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"A block" is kind of subjective, what do you say to like 50 yards?
Scripts / Who the Hell is Steven? [Geoff/Bina]
« Last post by rumor on November 18, 2018, 12:58:29 AM »
[Setting - The Mall 11/17/2018]

Geoff Cooper - Ulfric (michael)
Sabrina Young - Weak Alpha Wolf (Rumor)

Synopsis: Geoff takes Bina to the mall to find a rogue wolf, learns about another pack claiming DC called the Red River Lukoi.

Geoff : *it's night time, so what does that mean but time for another of Bina's night-time runs? of course it does, and while it's good to have healthy habits, it does make you a tad predictable, which is why you'll run into Geoff here - not in the garage per se, but in the tunnel leading to the forest.....he's leaning against the wall obviously waiting for you....and the only noteworthy thing is that he's wearing a jacket....even with the cold turn of the weather, he wouldn't normally be wearing one....he pushes away from the wall as you approach, moving to stand in your path, looking you up and down with his arms crossed.....after a moment of silent scrutiny he raises his eyebrows slightly* Are you doing something different with your hair?

Bina : While normally she would be a little more cautious about setting herself up with predictable habits it wasn't something she was entirely worried about here in the compound. Her pack knowing where she was at any given moment was never a bad thing. And if not her pack then her Ulfric at the very least. She heads out for her run with her hair up in a ponytail, a light jacket on that she could tie around her waist when she got too warm from running. She could smell you as she approached so you pushing away from the wall was met with a smile and a light wave. Her beast would brush against yours, not as hesitant as it normally is, and she would tilt her head as you asked if she was doing something different with her hair. "No? You are the second person to ask me that. Mark asked me that also." She would shrug a little bit before she gestured to the forest. "You here to run with me or waylay me and taking me elsewhere?" She knew it was likely one of those two things since you were here and she was a smart enough cookie to know you were waiting for her.

Geoff : *his shields are down as well, which is normal inside the confines of our place....he returns your greeting with a brush of lupine energy...it might feel a bit distracted, but otherwise you'd get no sense from his energy as to his mood; tonight at least he's trying to play it closer to the vest....when you mention that Mark asked about your hair his brows rise a bit more* Is that a fact? *he doesn't/can't keep the surprise from his voice at that one* Huh. *he's quiet for a moment, then dismisses whatever it is he's thinking with a small shake of his head* Waylay. *without further comment, he starts walking, brushing past you (unless you move first to lead him back into the garage proper)....we'd head not into the complex proper, but to his Jeep, and for a wonder he'd open the passenger side door for you to climb in before he gets into the driver's side....he doesn't speak until we're buckled in and driving* I know you didn't change your hair. *pause* But I know what you DID change. *he pauses again, long enough to glance at you sidelong before returning his full attention to the road* The question I guess is whether YOU know it...

Bina : She noted the surprise you had that Mark asked her about her hair also. When you said that you were here to waylay her she would smile and nod, turning on her heel without a second thought. She hesitated long enough to figure out that we were heading to your Jeep and not back into the complex, making for the passenger side door. Your opening it for her caused her brow to lift ever so slightly but she said nothing. It was unusual behavior and she noted it but she didnt feel the need to point it out. She buckles in, naturally, and gets ready to fall into silence until we are where we are going. When you speak again she would turn her gaze to you, tilting her head a little bit as you inform her that you know what changed and then wonder if she herself has figured it out. "Well...I feel stronger. I feel...more." She didnt know if that made sense but it was about one of the only ways that she could put it. "After that evening with Zabela in the forest everything is just a bit sharper. I noticed that my beast reacted to Mark a little differently this time too. His hesistance ruffled me a little bit." She didnt want to say that he felt like prey but the statement wouldnt be far off from what she felt even if it wasnt exactly correct. Then in her typical Bina fashion she would smile and sum things up in her Bina way. "I think I got bigger."

Geoff : *he snorts at your last statement* My, won't Inali be pleased. *the response is so immediate and delivered without any real inflection that it might pass over your head....then again it might not, who knows?...still, he follows that up with a slow, approving nod* Stronger, yes, but I don't think that's all of it. Or even the most important part. Unless I'm mistaken I'd say you've reached Alpha by now. *he doesn't say it all that much differently but you can almost hear the capitalization of "Alpha" in his voice*

Bina : "Considering how skinny I got before I dont think he will mind too much." She quipped right back at you as you made that statement. Whether or not she caught what you meant will remain up in the air. She would smile as you agreed that she got stronger, and went on to say that you were pretty sure she had reached Alpha at this point. And yes, she heard the capitalization of the word. Said with the same sort of emphasis that you tend to put on Ulfric and Lupanar. She would smile and nod. "I thought so as well but its good that it's not just in my head. It was bound to happen though. I am constantly working on getting stronger and more sure and balanced." And that wasnt bragging on her part. It was simply the truth. Bina was driven. She had been driven from the start and it had never flagged at all. Its what kept her alive when she was sick and its what got her strength back as quick as it came back once she was cured. Bina wasnt the resting on her laurels type. After a minute she would smile. "I'm certainly not the same wolf that Tally brought to you a few years back."

Geoff : That's for damn sure. *about your being a different wolf than you were years ago....he doesn't say anything for a moment..we merge onto highway traffic - it's the weekend before Thanksgiving and traffic is pretty heavy.....Geoff seems to have some kind of destination in mind though he's not going anywhere that you'd be immediately familiar with....he needs to concentrate on driving for a bit, but once we pull off onto a side street he can resume the conversation* Though it was far from "bound to happen". *even though he uses your exact words to the extent where you can hear the air quotes, there isn't any derision in his voice....more like emphasis* Not every wolf can make Alpha. Hell, MOST can't. The vast majority of us tend to top out at moderate or a little more...just enough to get back to their normal lives and that's it. Becoming Alpha....it's not like losing weight...you can't get there just on willpower alone....some wolves never get there no matter how much they may want to. *he falls silent for a moment, then adds* It's something you should be proud of. *he doesn't say "I am" but it hangs there in the air just out of frame*

Bina : She would chuckle at your comment about her not being the same wolf. She has a hard time remembering being that wolf these days. She was so far removed from that wolf now. Although, strangely, she was the same person. She had managed to grow without actually losing who she was in the process. She fell into silence as you did. She wasnt at all surprised or even upset that you had to concentrate on driving. The conversation was more surprising than the silence was. When you started to talk again she would turn her attention back to you. She had realized that she had no idea where we were going so she wasnt entirely focused on you, paying attention to the surroundings as well as she talked. When you said that it wasnt bound to happen, and explained that not every wolf can make Alpha she would smile. You explained more what it meant, and what it took, and she would nod before she contemplates what to say in return. "I am proud, Geoff. I have come a long way from being the wolf who was frightened of everyone around me. And I know that not every wolf makes it as far as I have but...I never doubted that I would be the best wolf I could be. I have a great mentor. And I'm Tally's sister." She said that last bit like there was something to it. "Even if I topped out with just getting my life back I have no regrets. But I didnt. And Im still not done. I will keep fighting to be more than I am today, every day." You would never be able to say that Bina didnt have a supreme amount of willpower. And now the confidence of an Alpha wolf to back it up.

Geoff : *he listens to what you say but doesn't react to it.....part of it, again, is that Geoff himself doesn't seem to know exactly where he's going....he's driving like someone trying to remember directions they'd been given or something.....the pack complex is out in the forested area just outside of D.C> proper, just where the land could properly be called "wilderness"....he started out like he was going to the heart of the city but has since pulled off into a more suburban area, complete with strip malls and fast food franchises...he pulls up to a red light and finally has time to turn to you* The question is.....now that you're Alpha, what's next for you? Our pack is unusually top heavy for our size, most only have three or four alphas tops, and most of them are in leadership positions. Others are focused on teaching the lessers how to come into their own as wolves. Do either of those interest you? *he may have his own opinion, but he keeps it to himself....instead the light turns, and he starts driving again, pulling into a large-ish shopping mall....holiday season isn't officially underway, but it IS a Saturday night and the lot is pretty full....you have time to formulate a reply while he goes back and forth among the rows looking for a parking spot*

Bina : She would smile as you said that the question was whats next for her. When you explained what the others were doing, and basically what the options were, she would ponder. Especially when you asked if either of them interested her. When you pulled into the parking lot of the mall she would glance your way, a little confused. The last time you brought her to a mall you were testing her to see if she could handle the confusion of a packed and noisy place. Although maybe this time you just needed to buy a present. There was really no telling. She pondered the question while you were looking for a parking spot, eventually speaking. "Well, I dont think I have the temperment to be the Bolverk. And the only other leadership position open at this point is Geri, I believe. The lessers respond well to me, most of them at least." Her mind flashed to Lulu for a second, who didnt get along with much of anyone. After a minute she would shrug and smile. "I'll be honest Geoff... I am interested in being where you need me the most. If that means teaching lessers then I am on it. If that means grooming me to be in a leadership spot, Im there. I will rise to whichever challenge is put before me and strive to do my best regardless." And part of that has been that she has been working on herself and in the process sort of divorced herself from pack politics and pulled back from the lessers a touch so she can step into whichever direction you want or need her.

