrained, in her case, they were hyper trained. It was note that there was no additional reaction. She could not recall with precision if he knew that she was the Master in DC, but eith eway, his reaction told her plenty. "There is no light in reflection, only glimpses, aren't there?" She asked more rhetorically than anything else as her eyes were drawn from him back to the house. She did not respond to his question, her face was impassive and neutral as she thought about the vacancy, the energy, the memories of that house... it wasn't theirs for very long before he died. Not like the holdings they occupied in England and across heathen lands. "Yes." She turned a small smile to him and rose to her feet, "I will show you the Estate. If you have the required material, I would appreciate your assistance establishing an equilibrium to the air." She would wait for him to join her and slipped her arm into his to guide him up to back entrance. "This was our estate. Few stayed with us, guests, some members of the court..."

Cinna Wylde-Stannos
says to ]|ANGER|[.]|MANAGEMENT|[: "It would depend upon what you wish to be reflected." [it wasn't an automatic response, it was thoughtful, but it did come out as a quick sort of rejoinder. He stood when she did reaching down to pick up the bag and pull it over his shoulder. He eyed the estate, mentally evaluating the size. He gave a small shake of his head] "I do not have enough to do the whole space. If there's one space you wish done immediately, I could do one, perhaps two rooms, but the size of the estate would require more than I generally carry on me in my kit." [yes the knapsack was new too. He did carry a briefcase before if you recall. He stepped up beside her, and gave her arm an automatic pat as she slipped it through his. It wasn't exactly casual, and it wasn't because she was -old- because she was..ha! No, it was just a 'I know you are here' and 'I am here for you' sort of thing. If you stumbled, he'd be there, if you wanted the extra 'muscle' he'd do that too. Versatile, that was him] "Where do the court stay now, if you do not mind my asking? Knowing a schedule would make it easier to set up a time to be here to cleanse the space"
FYI Scripts / Guess Who's Getting a New Job? [Cedric/Kei]
« Last post by rumor on September 16, 2019, 12:47:24 AM »
[Setting - Various 09/09/2019]

Cedric - Intermediate III Mora (AJ)
Kei Chahine - Strong Dog Shifter (Rumor)

Synopsis: Cedric decides that Kei needs a new job and ensures that she gets one whether she likes it or not.

Cedric - : He was waiting in his trench coat, the darkness pulled around him like a blanket that kept him tucked away from prying eyes. Of course, if someone was really paying attention, like staring into the creepy corner, they'd notice that there was something playing with the light, but most mortals did not have the cognitive capacity for such scrutiny. Especially at the hospital. His lean frame leaned against the wall, dressed in slacks, burgundy leather loafers and a button down shirt left open to mid-chest and his finger tapped the back of his pocket-watch with the silent press if his fingerpad as he waited for Kei to arrive. As soon as he spotted her approaching the entrance he left his perch on the wall to intercept her, his fingers lacing beneath her bicep, "Good evening Kei." He leaned into her, his cool voice chilled on her ear, "Come."

Kei - : Kei was done with her shift. She was heading out at the moment, in fact, needing to get home in case Cedric came to her place. So far he hadnt said anything about her work schedule and she rather hoped that would be the continuing trend. She had to work in order to keep doing things like eating and having a roof over her head. But this was her last day off before a three day cluster of days off so he would be happy to hear that. She was hurrying towards the exit when that scent hit her, the scent that she knew by now was Cedric. The rather sudden touch of a cool hand suddenly touching her would have normally caused her to jump but she knew enough to expect it at this point. A slow chill ran down her spine as that cool voice told her what was expected of her, which was come with him. Naturally. It wasnt in her to do things blindly and while she wanted to ask what he was doing she wasnt going to do that here in public where unnecessary observers could be had. "Good evening Cedric." As she was guided she would go, without hesitation, in the direction that she was being taken. While she would seem suited to the new role she had been given she still hadnt quite resigned herself to her fate. There was still an edge to her that seemed on the verge of bolting at any moment. But what fun was having a pet if you didnt get to train her, right?

Cedric - : Cedric liked the way that Kei responded to him... just this side of angry... and sometimes, frightened. It depended on what his mood was, what exactly he wanted to feel from her, and she rarely disappointed, fortunate for her. He smiled at her as she walked with him towards the Tesla parked in the urgent parking, the parking meter flashing urgently that it had not been fed its dose of coins. He stopped at the passenger door and leaned into her cheek, cool lips signaling that he had yet to feed, and spoke lowly, his mouth grazing the shell of her ear possessively. "Get in. You have an appointment."

Kei - : She would head towards the Tesla, knowing thats where you were taking her. Not that she ever pulled out of your grasp. When you stopped she would stop as well, her head turning ever so slightly as you lean in to speak lowly in her ear. Her head would twist the barest hint to pull your lips off of her ear as another chill rolled down her spine. She could tell that you hadnt fed and while you would think that she would be used to that part of the relationship by now she really wasnt. There was something inside of her that still hated the idea of being prey. Of course all of this could be entirely different if she had chosen to do this rather than being threatened into it, essentially. At least thats what her brain says. She would turn to get into the car rather quickly, giving her at least a small amount of space from you for a moment. It was only when she was in your car, and you were as well, that she would speak openly. "Why do I have an appointment? And where?" She truly had no idea and, to be honest, she wasnt sure she wanted to. But forewarned was forearmed.