Geoff : *he finds a spot - it's a fair distance away from the mall entrance but it's not like a light walk could bother either of us....not even him with his bum leg....he turns the Jeep off and we sit in silence, punctuated only occasionally by the faint ticking of the engine as it cools....you tell him that you'll work where he needs you and he gives a faint nod* Fair enough. Challenge one, then. *without further explanation he gets out of the Jeep and heads for the mall entrance....he moves easily through the throng of people crowding the door, even with the limp (which he does play up a bit when out in public)....though usually when out in public he has his shields up, but tonight his lupine energy swirls around him in an invisible aura....humans would have to be sensitive or, well, not human to be able to detect it, and it's not the full brunt of his beast, but it's like a door that's been left open just enough to let light out.....he stops just inside the mall proper and turns to you* Find the rogue. *what, you thought he was taking you shopping or something?*

Bina : She would nod as you said fair enough. When you said challenge one, however, she would turn to face you. She pondered what you had in mind and got out of the Jeep when you did so. She made her way to the mall entrance with you, bouncing a little at your side. You played up your limp when you were out in public and she had taken to playing up her youth. Especially when she was with you. You really looked like her grumpy Uncle at that point. She noticed that your shields weren't up as we made our way into the mall, leaving a trickle open to swirl around you in metaphysical energy. She was just wondering about that as she stopped just inside the mall and you turned to her and said 'find the rogue'. She would tilt her head a moment, flash you a smile, and turn her attention to the mall. As an aside she would murmur just loud enough for you to hear. "And here I was hoping for a nice pair of earrings." She opened her shields a trickle, casting her metaphysical energy out to search for the rogue that was somewhere in the mall. She started to wander off in one direction, lets say left, although it was more so that she could search a bit further without opening herself up completely. She was focusing her other senses as well, filtering through the scents and sounds of the normal humans that were gathered in the mall. Specifically she was searching for a void in the myriad scents of perfume and deodorants since most lycans didnt wear that sort of thing. Our noses were far too sensitive. Especially any scent void that was moving away from wherever you were since its a pretty good bet whatever rogue was here wouldnt want to run into the local Ulfric. Otherwise they wouldnt be rogue.

Geoff : *Geoff says nothing to the earrings comment - if you wanted fine jewelry he's probably the last person you'd want to bring along...he crosses his arms again as you begin your search, trailing you at a fair distance, his face inscrutable...he's not even going to give you a "hotter" or "colder" to let you know if you're going in the right direction - this assumes that Geoff even KNOWS what the right direction is.....lycans, especially wolves could be detected by scent, that is true, though it's harder to find an outlier as opposed to tracking someone who's scent you know....searching by energy has its own pitfalls as well, because any lycan worth their salt would keep their shields up when out in public....though as a newfound alpha you might find that you have a bit more sensitivity to that sort of thing, kind of like if you're passing by someone's door and they have the music on and you can JUST hear it.....a month ago you might not have been able to.....but it's not just detecting any old energy - you'd need to know that it's a wolf, and that it's not pack...can you do it? well that's what we're here to find out*

Bina : Once she starts trying to track the rogue wolf it wouldnt matter if you were saying 'hotter' or 'colder'. You were in her peripheral senses but she was focused elsewhere. She wasnt focusing on scent alone, or energy alone. And she knew that if they were more powerful than she was, and shielded, she wouldnt be able to find them by energy. She caught wind of a void in the miasma of scents, something that was stationary, and she paused as she tried to focus and see if she could narrow it down a bit further. She couldnt but it was enough of an anomaly to keep going in the direction that she was going. Her gaze was searching and, to be honest, she probably looked a bit like a woman on a mission. A girl searching for something specific even if she wasnt sure what it was. But like most women doing indiscrimate shopping she would know it when she sees it, or smells it in this case. She paused at an intersection in the mall, turning in a complete circle. She paused as she saw you, flashed you another smile, before she completed her turn and took off to the left a bit more. There were some kiosks off in the distance, along with some stores, and it seems that she was heading in that direction.

Geoff: *he meets your smile with the barest of nods - the only indication so far that you're heading in the right direction....Geoff is devious but would he really challenge you to "find the rogue" if he didn't have some reasonable assurance there was a rogue to be found?.....well, maybe he would but that's beside the point here.....he continues to follow you on your track, showing no impatience for how long you're taking to find the target.....eventually you'd come upon a piercing pagoda type of place, manned by a bored-looking guy in his late 20's....he's got a long goatee and an impressive array of hoops going all the way up his ears on both sides....he's looking at something on his phone and not really paying attention to his surroundings.....still, Geoff closes the distance and puts a hand on your shoulder to still you before we enter the man's sphere of awareness* Good job. You get the gold star. Now what? *he keeps his hand on your shoulder, leaning in to mutter the words into your ear....we're still far enough away that the wolf shouldn't be able to overhear us if we used our normal speaking voice but it never hurts to be too careful*

Bina : She would keep going on her track until she came upon the piercing pagoda. When she focused enough she could smell the wolf in him and she knew that he wasnt pack because he didnt smell like pack. She snapped her shields back into place once you put your hand on her shoulder to stop her in her tracks. When you said that she did a good job and that she got a gold star she would offer a faint smile before she tilts her head at your question. She pondered that for a moment. She would lean towards you and speak as softly as you did, smiling faintly. "Well demanding fealty in the middle of the mall isnt a great idea. If it were me, since Im assuming thats what you are asking, I would approach him carefully but openly...carefully because you never know what the reaction will be but openly because the last thing you want to do in the middle of a crowded mall is surprise and frighten a lycan. Then I would likely Suggest a meeting at another location so that the Ulfric can meet the rogue and lay down the law of the land." Join us or get the hell out of town seems to be the normal response to situations like this. And she did the verbal capitalization of 'suggest' in order to point out that suggestion was the polite word to use in this matter.

Geoff : *he gives your shoulder a faint squeeze before releasing it, snorting in a faint puff in your ear* You're not gunning for Ulfric, are you? *his tone suggests he's joking* I would assume someone working in a mall is savvy enough not to let themselves be spooked, but otherwise I think you've got it. *he steps around you and saunters up to the glass counter....he doesn't beckon you to follow him but neither does he gesture for you to stay where you are; he kind of assumes you're going to be curious enough to follow* Hey man, do you think I'd look good with an earring? Like a pirate hoop? *the man looks up at Geoff, his eyes narrowing slightly....he looks like someone who'd love his job if it weren't for all the fµ¢k¡ng customers....he looks Geoff up and down, and shrugs: "Yeah sure I guess so".....Geoff glances back to you for a second and then turns back to the man* Maybe a hoop isn't my style......do you have something like a wolf head? *at that, he lets his energy swell out a bit more....the other lycan's shields had been up enough that he didn't immediately pick up on our signatures, but it doesn't take much effort for Geoff to power through them....at that the man's eyes get wide and he actually takes a step back, his mouth turning into an O of surprise... "Who the hell are you?".....Geoff shrugs a bit* You could say I'm the sheriff of this town, if I'm not being too subtle. *he fixes the wolf with a meaningful look as he says it*

Bina : She snorts softly as you asked if she was gunning for Ulfric. She knew you were joking and you knew it wasnt likely regardless. She didnt mind stepping up to the plate but she wasnt in the market for the headache of being Ulfric. She would smile as you said that someone working in the mall would be savvy enough to not be spooked and she would nod. That was true. When you stepped around her to wander up to the piercing pagoda she would follow you. Your assumption that she was curious enough to follow was dead on. Let it never be said that you didnt know who Bina was. When you asked the wolf if you would look good with an earring she would chuckle. You were being subtle, for you, and for whatever reason it amused her. When you glanced back to her as the guy said sure she would smile and move around to look at the earrings on the other side of the pagoda. When you let your energy swell she would smile, watching for his response. When he took a step back she was poised to move should it become necessary, her head tilting as she listened to the back and forth between you and the rogue. She remained quiet. There wasnt anything that she needed to say in the moment. She was here for your test and now she would be here as a second body if you needed it.

Geoff : *the man is perceptive enough to understand what Geoff is saying, but his next reaction is a bit odd: rather that looking scared, or ashamed, or defiant, he looks surprised.... "This town, like D.C.?"....that question catches Geoff off guard for a second, so he takes a moment to nod.....the man's confusion only seems to intensify.... "What happened to Steven?".....now it's Geoff's turn to look surprised (though from where you're standing you might not see it - shame* Who the hell is Steven? *even if you can't see the expression you can hear it in his voice to a degree.....the man looks around to make sure that no one is too close, but leans in anyway.... "Steven.....he's my, you know....sheriff...." ....the guy pulls down the collar of his shirt slightly, showing what might look like a hickey to a normal human.....we'd recognize it as a nearly-healed bite wound as if from a marking ceremony* Steven is the sheriff of....D.C.? *the man nods.....Geoff gives a low growl in the back of his throat* Like hell he is......this is my territory, and it has been for years. *the man holds up his hands in a "don't shoot the messenger" posture, shaking his head and speaking again, "I don't know anything about that man, I just got here a few weeks ago....everyone said that Red River was the place to be, and someone put me in touch with Steven."....Geoff actually takes a half-step back, as if this revelation was some kind of physical blow* Red....River?! *obviously this translates to Red River Lukoi or something...he looks back to you* So uh....challenge two. We need to figure out what the fµ¢k is going on.

Bina : When the man says what he does, and looks a bit surprised, her brow would furl lightly. When the name Steven comes up her brow would furl a bit more and she would tilt her head curiously. She was watching the wolf in question so she did miss your surprised look although the sound of it in your voice was obvious. When he made the implication that Steve was his Ulfric she was putting two and two together as quickly as you were. There was another Ulfric claiming DC? Since when? And why the hell were we just knowing about it now? When you growled Bina would look at you, her gaze snapping to the other wolf as he held up his hands in the universal 'Dont shoot the messenger' pose. When you took a step back and made that exclamation her gaze shifted to you and she would frown. You made the challenge two comment and she would nod, turning her attention back to the wolf in question here, the rogue that wasnt exactly a rogue. "You said everyone said that Red River was the place to be and someone put you in touch with this Steven....where did you come from and who put you in touch with him?" Those were the two questions that would need an immediate answer. Getting that information would go some ways towards figuring out what the hell was going on. Because this went beyond weird.

Geoff : *the man's attention had (understandably) been focused on Geoff this whole time, so when you step forward and start talking he blinks a few times and looks between you and the Ulfric.....he opens his mouth obviously in preparation for asking a question, but then gives a small shake of his head and thinks the better of it....he licks his lips and speaks again, "Me? I just moved here from West Virginia. There was this bar, on the north side of town. It's called the Dixie Pig.....when I came into town I stopped there and the bartender, Eddie, he gave me the info. You can go talk to Eddie if you want, he's going to tell you the same thing I did."......Geoff looks at you, frowning....truthfully this is not at all what he'd expected and there's not much protocol in situations like this...Geoff could detect the rogue because he hadn't marked the guy....but apparently it doesn't get specific enough to say whether someone else had....finally he raises a finger, crooking it to the man* Don't leave town for a while, if we have any questions we're coming back. *with that he jerks his head for you to follow him* That....wasn't part of the plan. We're going bar hopping....but not tonight. *if he's going someplace like that he's going with more backup....no offense*

Bina : When he opened his mouth to speak she was glad that he just answered what she had asked. She would nod at his answers, making a mental note of what all he said. Dixie Pig, Eddie. When you looked at her she was frowning as well, but she was already contemplating how to get more information before heading into there. When you told the rogue to stay in town and that we would be back if we had questions she would not then go to follow you out. When you said that wasnt part of the plan she would nod. That was pretty obvious. And when you said that we were going bar hopping but not tonight she would nod again. She wasnt not at all averse to the idea of having more backup when we went barhopping. She would speak quietly. "I will get on the computer when I get home and start looking into the Dixie Pig....who owns it, how long its been in town, that sort of thing." If there was anything weird she might be able to start sniffing out what it was.
FYI Scripts / Checking In [Bina/Mark]
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[Setting - Community Center 11/16/2018]

Mark Washington - Weak Moderate Wolf (michael)
Sabrina Young - Weak Alpha Wolf (Rumor)

Synopsis: Mark and Bina catch up over some dishes in the community center.

Mark : *so the quarantine has been lifted, the pack has freedom to wander...and Mark, as you might expect, still stays pretty close to home most of the time....every now and then he goes out to help Jean Luc with security related stuff at Lina's hotel, but apart from that, he stays within the complex, keeping to himself as much as is feasible with such a large pack......he doesn't seem miserable so much as....not especially happy....not sad, just kind of neutral, going through the motions.....tonight finds him washing dishes in the community center.....someone had a Friday night game night; he was invited, hung around the periphery, but he's cleaning up so he feels like he's earning his keep for the pack*

Bina : Bina had gone through her normal day which, these days, consisted of school then dinner with Inali, home for some homework, and then hang out for a bit before her late night run in the woods with the wolves. Strangely enough she had just been thinking that she hadnt seen you in a while so when she was passing the community center on her way home and saw you inside she would smile and take a detour to come and see you. You were her first friend here in the pack and you would always have a special place in her heart. She would push through the doors, smiling at anyone else that was in the community as she headed towards where you were standing washing dishes. She didnt say anything at first really, picked up a towel and started drying the dishes you had washed wordlessly. When you looked over, if you did, she would flash you a smile. She knew you were the quiet type so she didnt want to press you into conversation immediately.

Mark : *even within the confines of the community center, here where we can all (usually) let our guard down, Mark still displays a surprisingly low level of situational awareness for a predator....even if you don't recognize it as exactly that, your wolf would certainly note it (and not in a good way)....if you'd wished him ill, you could have gotten awfully close to him before he notices you* Oh....Sabrina-- *he pauses in washing the dishes, half-turning as if to stop you.....after a moment he lowers his hand, his beast stretching out to tentatively brush yours in greeting before he returns to washing....we work in silence for a few moments more before he speaks again* You....didn't have to help, I could, uhm, have taken care of it. But... *pause* .....thank you.

Bina : It was something that she had never really noticed before, or not to the extent that she does now, the way you react towards wolves that are stronger than you. It was something that was always in the back of her head, especially during stressful times like the attack on the compound, but now it was something that roused her wolf. She pushed that back, however, and smiled as you brushed your beast to hers, her own responding in a manner that was perhaps a little more present than it had before. She couldnt really help that, it was simply the nature of her beast getting stronger. She remained quiet as we went back to washing and drying the dishes, glancing over as you speak again. "I wanted to help. There is no need to do things alone. And you are welcome." As much as she was getting stronger she didnt want to lose being who she was in the process. And nice was one of the things that she had always been. Especially to those that werent as far along as she was. After a couple more minutes she would speak again. "How have you been Mark? I havent really seen you since the restrictions were lifted."

Mark : *Mark the man doesn't seem to notice (or at least react to) the new strength of your beast....Mark the wolf, on the other hand, seems to instantly and instinctively recognize your newfound rank, and the metaphysical greeting seems to linger a bit longer than before, his wolf supplicating itself to yours a bit more....when you speak, he smiles slightly, you can see it in his profile as he continues to work....when you ask how he's been doing, he actually stops washing dishes to think about the question* I've been.....okay. I.....you know, uhm....keeping busy. *he gestures with sudsy hands to the remaining dishes.....he turns to you, then does a bit of a double-take.....surprise ripples across his face and through his beast* I.......you.....uhm......did you....change your hair, or....or something?

Bina : When you stopped washing the dishes to answer her question she would pause in her drying, taking a moment to put the dishes away that were sitting there dry while we were talking. She smiled at the comment about keeping busy. "I can see that." Your double take was caught in the corner of her eye and she paused to tilt her head and look at you confused. "No. My hair is the same as it has been. Maybe a little longer since last you saw me." She ponders for a moment before she smiles and shrugs. "I feel stronger since everything happened, and I feel like Im getting stronger all the time, but thats really about the only change I can think of." Its not as though she was pregnant or something. And she still had on her makeup from her day but that wasnt entirely unusual either. Bina had no idea what you might have noticed changed, not off the top of her head. Only that. Well and her ability to talk to natural wolves but you didnt need to know that. Geoffs orders.