Cedric - : His honey gaze watched her enter the car, he liked watching her, he appreciated his shifters, all of them, that is why he sought them out, if he wasn't going to enjoy their company, he would have simply found blood bags... luckily for him, Kei was compliant, and had yet to push many boundaries, which truth be told, was mildly aggravating, but with the summer he has had, he was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. He was not an idiot, contrary to popular belief, he could predict behaviour and reactions, and in most cases, he did so accurately. A strong hand slid down her spine and slid off her back side when she moved into the car... when she moved beneath his hand it reminded him that he had yet to complete his dominion of her. He considered that as he watched her settle into the car, still and motionless like a statue until he had pulled it over sufficiently before joining her. His long legs lowered him into the low vehicle with east and pulled away from the hospital in silence. His hand rested on her knee and as her agitation boiled, he started to pet her leg, "Because I made one for you. Your extra curricular activities are inhibiting my access to you and this displeases me."

Kei - : Once she is more used to the idea of this situation she will push more boundaries, you can bet on that. And, frankly, you not predicting her reactions is what led to this very situation. She still had a touch of a shudder in her flesh as his hand slid down her spine. It would seem almost to be a slight tremor, but not nearly so exaggerated. You petting her leg like she was a mere animal was a touch annoying but she had yet to really snap at you. Can you predict if she will now? When you answered that her extra curricular activities were inhibiting your access to her she would turn to stare you and blink. "What extra curricular activities? I do nothing but eat, sleep, work, and be at your beck and call Cedric. There is no time for extra curricular activities." Clearly we had different meanings of that particular set of words. The words would seem to be edging towards snappy, but they hadnt quite got there yet.

Cedric - : The traffic lights changed from red to green and he accelerated, his hand climbing higher up her thigh as he drove, the way that she turned her body towards him only opened up the area that he could pet as he drove... He still considered her outrage and caution cute. He wasn't threatened by her insolence or her upset, how could he be and consider himself her master? His fingers curled under her knee to trace a firm line up he back of her thigh and down again, as though he could sooth her tension by massing it out of her muscle. "Kei." He spoke with more patience that he typically exhibited. "Anything that you do when I am awake, and is not with me, is extra curricular." He reminded her as he turned to face her, keeping his gaze on hers while he paid attention to the road with his peripheral vision. "I am your curriculum." He pressed, "And I have not appreciated your divided attention, and rather than hold you responsible for misplacing your priorities I am realigning them."

Kei - : Your hand upon her thigh, and its traveling touch, really did nothing to soothe her growing annoyance. You seemed to be exhibiting some patience this evening but, honestly, that was only annoying her more. Perhaps she was hoping that if you got angry with her you would send her on her way as too much trouble. But in the back of her mind the threat to Kande still lingered. When you were speaking and she realized that you considered her work to be the extra curricular activity she would blink at you and stare at you as though you had grown another head on your shoulders. "Work is not extra curricular activity Cedric. If you plan on me not starving to death or dying from exposure work is a necessity. Unless of course you plan on providing those things for me." It was a touch of a challenge, maybe. She fully expected the answer to be no. Although now that she was done talking she realized you had said something about realigning her priorities. "Wait..what do you mean you are realigning my priorities?" She was looking at you sharply at that moment.

Cedric - : It was not much of a stretch to believe that Cedric believed Kei incapable of aligning her behaviour with his needs. Indeed, in the past, he had used brutal methods to enforece his way of things, but there was a deep satisfaction that came with every bristle of aggravation and annoyance that she experienced. Sophia might accuse him of being a Dragon for this (like she accused him of being more suited as a Belle...), but no Cedric found perverse satisfaction in bucking the line his sire laid out for him, and he found pleasure in the perverse. "Kei... I understand that you do not share the same view as I do. I do not expect you to look at things from where I do." The car slowed as he came to a red light without removing his eyes from hers, "Don't you worry your pretty little head about it." He smiled, the tips of his fangs peeking at her, "Would you accept that I paid for your room and board like one would pay a harlot Kei?" He asked without judgement in his tone, but there was a knowledge in his gaze, he knew well enough that she would not accept such act of ownership... and for now, he had no need to break her will, nor her desires. Their needs were not necessarily at odds with each other. "I have an appointment for you, and we will set to rest the problems that your schedule is causing for me." He patted the inside of her thigh with his long fingers before he turned back to the road and smoothed slow circles around her thigh, inching higher up her leg.

Kei - : It wouldnt matter if Cedric thought she was incapable of her aligning her behavior with his needs. The fact was that even if it were possible it wasnt going to happen until she came to finally accept the way things were. Then again if you liked that she got aggravated and annoyed that could be arranged. That also might explain why you kept chasing Sophia when she kept you dangling like she does. When you said that you understood that she didnt share the same view as you did. There was no way that she could see things from where you do. She is still a living breathing being. Still her irritation was obvious. When you told her not to worry her pretty little head about it she would actually physically growl at that. It was a low rumbling sound that settled in her throat steadily for a moment. As you asked if she would accept the room and board like she were a harlot she would finally snap. "Of course not, Cedric. People dont often pay for their food to live in luxury until they are tired of snacking on it." She would push at your hand that was on her thigh at that point, her ankles crossing to give you a bit less real estate to stroke. Her eyes were daggers as they looked your way when you said that you had an appointment for her. She had no idea what you had planned but she didnt like it.

Cedric - : The vampire didn't need to voice that he thought that Kei was incapable to thinking pragmatically, nor that he thought that she was too young and simple to thinking of life from his point of view, generally speaking, to think like a vampire, one had to be one. Though if he knew what she was thinking he would applaud her caution in criticizing him...he was ever the chase of women, his sire had damaged him significantly in that matter, and one coped as best as one could. His hand stayed on her thigh when they closed around him, and he kept his fingers still on the rest of the silent drive. He counted her pulse in the silence, it was something of a tell for her, when she thought about something that left her uncertain, her heart flutterred, she perfumed the air with angst and aggravation. It was a sweet elixir that made him want to spill her blood all the more. He considered leaning over her, here in the car, laying her out flat for him to feed upon before her appointment, and such a prospect had considerable advantages... but instead, when he stopped her removed his hand from her and exited, "Come." His voice brokered no room for delays or argument when he exited the vehicle and headed towards a large old building that that was guarded by a single man at the main entrance who buzzed them in. "Hurry along Kei. Punctuality is important."