Mark : *it's a pretty safe bet that even if your gift was something pretty common knowledge among the pack, Mark would likely be firmly out of the loop...that just seems to be how it is with him....he listens to your explanation, his head canting to one side....he opens his mouth as if to say something, but closes it and gives a small nod* I....okay. *he doesn't sound convinced though.....there's something different about you, and the connection between man and beast isn't strong enough for him to pick up on that which the wolf recognizes....he knows in a general sense about different ranks in the pack, but it doesn't occur to him that you might have just passed a threshold of some sort....when he speaks again, it seems more like he's trying to push past that by changing the subject* So.....yeah.....how have....how has....it been going for you?

Bina : When you moved to change the subject she would smile. She would shrug a little bit and go back to drying dishes while she speaks. "It's been going okay. I have a routine going right now....school during the day, spend time with the boyfriend and have dinner, come home and have a little more dinner then homework, hang out and catch up, go for a run and do some training....sleep and start all over again tomorrow. Lots of busy and lots of on the go. I'm trying to make sure that I spend at least half of my time here at least." She went a little overboard when she was finally let loose on the world again and now that she was getting back on track she was starting to even out into a much more healthy routine. "How have you been? What are you up to lately?" She was curious but that wasnt unusual for Bina.

Mark : *as you recount your daily schedule, he smiles, and it's actually genuine, as opposed to just a standard conversational queue where he might be expected to respond* That....sounds like you've got a good thing going..... *is that a note of jealousy in his voice? yeah, more than just a note, really, but he doesn't dwell on it.....when you ask about what he's been up to, he busies himself washing the next pan....he addresses his next words to the soapy water* I....not really a whole lot. Just...working a bit, and hanging out.... *does he sound bored? maybe a bit sad or regretful? more than likely....he's been long enough removed from Nuri that his physical/emotional addiction is passed, but that doesn't mean he's necessarily "over" her*

Bina : She would smile and give a little bit of a nod. "I have it good. I know that. I've been with Inali for a couple of years now. And considering how weird the last couple of years have been thats a small miracle. Anyone else would have ran by now. I'm pretty lucky." The fact that he isnt entirely human himself helps, to be sure. Although being what we are normal humans dont tend to make the best companions. Even now she is super careful when she is at class. She did note the tinge of jealousy but she chose to not dwell on it either. She knows at least a little about the Nuri situation so she understands your reaction to some extent. When you explain what you have been up to lately she would smile, nodding a little bit before she turns to fold the towel and put it on the counter next to the sink. "We should hang out more, Mark. Find a movie to watch or something." She didnt like the way that you kept yourself seperate from everyone else. Mainly because she remembered when she was doing that. It was lonely. And she hated the idea that you were lonely. She would step back though and smile as she turned to you. "I have some homework to work on though. Hate to clean and run but...." She would smile and shrug. It was the way of a college student and she had a schedule that she tried to keep to these days.

Mark : *when you mention hanging out more and/or watch a movie, he looks at you and smiles again....as before it doesn't seem forced....he bobs his head twice* I'm.....I would like that, thank you. *to their credit, Mystery and Blysse and Ruskya try to involve him in things too, but they have their own things going on, too...and Mark doesn't exactly go out of his way to involve himself in things...when you mention that you have homework to do he nods again and pushes back from the sink a bit so he can face you more directly* Oh! Yes, of course....you should.....homework is important! *he nods again, opens his mouth for a second and seems to change his mind....an apology bubbles to his lips (something like "Sorry for keeping you from your homework"), but for a wonder he doesn't give voice to it.....for him, that's some measure of progress that he's made over his time here*

Bina : "It's a date then. We will find a movie and a time and hang out. You and me." She would smile when you turned to face her, saying that homework was important. She would wait as you seemed to almost say something then stop. She knew instinctively that it was almost an apology and she was glad that you didnt give voice to it. She would step in closer for a brief moment, give you a hug, before she stepped back and smiled as she lifted a hand to wave. "See you around Mark." And with that she would turn and go. As quickly as she had arrived Bina would leave, heading off to continue on her nightly schedule.
Wolves / Re: Sabrina Young - Weak Alpha Wolf
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Done! Thank you!
Wolves / Re: Sabrina Young - Weak Alpha Wolf
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Go for it, sheet is unlocked!
Wolves / Sabrina Young to Weak Alpha Wolf
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I would like to upgrade Bina to Weak Alpha because Geoff said so? It was decided after the incident at the Lupanar.  Here is the link. http://wdc.laketh.com/index.php?topic=5489.0

I'd like Bina to have these powers: Heightened Senses III, Aura Shielding, Inspiration, Speed Healing

Thank you!
Scripts / A Special Gift for the Pack [Geoff/Lou/Ru/Zabela/Bina/Laurell]
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[Setting - The Lupanar 11/02/2018]

Geoff Cooper - Ulfric (michael)
Sabrina Young - Weak Alpha Wolf (Rumor) (eeeee!)
Zabela/Matthew - Fae Succubus Person (dwk)
Louisianna Cooper - Lupa (AJ)
Laurell Taggart - Munin (AJ)

Synopsis: Zabela gives the pack an amazing gift, bringing the spirits of Elisa and Rand to the Lupanar so they can join the Munin.

Geoff : *he was told to come here; he's here....he was told to call; and while some part of him aches to shed his skin and howl at the moon with all he's got, he's pretty sure that's not the type of call that was meant....and even if it was, he needs his full human wits about him to keep up with Zabela's way of thinking....instead, he lets his shields drop, almost all the way, letting the fullness of his beast surge out in an invisible wave of heat and energy...here, in his place of power, the effect is amplified; surely most of the wolves in the pack would feel it to some extent or another, though there's no urgency or danger in his metaphysical touch; simply an excess of power, a flexing of muscles...or a beacon, however you choose to see it....bathing in his own power in a way that Geoff rarely indulges in, he waits*

Bina : And where was Bina? Where she always was these days. She was in the forest, taking a run and heading towards the Lupanar. Shadow was running off some small distance from her but keeping pace and shadowing her as seemed to be normal these days. She felt that pulse of Ulfric energy and she realized at that moment that Geoff was in the exact place she was heading to. She wondered if he was calling Zabela like Ru had said he needed to. While she probably could have turned around and left Geoff to his own devices dealing with Zabela she decided two things: Firstly, that she wanted to see Zabela since the last time she had seen the woman(?) was when she had been near death. Secondly, Geoff having company when dealing with someone who quite obviously annoys him to death wasnt necessarily a bad thing. So she came running up, taking less care about hiding her sounds as she does so. She doesnt bother to speak but instead sends her beast out in a greeting to her Ulfric just before she breaks the treeline and jogs into the Lupanar. She stops when she is a few feet away from him and grins. "You called, Geoff?" It was a joke, obviously a joke, since she knew damn well it wasnt her that he was calling.

Geoff : *there's no way he expected this to stay under the radar, really, so your approach doesn't surprise him in the slightest....truth be told, he'd be a bit disappointed in you if you DIDN'T drop by to see what was going on....nothing about what he's doing is flashing a big "stay back" signal, so you're probably not the only one coming to investigate.....no doubt Lou was roused from whatever she'd been doing to at least get as far as the forest to make sure nothing was amiss...in this place, at this time, all of his already-supernatural senses are dialed up even more, so he hears, smells your approach before he sees you - not that he even needs to turn his head to address you* Sad to say, you're not that special. *the words could have been taken as an insult but the energy as he returns your greeting makes plain it was meant as a joke* This whole dog and pony show is for Zabela.

Bina : As she approached Shadow would peel off and head back to his pack for a little while. He didn't want to be part of this conversation after the other night. Not that it was a bad thing but he didn't feel the need to be present with the girl who understood him. When you made that joke that she wasn't that special she would scoff and then give a laugh. "That's not true. I distinctly remember you saying that I was special the other day." You could almost see the metaphysical preening of pride, which was just as much a joke as the rest of this conversation has been. To your comment about this being for Zabela she would chuckle. "I havent seen her since I was sick and she helped me. It will be nice to see her." She knew how you felt about Z but she didnt let that color her perception of the woman. Her interactions with Zabela werent the same as yours, however, so that only stood to reason. She would stop at your side and then glance around. "So did you tell Lou about me?" Might as well talk while we waited for Z to show up. And what she was referring to was likely pretty obvious.

Zabela : :: this, was probably one of the biggest trials I put myself through. And I wondered why. Why in the name of Hades was I doing this? And then tear streaked face of Ruskya would flight through my mind, her steadfast love for her wife, and I'd feel my heart wrench and I knew that I was doing the right thing. Even if right now it was all I could do to hold onto everything. In that I laid the blame on Geoffrey's shoulders. Stupid stubborn snarly male. I was going to smack him if the situation arose, clear across his damned forest. Family be damned. Ru would get over it. I'm pretty sure that she imagined smacking him on more than one occasion. I know Elisa did. She's told me so quite often. Especially the last few months. My right eye twitched and a low snarl slipped past my lips. This wasn't going to end well if it didn't end soon. And after all the trouble I went through, the bastard better be appreciative. Or I won't just smack him. I'll kick his balls up into his throat. I had felt the power surging, obviously, but that didn't mean too much lately. And then, whispered, vibrating through the night, the wind and the land, I heard my name. I leaned up from my throne, stood, and between one step and the next, stepped onto the air a few inches above the center of the lupanar:: "Geoffrey. It took you long enough." :: my eyes flicked to Sabrina and I let a small smile slip over my lips:: "Nice to see you well, child" :: before I looked back to Geoffrey, tilting my head slightly and tugged mentally upon the mind of Ru to call her towards the area as well::

Geoff : *his lips press together as Bina reminds him that he did, in fact, call her special....on close inspection it might appear that he's trying to suppress a smile, but you'd have to be looking at him from a certain angle to see it; depending on where Bina stopped she wouldn't....his voice, when he speaks, would carry no sign of it* Fair enough. *her comments about Bina are met with a sort of non-verbal sound, not even formed enough to be considered a snort....that should reinforce what Bina knows of Geoff's opinion of Zabela, though obviously he's here now, isn't he? actions, words, which is louder, etc.....it isn't until Bina asks whether he's told Lou about her secret that Geoff moves, half-turning back to look in her direction....he opens his mouth to speak -- and saved by the Z! as she does her "stepping out of the nothing" trick, his attention whips back to her - she's not an adversary (at least he doesn't consider her such) but she requires all of his attention.....his eyes flick up and down her form, taking in such things as her posture, any tics or tremors, before addressing the woman herself* I've been busy. *he tries to hide it, but there's a touch of defensiveness in his tone....he hasn't been lounging around doing nothing, that is true, but this message did kind of slip off his radar as well, so it's at best a three-quarter truth*

Bina : She didn't see the supressed smile from Geoff when she reminds him that he called her special. When he spoke, however, she would beam at him. She chuckled when he said 'fair enough' before she asked her question. He turned to answer her and she would tilt her head to hear what he had to say. She actually fully expected that he had but it was one of those things that she didnt want to take on faith. When Zabela appeared a few seconds after the mention of her name Bina would turn her gaze towards the woman. Zabela's greeting was met with a bright smile. She would give Z a gentle incline of her head before she spoke. "It's good to see you Zabela. When I am well enough to enjoy doing so." Saying that she was friends with Zabela might be a bit much but after she helped Bina in Colorado she was certainly much more fond of her than she had been before. She fell into silence there, not wanting to distract Geoff from his concentration around Z. Which she was fully aware of considering how many times she had been present at their meetings up until now.

Zabela : "Yes, Yes, Yes, blah blah, bluster, bluster, whine. To get straight to the point, Geoffrey I have two things that belong to you, and I've been carrying them around for a long damned time, and it hurts like a son of a b¡t¢h. I really don't like doing this, and I'm pretty sure my Uncle is going to yank me in on charges sooner rather than later, although I suspect sometimes Hades is just bored." :: posture? Tic? Tremors? Yeah I probably looked a bit worse for wear since you saw me last, like something the cat dragged in. Probably near literally.:: "Child come stand here." :: I pointed to the side of the Lupanar on my right as Ru came up, giving Geoff and Bina a smile and a wave before moving to the spot and looking up at me and speaking "I am ready, Lady". I lifted a brow slightly at the formality but then mentally shrugged. It was probably for the best. I glanced back to Geoff:: "This won't harm anyone, and I will explain, but I also require that you do not interfere. It would be detrimental"

Geoff : *one thing he likes about Zabela (though he's loathe to admit it) is the fact that she rarely bullshits around....the fact that she looks...somewhat less than fresh has him a bit on edge, and the fact that she's being cagey about what exactly she's doing here isn't helping...his eyes narrow slightly and he shifts position, putting himself almost-but-not quite between Z and Bina....when Ru trots out to join them, his mood takes another tick southward* Ready for what? *this to Ru - then, without waiting for a response, he turns back to Zabela* Not sure if anyone told you this before, but I really dislike surprises. *Bina can vouch for that, for sure* So how about we do "tell" before "show", hm? *the words may form a question, but his tone makes it a demand*

Bina : When Zabela says for someone to stand next to her and Geoff puts himself slight between herself and Z Bina would tilt her head. Since there was no one else around she could understand why Geoff put himself where he did although she was pretty sure that she wasnt the one being spoke to. When Ru emerged from the treeline Bina would give her partner in crime a wink and a smile. She wasnt entirely sure what was going on at the moment but this wasnt the time to be asking questions. She would let Geoff deal with that. Whatever Z was saying it didnt sound good. And she didnt look all that good either. She glanced to Geoff as he spoke about disliking surprises. That was definitely true. He didnt even like good surprises. When Geoff makes that not so veiled demand Bina would actually step back and to the side so she wasnt directly in the way of anything, and she wasnt hiding behind him either.

Zabela : "You are male. Of course you hate surprises." :: this was said with such a matter of fact tone as I lowered myself to touch the top of the mound. I winced inwardly and rested my feet flat.:: "You lost two of your own, did you not? Lost to the point where you can no longer communicate with them here? No body to consume and all of that. Although I get why you have to, since you are such limited beings, it really is such a base way to get things done." :: Ru stuck her hands in her back pockets, leaning back slightly around Geoff to wink at Sabrina before looking straight again when I cut my eyes to her with a frown. "My apologies, Lady" and while she looked down in contrition, I snorted, shaking my head:: "I have spent many months searching for them and now that I have them, I need to either bestow their shades upon you, or release them again. IF you chose not to take this gift, you can explain to my niece why she will no longer be able to speak to her parents again. For wolf or not, she'll be able to see these shades and converse with them, even if she cannot with the rest. Don't ask for the particulars because not only would I not tell you, you wouldn't comprehend anyway if I tried"

Geoff : Infernal Stygian Queen: *if you are expecting to get a rise out of him with that "you are male" comment, you're going to be sorely disappointed; he's sparred (in every sense of the word) with the likes of Tallulah Young and Louisianna Cooper, so such comments roll off his back, not even worth a grunt of acknowledgement....what does get a reaction though, is the comment about losing two of his own* You don't need to caption the obvious. *this spoken through gritted teeth...however much time has passed, the loss is still very raw for him - and for the pack as a whole, surely....his eyes flick to Ru for a moment, to see how she is reacting to this line of conversation.....he doesn't even react to the "limited beings" comment.....as Zabela continues to speak, the implications of her words slowly dawn on him....this is best evidenced by the fact that he doesn't say anything at all in response to this....he does an admirable job of schooling his face to not reveal anything of what is going on internally, but his energy abruptly cuts off as his shields slam back up, like prison doors. so as not to give Bina or anyone else a sense of what he's feeling by taking his preternatural temperature....he's silent and still for an uncomfortably long time, borrowing some of Veronika's vampiric stillness without even realizing it.....when he speaks again it might be hard for Ru to hear him, as his words are a mere ghost through lips that barely move* If this is some kind of parlor trick..... *he trails off, the implied threat weighing in the air with an almost physical presence as he tries desperately not to sound too hopeful*

Lou : Lou was oft out in the forest, whether or not others were aware of it, it was her favourtie place to be. Except for the forest where she nearly killed Tallulah and Elisa. That forest she would never step foot in again. Much like she would never drive again. Or sit in a deep dark corner without any light what so ever. Moving on. Lou was in the forest tonight, and upon sensing her husband's strange beacon, her four legged pace took her towards the lupanar. She was silent, predatory, and she intended on taking the lay of the land. She had scented Bina already, and Ru's presence was quick in her scent, and Zabela, well, that was not entirely surprising but it was out of the ordinary. She did not let on to her presence, it was not in order to surprise or have the upper hand on anyone, but stalking the ring around the lupanar in her dark grey form was meant to be an opportunity to assess in a different way. Scents. Feelings. Sounds. Minor conversations about things she should know... Her heavy body lowered to the ground to Geoffrey's four o'clock, and the moment that his shields closed, she sensed his tension, even if he was still, there was a familiarity of the fang faced b¡t¢h that ebbed from him in a way that stirred a territorial growl; but she was far too in control for the sound to touch anyone's ears, although perhaps Zabela sensesed it... The large hulking form rose to four feet and padded silently into the lupanar where she shoved her head along Geoffrey's thigh and up under his hand. She would not allow this moment, especially in their sacred place, to be tainted by Veronika. She leaned into her husband's leg with her shoulder, almost reaching his hip with her back (don't anyone say she was nearly as tall a wolf as she was a woman... but it's true); this was no light tough, she was leaning on him with intent to ground him. Her steely grey eyes moved up to Zabela, then to Ru and over to Bina, a small tilt of her head at her...