Kei - : When your hand stilled as her thighs snapped shut she would decide to let it go at that. She rode the rest of the way to wherever the hell we were going to in silence, her arms crossed over her chest as she stared out the passenger side window in moody contemplation. She had no idea where we were going, or what you had planned, and that was enough to cause some angst to perfume the air for you. She wouldnt actually turn her head until you pulled to a stop and turned the car off. As your hand left her thigh she would look over at you, glaring as you told her to come. She noticed that you hadnt said anything about her being food that you would eventually get tired of snacking on. It was perhaps a glimmer of hope. She would get out of the car nonetheless since she didnt really plan on causing a scene regardless of where we were. She would cut her gaze to you as you said that punctuality was important, another low and almost inaudible growl rumbling in her throat softly. She had no idea where the hell we were. Her hair was a mess, still up from working her shift, and she was still in her scrubs which had spots of blood and other things on them. She was not presentable for whatever the hell you were making her do now.

Cedric - : Cedric had planned on waiting for her to join him at the dark entrance to the building, and up until now, he mood had been pleasant, if not irritating and overbearing, but now that she had exited the car, she was in public, and she was in view of others that he had to make impressions on, regardless of whether or not she knew she was being observed, she was... and her behaviour was not acceptable. Had he been too forgiving? Too accepting? Was he overreacting? It is not like he had brough her near the court before. It didn't matter. The growl trickled over her lips and suddenly he was rushing her, pinning her back to the ground with one hand burried in her hair at the nape of her neck, the steel strength of his arms and legs over her limbs imovable objects that betrayed every once of his eerie undead lineage. Trickles of his aura spilled around him, and his eyes caught hers, a sneer of distaste curling his words, "You. Do. Not. Misbehave." He warned her, his words clipped. "You do not growl. You do not run. You do not fµ¢k¡ng look anyone in the eye but me, do I make myself perfectly... clear?" He asked, his weight resting in her body, not moving until she acquiesced and slowly he rose, one hand on her arm to bring her to her feet. "Do not embarass me Kei Chahine." He whispered lowly, for her ears alone as he headed back to the entrance with her on his heels, ignoring the guard who was scanning the road, he had no concerns with the vampire or his pet.

Kei - : She really didnt think anything of her low growl. No one but you would have heard far as she knew. She had no idea where we were so she wasnt thinking of anyone else possibly hearing that growl. She wasnt paying that close of attention really so when you rushed her and pinned her to the ground she was taken entirely by surprise. The fact that she was surprised, and very suddenly scared, was probably a good thing since that meant that she was going to freeze and not fight back. (Even if that wasnt a very likely case.) She didnt even try to push against you as you held her there, although the hand buried at the nape of her neck would pull her head back slightly as she was forced to look into your eyes. Fear did trickle out of her, her scent beginning to be entirely soaked with that primal fear that was taking its hold in her. You might think that perhaps she hadnt truly known the full depth of the relationship in your eyes but she was starting to see it now. You hadnt been joking when you said she was a pet. She would give a little wince with every clipped word. As you asked if you made yourself clear she would nod, blinking back tears with the definite hint of saline in the air. As you helped her up she would do nothing more than move along with you, just behind and slightly to the side. The guard may not have concerns with the vampire or his pet but as her gaze was on your heels she had no clue. She was silent, tense, but obedient at the moment.

Cedric - : And there he went, breaking an other pet... he hoped she would bounce back. Her angsty emotional flutteres were something that he cherished in an weird irritating way, but right now, there was more going on than just the two of them. He did not glance back at her once he had her obedience, he expected her to follow him, and yet he wondered.... would she be a weak little broken toy now? He would not allow it so. He wanted his dog companion, not a shell of a pup. His thoughts were preoccupied with Kei's sulky compliance until he arrived at an office and let himself in with her, smiling over at the woman across the desk who was clearly waiting for them, "Temperance! Well met this evening dearest one," he bowed slightly, "I have come to introduce Kei Chahine, the medical professional that I was speaking with you about. She needs employment that will not interfere with her evening obligations." It was clear that the grey eyes vampire across from them knew about the arrangements and the needs before now, which was something she did not appreciate rehashing with the shifter before them, and her gaze swung from the girl to Cedric, a look of disapproval at his methods in her eyes before she came around the desk. She was a short woman, no taller than 5 feet, and had long dark locks framing a pale, grey eyed face, "Kei Chahine." She said, crossing her arms before the girl, "Are you trained in emergency response, or a personal support worker? Cedric was not well versed in your capabilities."

Kei - : Oh you hadnt broken her. She was going to bounce back as soon as we were in the privacy of your car again. She just knew when to pick her battles and not embarrassing you in public wasnt a battle she was willing to fight. She would follow as expected, however, even in her sulky compliance. As you let yourself into an office she would follow, leaving the door open since she wasnt going to be looking up at the moment. She would remain silent and entirely neutral in the moment. There was nothing rolling off of her in this moment. No anger, no angst, no fear. She was as much of a void as she could be and still be alive. The very edge of her lip would curve slightly as you said that she needed employment that wouldnt interfere with being your pet. There was no need to rehash anything really. Everyone in the room seemed to know what the deal was and she wasnt entirely keen to talk about it with anyone. Kei's eyes never lifted above the level of someone knees. As the other woman came around the desk to stand in front of her Kei would train her eyes on the womans clothing, her hands moving to flatten against her thigh as she answered the questions. "I have actually trained in both. I currently work in the emergency room at George Washington University hospital but I cut my teeth in South Africa in the small clinic of a village outside of Cape Town after my residency. And then I traveled with Doctors Without Borders for several years." They did things a little different in South Africa. After nursing school nurses had residency and then a years worth of community service in their profession. It should be noteworthy that despite her apparent subservience there was nothing unsure in her voice.

Cedric - : It was good that Kei was compentant, Cedric hadn't really considered that she may be unreliable, or not very good at her job, because in the end, she would have been employed here regardless, and he would have accepted the burden of having a less than useful pomme. So when she spoke of her experience, so many things in so few years, he nodded along, if Temperance glanced at him, she would get the impression that he knew all along that she would be a shoe in for this place. Temperence crossed her legs at the ankle where she stood and rested her index on her lower lip, watching the woman without speculation. "Look at me. Introduce yourself." She told her, ignoring the glower that Cedric was giving her... Temperance was no more in stature than Cedric in the Kiss... but she was Veronika's assistant once upon a time, that did give some weight to her position in court... and she wasn't going to bring liabilities into this place. It had been established as just in case facility... but in the last decade, it had become a steadfast cornerstone of their security in the city.

Kei - : Kei hesitated when she was told to look up at the woman and introduce herself. Cedric had very specifically told her to look at no one but him but, lets face it, Kei wasnt exactly the shrinking violet type and the fact that she was being subservient was more about not wanting to cause a scene in public than anything else. After that moment, however, she would lift her head, glancing to Cedric for a moment with a flash of anger in her eyes (proof positive that he hadnt broken his toy) before she would turn to look at the woman addressing her. "My name is Kei Chahine. I am a wild african dog shifter born in South Africa and raised in the cry my entire life. I moved to DC a few years ago with my twin sister. I got my nursing degree in South Africa and decided to devote some time to charity before I started my career in earnest." She wasnt entirely sure what the woman wanted to know but that was a brief overview of who she was at the very least.

Cedric - : Upon lifting her gaze to see the vampire, Key would see a short, dark haired, pale skinned vampire with startling crystal clear grey eyes. There was no tell to indicate her aggravation when Kei looked at Cedric before she looked at her. Suddenly Temperance rushed at Kei, hearing every word she said, pleased with her backgrounds, but less than pleased with Cedric now. She loomed close to her without stopping, a faint glow to her grey eyes she kept her eyes locked on Kei... the aura emanating from the vampire was not targetted, but it certainly was no longer subdued.. it was caustic, and angsty, it would make Kei want to step back and also step in, like maybe touch would settle the ripples of uneasiness... "Tell me, what did Cedric tell you about this place? Why do you look at him when I am addressing you Kei Chahine?"

Kei - : Seeing the dark haired vampire rushing at her Kei would take an instinctive step backwards. Even though Kei spent a good deal of time with a vampire at this point she still didnt like the idea that she felt like prey when she was around them. And that vaguely serpentine smell still made her want to withdraw although she had learned how to hide that at least. While the aura that was emanating from this new vampire was full of uneasiness and angst Kei would respond by doubling down her reserve and making sure that she knew the way out of here if it became necessary. "Cedric didn't tell me anything about this place. Simply that I had an appointment here." She would pause a moment as she tried to figure out how to say the reason that she looked at Cedric when the dark haired vampire was speaking to her. She figured the truth was probably the easiest course here, not that she was one to give false answers to begin with. "Cedric told me to look at no one in the eye but him before we came in." She wasnt going to bother explaining that she had growled at him and wound up on the ground for it before all of that happened.

Cedric - : Cedric watched with narrowed eyes at Temperance approached Kei and he didn't need to hear Kei's answer to know that it was perfectly fine. He did not breach any rules, or anything of the sort, and right now, Temperance was out of line. He clicked his lips along his teeth when Temp flicked her gaze back at him, and his honey'd eyes glowed faintly, "Don't you go getting your panties in a twist Temperance, I brought here here for a job, not to be on the menu for any pansy a§§ fledgling needing a fix. " Temperance's attention went to Cedric the moment she felt the flutter of his power fill the air, and her crystaline eyes shone back at him with the same faint glow, "But you brought her here Cedric, and she is here withing our court, and your preference is not what presides." She reminded him before she reached for Kei's throat with blinding speed. She didn't hold her so tightly that she couldn't breath, but there was no doubt that Kei was going to go exactly where Temperance's hand guided her. "Now Cedric, darling, why would you ever instruct a court meal to avoid looking at the court? Do you... Do you think that you should be able to keep this little morsel to yourself?" Cedric had gone still, and he watched Temperance move without responding in any way. With a slow dismissive blink, his gaze turned to Kei, gauging her reaction.

Kei - : She would glance at Cedric as he spoke about panties getting in a twist and that she wasnt on the menu for any fledgling needing a fix. Her bright blue eyes would turn back to the other vampire, Temperance, as she spoke about his preference not being what presides. As the hand reached out for her, grabbing her by the throat, Kei would tense up subtly. Temperance was aware that she was a shifter but likely didnt know how quickly she could slip her skin if she needed to do so. And that was a possibility at the moment. When it became apparent that Temperance planned on having a snack she would actually say something, and while her tone was firm there was also respect there since she was here with Cedric and didnt plan on embarassing him. "If I may speak, I have not consented to be a Pomme de Sang for the entire Kiss." Was she aware of the rules regarding those who werent Masters and their pommes? No, because Cedric never told her. However she wasnt just going to become someones snack based on the fact that she was in the room and they wanted to tweak Cedric for whatever reason. And yes she knew what she was because since Cedric had claimed her she had done some research. Might as well use her spare time and be useful.