Bina : She kept her smile to herself when Ru winked at her then immediately got that look. She listened to what Zabela had to say, blinking when she realized what was happening here. She wasnt entirely sure how the spirits of the fallen wolves had been retrieved but in the end she wasnt sure that she cared. They would be able to be where they should have been in the first place. She wasnt sure how Geoff would take it but she would be pretty surprised if he said no to something like that. Feeling him slamming his shields into place was uncomfortable but it always was when she was used to having his presence around her in the complex. She even gave a slight shudder as it happened. When she heard his words, however, the ghost of a smile twitched on her lips. She didnt think he would say no to something like that. And Bina, for her part, remained wisely silent. It was an emotional moment for her as well, as it would be for any wolf, and after a second she would pull her walls up, not that it would affect anyone here. It was simply good practice. When Lou came padding up in wolf form Bina would glance her way, giving her the typical Bina greeting at least beast wise, before she flashed her a brief smile. This wasnt a moment for her to be speaking and so she wasnt.

Zabela : :: Ru for her part, remained silent now. She knew what was going on, she had all but begged me to do this. Not that she ignored the cost, but she was willing to take the loss of it if she had to. So far, things have been more or less passive in their dealings. I had remained on my best behavior. His words however, coupled with the search, and everything it involved, illicted a rather severe reaction. The cloudless starry night suddenly plunged into darkness, and thunder rumbled and shook the air, and the very earth upon which they stood. But it wasn't everywhere. It was just above us and directly below. Ru hadn't heard what he had said, not all of it, but her head snapped up, and while it probably wasn't needed, a shield snapped up around everyone mere seconds before an enormous limb came crashing to the ground. "Lady. Lady Please. Aunt Zabela!" she cried as I all but growled:: "You dare? You'd think I'd toy with my kith and kin's emotions like this? WHAT?" :: I snapped at Ru as she called out my name. I sighed and released the anger, the sky clearing:: "I apologize. You don't need to see any of that." ::oh look it was something out of the ordinary. But take it as you will. My eyes moved to the b¡t¢h at Geoffrey's side, and I would nod:: "Louisianna." :: Ru lowered the shield and gave Lou a smile:: "Yes or no, Geoffrey. I can't keep listening to them in my head forever. I might be ill"

Geoff : *speaking of Veronika, he's been party to too much of her rage for Zabela's outburst to really impact him, pyrotechnics or no.....his free hand (the one not resting against Lou's fur) would curl up in a fist but he doesn't even seem to react to the sight of the falling tree limb..,maybe he knew that Ru would do something, maybe he (foolishly?) assumed that Z would pull her punch at the last second, maybe he had confidence his own own ability to catch and dodge if it came to it...in any case his gaze sweeps up, then to Ru (to whom he gives a curt nod of appreciation), then back to Z....whether or not she's taller, there's no question that Lou has more mass in wolf form, and there's no chance he'd be able to ignore her when she is insistent....even without the benefit of the metaphysical, the tactile touch of his mate has its intended effect.....he takes a few steps to the side again, clearing the sight lines between Bina and Zabela again....he doesn't even acknowledge that his words might have offended her (it wasn't his intention to do so).....he looks down at Lou, burying his hand into the fur at the scruff of her neck, and speaks without looking up* Of course it's yes. *now he sounds a bit offended, like there was ever going to be another answer....he looks up at her then* Do what you have to. *his eyes flick once more to Ru, who apparently has some part to play in all of this....he doesn't like how it's all going down but he can hardly complain about the end result*

Laurell : There was always a presence of something more in the Lupanar. It was not always Laurell. But it was her tonight. She was off in the distance, and as soon as Geoff had lit his metaphysical beacon, she had come like a moth to the flame. The important presence in the sacred space had kept her silent. She knew that this being would be able to communicate with her, and Laurell was not sure she was allowed to, but even then, it was more than that. She set about her a confusion and discord within the Munin. The weight of emotion she sensed was high, and what she had come to recognise as her own emotion of sadness spread upon her upon Geoffrey's metaphysical shut down. It stilled her presence in the space, even when Lou pushed pack touch onto him... She moved from one side of the Lupanar to the other, opposite from Ru and a little in front of Bina, perhaps even protectively... and upon the angry, magical shouts of the Lady before them, her resolve stiffened and she felt a sudden need to make her presence known... something, there was a wall of pressure behind her urging her to do something... and she hesitated, settling down instead closer to the young wolf watching the exchange. Bina would not see anything. She may feel comfort, or smell a deeper scent of woods and underbrush, but at a sight, there was nothing there...

Lou : The wolf's eyes closed in a slow acknowledgement of the greeting from Z, and her metaphysical presence brushed along Bina in a warm, comforting way... did that mean that she was brushing her with her inner woman? Weird. In any case, Lou was always good at being insistant when she needed to. She knew how to make herself seen and how to ensure that she was not ignored. Her massive head slid along Geoff's denim pant leg and turned up to him when he looked down at her, his hand in her fur, she would meet his gaze as he confirmed his answer to Z, she saw the hope in his eyes that he dared not show anyone else... because what if this demi-god before them could not do what she claimed? What if this was something that he would need to take on faith and hope they came home? Lou's eyes understood that fear, it wasn't something that could be smelled, or touched, it was a deep soulful fear. She'd be here for it, so would the rest of their family.

Bina : When the sky darkened, and thunder rumbled, and the earth shook, Bina would frown a little. While she could see where Geoff might have offended Z with that statement the visceral reaction wasnt something that she expected from the woman. Zabela had always been much more calm in her dealings with the Ulfric who was always a bit grumpy with her. When the branch came crashing down she didnt even flinch. She wasnt aware of the shield around her but, lets face it, she was a wolf. A single branch wasnt going to really hurt her. When Geoff moved, again, she would glance his way with the faintest of smiles. And his answer, when he gave it, did not surprise her in the least bit. She glanced back to Zabela and Ru standing there, curious as to how this feat was going to happen really. Bina spent enough time in the Lupanar to know that she was never really alone here. She was unable to communicate with the Munin but that didnt mean that she was entirely blind to their presence when they decided to make themselves known in some way or another. So no, Bina didnt know that Laurell was in front of her, protecting her in her own way, but Bina would smile at the sense of comfort and the scent of woods that deepened around her because she knew in that moment that she wasn't alone. Moreso than normal.