Cedric - : Cedric may have been focusing on Kei, but when she spoke, he mentally rolled his eyes, because this was not going to have the results the little idiot thought they would. No... he wasn't quite sure if he was referring to Temperance or Kei, but it mattered little. "You heard her Temperance, she doesn't want your fangs, you aren't going to go and force yourself on her, are you?" He asked with a sneer and spread his hands at his side, opening his palms to her. The vampire holding Kei seemed not to give a damn about the shifter's opposition, and she tightened her hand on her throat, "Darling, your preferences were ceded to the vampire's allegiances." Her attention shifted back to Cedric, "Least he rescind them so soon..." The rest of her taunts were cut off by the sudden swelling cold power in the room, [Energy Knock] rapped at Temperance, pushing her back a step and engaging a tighter hold on Kei's throat when she regained her balance, a bring white glow emanating from her eyes as she sent her own wash of power bowling over Cedric. He did not react, he did no step back, even as red lashes swelled on his cheeks.. lashes that should have pooled with blood, but so far, were dry.

Kei - : She heard Cedric as he responded to Temperance after she had spoken, and with the hand tightening around her throat she knew that whatever was happening here she hadnt actually changed anything by speaking. As Temperance turned her words back to Cedric, Kei would feel the cold chill of his power in the room, her throat being held even tighter as Temperance was knocked back. She wasnt quite to the point of struggling to breathe but it would happen pretty soon if she was held any tighter. Her gaze went to Cedric just in time to see those lashes rise to his cheeks. You know how in the movies the ugly duckling girl becomes a swan with two boys fighting over her to see who can take her to prom? This was kind of like that only it involved blood, consent (or lack thereof), and there was absolutely nothing romantic about it. If Cedric lost whatever was happening here she was going to be fed upon. If Temperance lost whatever this was, she would still be fed upon. The main difference would be who in that situation. And frankly if Temperance fed off of her that would erode any trust that Kei and Cedric had built up to this point. She wasnt fighting against the grasp just yet....but she was ready to.

Cedric - : Argh, Temperence... was aggravating. His eyes steeled on her, he watched as her hand tightened on Kei's throat, and that was simply not acceptable. He knew the reason that pommes were shared, and he knew the reason why he would NOT share his. He might not have earned the priviledge to do so, but he would hold his own to keep it so... not against a Master... that might be more akin to suicide, but with a peer? She was out of line, and the split flesh on his cheek was simply not going to be repeated. He pointed a finger at Temperance and crooked it towards him [Telekenetics - Weak] effectively tilting Temperence's chin up before an other wave of his power barreled towards them [Damage Wave - Expert] raced through the room and suddenly, the iron grip on Kei's throat released as the flesh of Temperance's wrists split open to the bone, warm blood pooling to the surface of her flesh in response. He stood there, watching as Temperance took a step back without retaliation and clamped her hand on her wrist.. "Kei come." He told her, expecting her to show her submission to him entirely in this moment. There could be no argument or dissent right now. "And Temperance... Kei will begin working shifts during the day. She will work no more than 4 days a week. She starts in 4 days. Do you understand?" He didn't wait for an answer, he turned down the hall, leading Kei deeper into the medical facility, to a pair of double doors at a suite. Once inside, there was no medical bed, nor evidence of a medical facility, it was a private lounge room, and he urged her to enter as he closed the door... "Show me your throat." And although he told her to do so, his voice was softer, concern underlying for her wellbeing underlying his attention.

Kei - : Kei shifted her attention from Cedric to Temperance as the back and forth happened, so when Cedric lifted Temperance's chin remotely her gaze shifted from the woman to him instead. Those blue eyes snapped back to Temperance when she was released, taking an immediate two steps back and away from the vampire who had been so intent upon proving a point, to what end she still didnt know. When you told her to come she would turn sharply on her heels to follow you out of the room, no argument, no sign of dissent. Truth be told she had been mad at you when you first took her into that room but right now she was more than thankful for you. Granted if it wasnt for you she wouldnt have been in that position to begin with but she wasnt thinking like that. When you stopped to speak to Temperance she would pause, waiting until you started move down the hall once more. Her throat was sore and, truth be told, she had no idea if she was bleeding or not at the moment. She didnt smell blood but that didnt mean that she wasnt mere moments from it. Or that she was heavily bruised now. You cant smell a bruise. When you got her into that lounge room, after the door closed, she would turn to you and lift her head so you could see what damage there was to her throat, if any. "Thank you, Cedric." The words were almost a whisper, raspy. It wasnt subservience speaking there...she was just glad that you didnt want to share her and that you did what was necessary to stop it from happening.

Cedric - : Cedric couldn't focus on what Kei was putting out right now, he was thinking on the many levels of bu|lsh¡t that Temperence had pulled, for no other reason than she could... and it aggravated him. If she had been stronger, he would have been fµ¢ked, and Cedric did not let himself be taken. Ever. He met her gaze with her head tilted back to him and acknowledged her gratitude by holding her gaze before ducking his gaze to examine her throat. His cool fingers slide along the side of her throat, light and gentle. Bruising was evident, but she would heal quickly. He cradled her jaw in his hand and started manipulating her as he needed to examine her: he tilted her head from side to side, back and forth and rolled it around on her neck to ensure that she had full mobility. "Good." He leaned in, pressing his lips posessively to her crown, "I will not share you Kei. It is always a possibility that it could be challenged, but those that are stronger than I am already have their own pommes." He assured her before stepping away from her to walk towards the wingback chair near the fireplace. He pulled his peacoat off and draped it over the chair opposite him and sank into the seat, idily probing at the cut on his cheek.

Kei - : She would give a faint nod as her gaze met yours before those pretty blues would close while you manipulated her head so you could examine where she had been gripped by the other vampire. She knew that you were checking for mobility, she was a nurse after all, and it made her smile ever so gently. She would give a slight nod as you kissed her crown and commented that you would not share her. As you explained that it could be challenged she would give a little nod. She understood that now. She hadnt before. As you stepped away from her to walk over to the chair her hand would lift, brushing against your arm as you passed. She would turn to watch you take off your jacket and drape it over the chair before you would sit and start to probe at the cut that had appeared on your cheek. It was a brief moment of thought before she would prowl over to where you were sitting. You were in one seat, your peacoat was in the other, so she took the next available seat which was the floor. She settled onto her knees and while it looked the very picture of subservience it was more about comfort than anything else. She looked up at you from where she knelt, murmuring softly. "Is it all that bad?" Whether she was talking about her neck or your cheek was anyones guess.

Cedric - : He laid back, not giving her much mind as she walked towards him and took a seat at his feet. She might not think it was submissiveness, but she didn't move his jacket to take the chair either. She might not think that she was beneath him, but she knew that she was not above him. All of that didn't matter, not when he had a need for her. She might not be his equal, but he would not sustain himself without her would he? His honeyed gaze fell to her, and he was reminded again that she was not fully his. Why was it that he had not pushed that with her yet? He couldn't tell if it as complacence, or maybe evolution... did he not want a simple fµ¢k? Oh.. no, certainly, Cedric still wanted a fµ¢k. A small grunt left his lips at her question and he reached for her, pulling her up into his lap. She was warm and welcoming, even if she was slightly awkward about sitting in his lap. His right hand brushed the hair from her face back and his left hand cupped the back of her wrist, "No. Although I would not have been able to sustain much more of an altercation without blood." His thumb pressed into her wrist.

Kei - : She really had no idea what was in your head and it was likely a good thing. Kei had traveled the world but there were still some ways that she was the girl who grew up in a small village in South Africa where the world hadnt really made its mark yet. If asked she would probably admit that she wasnt your equal, could you really be equal to someone who uses you as food?, but she might argue the submissive point. As for the rest, the sex, it had never even crossed her mind. Did vampires even have sex? She had no idea and had never been given a reason to think about it. When you reached for her to pull her up into your lap she went a bit more willingly than she would have mere hours ago. Of course she had to maneuver a little bit to get comfortable but eventually she shifted onto the hip that was closest to you, her legs across your lap and over the arm of the chair as she settles into you. She would nod a little as you said that you wouldnt have been able to sustain the altercation without blood. Her gaze slipped to the push of your thumb into her wrist before she turned back to you. "And my neck? I need to know if I should be wearing scarves around my sister." She had never said Kande's name around you and she never would. She didnt want her sister involved in this at all.

Cedric - : Using Cedric as the measure for other vampires was probably a poor choice, not that she knew it. Cedric liked perverse pleasures and he had never fallen into the dis-associative life of an aging vampire.. that was a bore. He didn't move beneath her when she settled into his lap and at her question, his bright gaze met her blue one and arched a brow, "I have yet to collar you Kei, would you like me to?" He asked, it was an a§§hole thing to say, he knew she wasn't asking about a collar, "I am confident that upon shifting that your skin will return to it's pale alabaster complexion without the need to cover anything." He assured her, his free hand sliding up her spine to allow his thumb to pet the hollow under her ear. He leaned in to her, trapping her lower lip between his teeth as his tongue rasped along the swell of her lip nested between his fangs.

Kei : She would furl her brow ever so slightly as you commented that you hadnt collared her yet, and asked if she wanted you to. She would give a faint nod as you actually answered her question, that was good thinking and proof positive that she was more shaken up by what just happened than she would be willing to admit. "Do you mean like an actual dog collar?" You could tell that she was slightly offended at the notion of an actual dog collar. As your hand trailed up her spine it would be met in the middle by a slow rolling shiver that was trailing down her back. As you leaned in to trap her lower lip between your fangs, your tongue rasping across its jut, her eyes would close and she would take a slow breath. There was a hollow sort of pit in her stomach when you did that, perhaps some butterflies even, although it was a new sensation so she wasnt entirely sure what it was. But her pulse did quicken, something that both of us would know immediately.
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Jay breathed deeply to keep her heart from jumping out of her chest... they'd already had one bad experience when they Alphas came crashing down on them for getting too upitty.  She wasn't sure what exactly was going on, or how this whole wolf instinct worked, but she understood very well that there were invisible signs that she and Dove flashed at the Alphas all the time. The balls of her feet twisted under her weight as she turned towards the car, then the woods, and she considered that the wolves could track them.. she was no hunter, she was never one to go off in the woods with the men... but the logic was sound even without experience. Her thoughts echoed in her sister's mind "Turning the engine of the car is likely to bring them runn..." Her thoughts trailed off as she distant echo of a sound came to her mind, it chilled her, down in her core, and she turned wide blue eyes to her sister... dismissing the alarm. "Make for the woods."  Her hand reached out for Dove's and pulled her along, ambling for the forest's edge.