Zabela : :: the group before me was lucky I was holding onto the shades so tightly, or the ground probably would have literally opened up and swallowed the group down. I would have regretted it later, and fished them out, but it would have happened. And please don't compare her to that child you bound yourself to. That would be really insulting. He's offended. HE is offended. The words that I muttered weren't in English, and were only partially in Romanian. The rest was no known spoken language. Not anymore. I stalked in a circle for a few moments, steadying my breathing. My eyes cut to the shade and I followed it as she moved. I tsked. Geoffrey, Geoffrey. You really should learn to watch your wording. Has that undead child not taught you anything? Had I been well and truly angry, I'd take hearts blood, but I didn't fully need it. If only to see you lose your mind. But I wouldn't do that to Ru. I sighed and held out a hand, pulling the athames from Ru's belt to my hand. I rummaged, if one could say picking one out of three was rummaging, but I did take a few moments to decide.:: "So glad I have your permission" :: was the cutting reply. After a moments hesitation, I shrugged, turned my other hand palm up and another knife appeared. I glanced at Ru, who nodded.:: "Right. As I said. Do not interfere. Do not step onto the mound." :: I pointed the silver and bone athame I called up at the shade (Laurell):: "That goes for you as well. Stay put. I don't need you tangled up within the other two. I don't need to hear him b¡t¢h¡ng at me in my sleep. Please spare me the male drama" :: I took in a breath, and all four of the knives hovered slightly above my arms and hands. One silver and steel, one silver and bone, one stone, and one wood. Ru had dropped her shield and shifted her stance slightly, pulling her hair up into a twist, and putting a pair of chopsticks within to hold it. She started to gather up her magic within, going to a crouch, eyes locked on me. Geoff was going to lose his mind most like but he'd better stay put. Or he WOULD go flying through his forest. Without the benefit of wings.:: "Persephone" :: I barely breathed the name, tensing my muscles slightly, and between one heartbeat and the next, all four knives slashed down upon my arms with a great force. Because lets face it, you weren't getting a cut any other way, even with the silver. Had this happened sooner, it wouldn't need as much force, but defenses are automatic once you get to a certain point, right? Once, twice, thrice, the blades slashed down, and spun around the mound just as Ru exploded into motion, having released the weights around her ankles. Now Geoff, and Lou were faster than she was, but I was helping. Call it cheating if you will. Her heel had just cleared the mound when the knives finished their circling, calling up the ward and shield encasing the two of them atop the mound::

Laurell : Laurell would stay put, she wasn't only staying out of it, she was keeping the other Munin in check, yes, the wee little girl of a wolf was holding back ancient spectres.. there was something to be said about not understanding the powers of the veil and those who cross it, wasn't there?

Geoff : Infernal Stygian Queen: *he hasn't spent as much time as he should have learning to better commune with the Munin, but he recognizes Laurell the moment she manifests within the Lupanar, shields or no shields....her presence does more to help moderate him, between that and Lou's physical touch, it probably is enough to keep him from doing something stupid....he knows that Lou sees through his expression more than anyone, understands why he reacted the way he did....for once he's grateful she can't speak in this form, so as not to give it away....he slowly raises his gaze to Zabela as she starts the working on her spell, and initially there isn't much reaction from him....maybe Z overestimated just how protective he'd be of her? if Zabela wants to slice herself up, Geoff is in absolutely no hurry to stop that.....of course, he sees Ru's preparatory movements out of the corner of his eye, and he realizes an instant too late what's about to happen...he actually starts to move, like a linebacker making a false start at the line of scrimmage, and it takes a wrenching effort to keep himself from trying to leap bodily in Ru's path....honestly? it's more the fact that he's underestimated Ru one too many times and he wants to trust that she knows what she's doing than Zabela's admonition against him.....his fingers clench spasmodically, almost painfully at Lou's fur and he makes a low sound deep in his chest like a car's transmission stripping gears....he half-turns away, first toward Bina, then toward Laurell-that-is, a look of abject helplessness on his face, the expression raw and too powerful for him to fully contain behind his usual stoicism....it's a side of him that Bina probably suspected was there but rarely witnessed so plainly*

Lou : Lou's gaze was locked with her mate's until he broke the trance between them. She did not even glance at Zabela as she spilled her blood on the mound, but she smelled it, her nose flared, and anyone who was paying attention would sense the heightened pulse in the enormous beast beside the Ulfric. It was a pleasure receptor that Lou had a complete handle on. She noticed Ru's actions, she released her ankles, and she watched her with eyes that did not belong in a wolf, even if it was a giant one. A slow rumble echoed in her chest, it rolled and twisted in a symphony with Geoffrey's choking grind. Her muscles tensed in response to her own trepidation.. the munin and magic, two of the forces of which Lou was the most leery of in existance next to vampires... But despite this trepidation, she crossed one heavy front leg over Geoffrey's, effectively blocking him from stepping forward with the crook of her foreleg and chest over his lower thigh; she was more concerned with the potential disaster if he touched the magical field than she as about his emotional response right now.

Bina : She tilted her head as she watched what was going on. She stayed put when the ritual started, not really out of any fear but more than she wasnt sure what any interference on her part might do. At Geoffs reaction she would tense, but when he glanced her way she would give a faint nod. And if his shields werent up she would have felt her beast as well in wanting to help comfort him. Has she seen that sort of despair on his face before? Twice, and only twice. Once when everyone was thinking that Bina might actually die (even if no one was saying it), and once after the most recent loss of wolves that had put him in such a funk. So yes, she knew that he had it in him and she had seen it before but it didnt make it any easier to see now. She would step closer to Geoff and Lou, still not getting in the way but making her presence more known in the situation. The scent of blood was heavy in her nose and while it roused her she was enough in control that she didnt even so much as twitch at it. She remained as she had started this...a witness.

Zabela : :: Gods all bless. Silver hurt. You all have -no- idea the amount of trust right now. I am not as allergic to silver as you lot are, but it burned. But more importantly, it kept the wounds open for a longer period of time. As my blood, that almost had a metallic sheen, hit the earth, I started chanting, reaching a hand out to press my bloody thumb against where Ru's third eye was. I drew a line down her face, carefully avoiding her lips. Yes, lets not get the witch drunk thank you. There was a brief moment when a decision had to be made, and while the chanting hadn't stopped, there was a bit of a growl within the words as I released the wings. It was wings or the full glammour, and you lot didn't deserve that yet. The wing on the right was a dusty grey, edged in white, the left, white edged in dusty grey. The feathers aren't exactly feathers, but even with the lycan vision you might miss that. They were featherlike in appearance but were almost like scales. Both were dusted with gold. Ru's eyes widened slightly at seeing them, but she didn't comment on it. She was too busy chanting anyway. I switched to English for the benefit of those around, although it didn't fully translate properly, I'd try.:: "Elisabetta Ariyana Romanov-Blanche, with speech, I call thee, with blood I call thee, with blood I drive thee. Thrice I call thee, thrice I summon thee, thrice I call thee and done." :: now comes the part that Geoffrey REALLY wasn't going to like. Nor would Lou come to think of it. But being as I had no ties to the man, and the child did, I was going to have to use her. She gave a decisive nod, holding out her arms. I gritted my teeth briefly before the knives moved and lightly scored the witches skin. I didn't need to cut so deep as I did on myself, the amount of blood from each knife was barely more than a scrape from falling and skinning a knee. The blood mingled on the knives and they plunged into the earth as the magic swirled within the warded area. It was a wild magic, a very untamable magic, but I managed:: "Randall Dwight Blanch, with speech, I call thee, with blood, I call thee, with Blood, I drive thee. Thrice I call thee, Thrice, I summon thee, Thrice I call and done. The Lady commands thee, of twilight I bind thee, from Hades I pull thee." :: part of me noticed Lou's actions and I approved. My wings fluttered, and I let out a faint snarl again:: "Cerebus. You bastard." :: the words were barely breathed, might not be heard over the howl of magic but I shifted my stance pulled a chopstick out of Ru's hair and made a slashing motion in the air, sticking my hand into it, and making a yanking motion::

Geoff : *Geoff knows little and less of magic and ceremony, and he never does well in realms where he's out of his depth....he doesn't know what's going on, and if for no other reason than that, he hates this....he hates being on the outside, not knowing whether Zabela is really capable of that which she promised, or whether Ru is strong enough to serve in whatever capacity she's obviously needed for....he feels Lou edge closer to him, using the bulk of her body to keep his traitorous feet from carrying him toward the maelstrom of magic....you step closer, which we'll say puts you within arm's reach of him....almost without thinking, Geoff lashes out at you, getting a fistful of shirt around the collar and yanking you toward him....the movement is sharp, and while he's got enough wherewithal to not use his full lycan strength, you either need to come closer or lose a scrap of shirt....assuming you do come, you'd almost bump into Lou's hindquarters, but he doesn't let go of you, seeming to almost use you as an anchor for himself, to further keep himself from interfering with the proceedings....whether it's a good thing or not, Geoff is too focused on fighting every instinct he has as an Ulfric to stay where he is to really notice what all is going on with Zabela and Ru....he doesn't even fully register the sudden appearance of wings*