Laurell:  There was a weight that settled on the young wolves' shoulders, like a mantle to cloak them, it was was comforting and heavy.   The flighty thrum of their heartbeats slowed, and images intruded in their mind, a large rock.  A stream.  A large tree and a copse of trees.  It did not help guide them, but somehow, their feet found old animal runs, and the ghost of a voice that had drawn their attention to the woods fell silent.
Board Roleplay / Re: escape (cont'd) [Laurell/Jay/Dove]
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Script beginning here.
Scripts / A Daring Escape [Jay/Dove]
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[Setting: Red River Lukoi pup house 4/22/2019]

Dove Cox - Omega Wolf (rumor)
Jay Cox - Omega Wolf (AJ)

Synopsis: Jay and Dove attempt a daring escape out from under the noses of the Alphas of Red River

Jay : The advantages of being twins was that no one thought twice about the women wanting to share a room. She felt the inner rage at the situation, and it was disorienting to no longer reach for a little help to calm her nerves, or to get a grip on reality. She had figured out by now that letting her emotions get away with her was a problem. And that shifting out of turn was something that was very very frowned upon. Nothing about being in DC had been pleasant so far. Nothing about being under her cousin's roof was what it was expected to be. They were promised a home, and to start a new life... that was what their mother had told them. That it was 'the path' for them. No one had planned for them to be infected, did they? She rolled over in her single bed and peered over at her sister, straining to listen through the walls of this little cabin for the Alphas. > She tried not to be nervous, she didn't want to fµ¢k this up. She didn't want to alert anyone to them either.

Dove : It was probably a good thing that they had allowed her to room with her sister. Things would have been a lot less pleasant, likely for her, if they had not. She had come to the same understandings as her sister in a few matters. Getting too emotional was bad, as was shifting out of turn. She was also angry, an underlying current of anger, at the current situation that she found her and her sister in. Angry at her mother for sending her here. Angry at her cousin for what he had planned for them. Angry at the wolf who had infected them. She had quickly learned how to seperate her ability to talk to her sister away from everything else, isolating that means of communication from the Alphas who had no real idea that they could do that. It had always been a secret which turned out to be a good thing now. She rolled over onto her side, peering across the small expanse at her sister, giving a little nod and a faint smile. It was as reassuring as she could get at the moment. She knew what we were about to do was dangerous but the alternative....she would rather die.

Jay : There were times in their youth that they had great imagined adventures. It was all James Bond and Huckleberry Finn, death defying and grandiose. She remembered those days, and those courageous stories they told together, because she couldn't allow the fear of failure to cloud her mind right now. She wrapped her fingers around the keys in her pocket carefully, concerned about the possibility of bending the keys if she held them too tight. There was a significant learning curve right now... "I took the keys to the Camry. It's at the end of the lane." Slowly, she pushed the blanket back and slid off of the bed, kneeling first on the floor then crouching on her tip toes, facing the wall with the window that was framed by their small beds.

Dove : The days of grand adventures was over. Those days died when we had been sent to DC to live with Steven. A brutal, violent, bloody death. Still, there was hope to draw from in those stories, in those daring days and thats what she did now. When she heard the words in her head she would nod slowly, responding in the same silent way. "Once we get started, don't look back. Just run. No matter what." When you moved to slide off the bed she would do the same. She was dressed, except for bare feet, and she would settle into a low crouch as well, facing the window. She would rise slowly, ensuring that she made no sound as she tiptoed to the window, wincing a little as she began to slide it open. It was silent, thankfully, and due to some advance planning the window rose without a hitch. She would lift her finger to her sister, the shhh gesture over her lips as she gestured to the window. She wouldnt leave until her sister did.

Jay : She could feel her worry escalating to the low thrum of fear that should have had her heart pounding but by some grace of God, was not. She watched Dove move with a light touch and tried not to breathe on her, the last thing that they needed was something to groan or attract attention from the babysitting Alphas in the common areas. "Sure. no matter what." It wasn't a lie, because at the moment it was. Her brain was fried, and she was struggling to find creative reasons why she would stick around, or come back, you know, except for the obvious if Dove fell behind. She rose with her twin and reached for the little tabs on the screen and lifted slowly. She had practiced this over the last week, testing for ease, and after a protract moment, it released and she was able to guide the frame down to her bed and laid it on the mattress before slipping over the sill to slide down to the ground. It wasn't far, yet she didn't jump, she didn't want anyone hearing her feet land in the new grass. Carefully her toes touched down and she lowered herself to the soles of her feet and reached out to hold the window to assist her sister. "Maybe the car is a bad idea. Maybe we should just run really fast." Where to was an other story.

Dove : Dove had gone beyond worry at this point. She had gotten herself into a sort of surface blankness, something that she had been working on since this all happened. She would nod when Jay responded to her. When the window was open she would step back, letting Jay get the screen out of the window before she slipped out and lowered herself to the ground. She would wait until Jay was on the ground before she would do the same, slipping out of the window and lowering herself quietly to the grass. She would glance at her sister as she said that the car might be a bad idea, shrugging slightly. "Would they be able to follow us by scent if we ran?" She wasnt sure how that worked but she was pretty sure that they would be able to follow us if we didnt find a way to cut off our scent. Her head would cant slowly, as if she was listening to something or someone, before she glanced at you with a furrowing brow. "Did you hear that?" If she was asking it was a pretty good bet that it wasnt something she expected to hear.

Board Roleplay / escape (cont'd) [Laurell/Jay/Dove]
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(continued from in the room)

Laurell: There was a weight to the air tonight, it was heavier and thicker than most nights, but to the gathered Alphas, it was nothing that hit their radar.  Granted, they were on edge since Henry's death. Since the rival pack's presence was getting larger, but they had reinforcements arriving soon.  And this was the pup camp, what the hell would happen here?  Nothing. That's what.  So the heaviness of the energy, the blanket of presence, it was nothing out of the ordinary. 

Except that they were set-up near the old reservoir.  In the forest where this dead wolf had learned to accept herself, and to grow into her wolf.  It wasn't much to scoff at, Laurell had never been a strong wolf, but she was no mere wolf now.  She was Munin.   The moment that the twins left the cabin, she felt a connection to them in a way that only someone who had lived a terrible life could connect with them.  There was a convergence of energy in trauma, which is what drew her this way.   She didn't know the story of these girls, but she recognized it.  This was not going to be Denver.

The wind was soft, and it didn't brush the girls' skin, but it pulled within them, like a breeze on their mind. "Trust..." the voice faded in and out, "..tream."  The problem was, that Laurell was still pretty new at this.
Storyline Updates / Interlopers: The Story So Far
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During what was meant to be a regular training exercise, Geoff and Bina go to the mall to sniff out a rogue wolf that Geoff had been sensing lately. They find said wolf, but strangely he claims no knowledge of being a rogue, saying instead that he's already oathed to Red River Lukoi. Supposedly this pack had been in D.C. for a while, and was led by a wolf called Steven (Who The Hell Is Steven?).

According to this "rogue" wolf, the Red River pack operates out of a barbecue joint known as the Dixie Pig. Geoff takes a small cadre of wolves to check it out (Making Ourselves Known). There they encounter several wolves, including Eddie, supposedly Steven's second in command. The wolves seem fairly well established and are baffled by Geoff's assertions that he is the rightful Ulfric. Steven is not there, and after a few tense moments the Primul Patrar wolves leave.

During a Hearts for Hope gala, meant to raise awareness for the plight of lycans, Geoff, Lou, Mystery, and others make a token appearance and to donate. While they are there, they encounter Steven and Eddie, who themselves claim to be simply there to enjoy the affair (Hearts for Hope Gala). After Steven is patronizing to Lou and Mystery, Lou slaps him but is forced to restrain herself because of the public location.

Lou and Geoff, fearful that this usurper pack might attack Tinker's Tavern during St. Patrick's Day, decide to conceal some weapons throughout the bar the night before (Gold Star). The day itself passes without incident, but later in the week Eddie, Steven, and several others from Red River make a surprise attack. The surprise is even more prominent - and alarming - due to the fact that several of Steven's wolves seem capable of hiding what they are with uncanny skill, far beyond what would be expected for their level. The attack is brief but bloody, cut short by the sudden explosive appearance of Line, coming to her servant's aid. The fight ends with the Primul Patrar wolves taking one of Steven's wolves hostage.

With her sister's help, Lou tortures and eventually kills the captive wolf (The Spoils), though they learn nothing which contradicts Steven's telling of events. Complicating matters, a new wolf named Claire Watson arrives in town, and is told through underground contacts that the Red River pack is the place for wolves to go in Washington, D.C.. She arrives at the Dixie Pig just as Steven and the others are nursing their wounds from the fight, but they welcome her in as best they can without cluing her in to the current situation. Meanwhile, Geoff finds out the situation from Lou, including the fact that she executed the hostage (The Tavern's Trashed...Again) - however, she keeps to herself the fact that she tortured him to get information.
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=she let out a hum, whether it was out of enjoyment or boredom.. it was hard to say. She listened to him, tilting her head slightly.= "I'd say fµ¢k me yourself, you coward... but you aren't man enough." =she was growing bored with this, and his false bravado. He had to know he wasn't going to survive out of here, but the question was, just how much pain he could tolerate. Let's find out. The barking of the gun echoed in the cellar as she took out the knee on his other leg.= "Speak, boy."
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The sense in the dark cellar was getting darker, it was heavier, and Lou was loosing patience with the clamshell response she was getting from the man.  If it were up to her, she'd have shot him by now, but for some reason, the panwere had the weapon which was limiting her options.  Granted, she could have gone upstairs to find an other firearm, but leaving without answers wasn't in the cards.   She waited with her hands behind her back for the wolf to divulge anything at all, and when he stayed stone silent at Clarissa's admonition her patience thinned.

There was no room for emotion in this situation, which was why she waited longer yet.  Her gaze turned to his own, meeting his eyes with deadpan seriousness that shone back with her wolf that he himself could no longer reach or feel.  Lou had that all to herself, and the flash of her beast in her eyes reinforced that reality.   She stalked closer to him, stopping before him with her arms crossed over her chest, Clarissa's view yet unimpeded... she trusted her sister not to shoot her if it came to it.  "One more time," She gave him incentive, the weight of her body pressing into the top of his foot where he had been shot by Clarissa earlier in the night. "Now."

He had no intention of sharing a thing.  He would die for Steven and the Red River.  He sneered at the women, shutting up when they spouted at the mouth with their nonsense... but again, he had no idea that someone could rob him of his wolf, and seeing her eyes flash at him, he knew instinctively that it was his wolf being flaunted at him through her small fµ¢k¡ng face.   He strained on the restraints and snarled, all man, no growl, but rage was it notwithstanding.  His eye was drawn to the woman holding the gun, and the suddenly the pain exploded in his foot and up his leg.  It caught him low in his belly. "fµ¢k you." He managed to get out before the pressure increased and the pain rose higher in his body.  He heard her speak to him through the pounding of his pulse in his ears, "The pain will get worse.  The damage won't heal.  You're as human as human comes." Her words chilled him, and suddenly the pain exploded in his foot again but it spread everywhere.  The aches from the fight, the pain from being shot, the bindings around his wrists and feet.  "Fifteen.  We're fifteen." He said through gritted teeth as he searched for his beast, wide eyes turning from one to the other as the reality of what the Lupa was saying sank in. 

She narrowed his eyes and grabbed the hair at the nape of his neck and pulled his skull back, her face looming in his. "Where else does the Pack stay?"
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lmao yeah come check on her haha

boards is fine lmao
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