Lou : Geoffrey's discomfort was normally a source of many wolf's stress. He had a way of affecting others like that. So when he anchored himself with Bina, Lou approved, but on the other side, she was already bristled by his disgruntled nature, and witnessing the winged powerhouse before her, was disturbing to say the least. As she watched the chants to pull Elisa back to us.. she was uncomforatble... Lou was savvy enough to make the connection that Elisa was Zabela's blood kin... after all, she had tried to have Charlotte killed, there was a keen awareness of the lineage before her... which meant that Rand was not her blood. How does a blood spell work when the spell caster doesn't have their blood? There wasn't that much time between both rituals, but it seemed like the world had slowed, Geoff pushing into her ribs, resisting the urge to move, Bina at her hind quarters, and Ru with knives pointed at her. Instinct brough forth a lashing, whipping [Whip Snarl] from Louisianna, it was hot and seering, and it did absolutely nothing to the circle of power that surrounded Zabela and Ru. She wanted to step forward, she wanted to power through, but she felt a weight on her shoulders, it was otherworldly, and Geoff would know that Laurell had intervened enough for some common sense to take place. Lou felt cornered and paralyzed by the situation unfolding, and utterly betrayed that Ru was making a blood sacrifice... Michel had taken too much from us already... and she snarled again, before a heartbreaking howl of rage deafened the Lupanar

Laurell : Laurell was a witness, as she ever was to the Lupanar. She was also the barrier tonight. The barrier that was being stretched thin while the demi-goddess called upon the God of Hell and his child to re-set to right the imbalance in their pack. She was told to stay out of it, but how could she do that when the floodgates to the dead was open and the likes of Isabel and Roxy and the hundreds of other ancient Munin wanted to storm the gates? She could not, and would not let that happen on this side of the barrier Zabela had made. She followed Bina when she was pulled closer to Geoff, her energy slid along his neck, and along his cheek, just like she did when she was walking around in her caramel form. That was... her energy was on him until Louisianna started lashing out. The mere idea of that barrier letting go mid ritual was enough to make her pray for a quick death for everyone involved... so instead, she blanketed herself on the pony sized wolf, even though Lou did not have the ability to speak to Laurell, she understood metaphysical communication, and Laurell hoped that would be enought tonight.

Bina : When you grab her shirt as she gets in arms reach she would blink but she is smart enough not to fight it when you drag her closer, stumbling a moment before she finds her feet again and winds up next to Lou's hindquarters. She leans into Lou, anchoring herself to the Lupa before one hand lifts to anchor herself to you also, giving you the benefit of touch from yet another pack member. It was hard for her to watch this also, seeing her partner in crime bleeding and unable to stop whatever is happening. The entire thing was definitely uncomfortable and while she didnt understand what was going on, and was smart enough to know that there wasnt any way that she likely ever would, she made no move to do anything other than anchor herself to the two stronger wolves here in the Lupanar, one of which needed her as calm as she could be despite the fact that his discomfort was tangible to her and making her uncomfortable as well. As such she turns her gaze from the ritual that is occuring and focuses on you instead, making sure that she keeps in touch with you. Lou's howl of rage would make her wince ever so slightly but she took a deep breath and continued to focus on you.

Zabela/Matthew : :: immediately following the yanking motion would be a muted THUD..or rather a triple thud, and a trio of yelps. If you have to ask.. I pulled my hand back out and well now we were glowing. Well not -we- just me. It was muted and more yellow than white, but it was there. I gave Lou such a look. Blood Sacrifice. There was hardly any blood to be had. Ru was needed for Rand. I couldn't do anything for him. The combined blood and the summons would work, of course, as difficult as it was starting to be. I gave Ru a nod, and while she isn't an earth witch, the blood that ties her not just to Randall as his daughter but being part of the Clan going into the earth as she plunged her hands within with my help of course, would tie them to this land. You'd think just this mound of earth, but no, hello. It would be the forest itself. Maybe not the compound, and not just cause of the wards. That's just creepy and stalkerish thankyouverymuch. I felt the magic pulling and inwardly I groaned. Well.. Wings. Silver cutting...and now there would be more of a suprise. There was a dual shimmer, and surprise b¡t¢hes. One Randall shade and one Elisa Shade. There was a faint pop, a bright light, very anticlimatic really as the magic fell and he'd be standing there, glaring at Rand:: "You know, when Your child calls, you should come you stubborn bastard. I didn't want to have to cut her." :: the wings folded in, only to fold in when Ru reached out to steady him as he went to a knee. He shook his head and rubbed the heel of his hand against his forehead. The ghosts of the pack would smile and well be sort of fady:: "give it about a week. They'll be able to come and go at will. Goddess bless I'm going to be stuck like this for a month."

Geoff : *sometimes he forgets that you feel as deeply for these wolves as he does, and you feel the losses as keenly.....call it selfishness if you want, call it single-mindedness, but the sudden, desperate howl that comes from your throat catches him somewhat by surprise.....so much so that his shields are suddenly gone again - not dropped, more like evaporated, the power of his wolf suddenly filling the area with even more choking energy....Bina gets more or less a front row seat to it, or more like a shotgun blast of lupine energy washing over her form in a nearly overwhelming wave....weaker wolves might have shifted in response to it, whether or not you do depends on just how far you've advanced...he wasn't even thinking about your being here, really, it was all in reaction to Lou's anguish....he might not have been able to interfere with what was going on up there, but goddamn it his mate is feeling pain and he damn well CAN do something about that....in the rush and drama of everything going on, it only then dawns on him that like....sh¡t has gone down....he looks around, then looks up, blinking s l o w l y at the sight before him....not just the Munin-in-training, but Zabela.....suddenly not having t¡ts.....his mouth works silently for a time before he croaks out some words* I can see why you don't do that very often... *but even magical sex changes are really second-fiddle to what really catches his interest....he tries to take a step forward toward Rand and Elisa, and in a moment of uncharacteristic clumsiness almost trips over Lou....he has to put a hand on her back to steady himself, and decides to stay put....his eyes narrow and he just....looks at them, trying to convince himself that he can believe his own senses* Elisa......Rand.........I'm sorry.

Lou : Well, it kind of makes sense, that a big beast showing lots of feeling needs a big beast to feel more feelings. She was instantly soothed by his enormous energy, and yet, it was not enough, the raw emotions left a tingling along her flesh, under the fur and she wanted to slip her skin to be rid of it, but she worried what she would do if she was smaller, more nimble... wouldn't it be easier to launch after Ru and save her from this sorcery? She shouldered her energy away from Geoffrey, also ignorant of Bina's proximity through this (unless she shifted, then she'd pay attention to the goo on her back end), but her mind was not on the beta wolf in her midst, it was on Ru, and the demi-goddess, and the Munin on her back, and... and.... the not Zabela in front of them any more. Her body leaned back into Geoffrey's cautious hand on her back, she paused with him, her attention leaving the male Z and drawn to Elisa and Rand... which was heart breaking. She had intended on staying in her wolf form... but these were her best friends. The large wolf sat back and in that same motion, the dark grey fur receeded and Lou's chocolate skin emerged, wet, inky curls spilling down her back, she was speechless as the spectres stood so close, images of their past lives... and she wept silently, kneeling in the cold dirt, somewhere between Geoff and Bina.

Bina : When Geoffs shields drop so suddenly Bina would stagger, the shotgun blast of Ulfrics energy enough to push her back just a moment before she steadies herself. There was a ripple there in her beast, a momentary hint that she might shift unexpectedly, but she took an unnecessary breath and steeled herself, the ripple smoothing down until she was calm again even though there was emotional upset all around her. Her head would slowly roll, a pop audible in her ears as she releases the tension that was immediately noticeable when she settled herself. When Geoff makes the comment that he sees why Zabella doesnt do that often her head would turn and she would blink as there was a guy standing there now. Thats not something you saw every day. Too there was Elisa and Rand and her heart broke when she heard Geoff apologize. She took a breath, holding it for a moment before she exhaled slowly. Her hand redoubled its hold upon her Ulfric, moving from his arm to his shoulder, steadying him as well as her in that moment. Lou slipping her wolf skin and emerging as the smaller more human Lou between herself and Geoff was noticed. The scent of her tears, saline and sadness, stung her nose and a single tear slid down each cheek silently. She didn't know Elisa and Rand as well as everyone else here but they were pack and while their loss had been mourned at the time seeing them here was just as sad for her now as it had been. And like everyone else here the young wolf mourned anew, albeit silently.

Zabella/Matthew : "Well, generally it's much easier" :: He growled:: "But someone is a stubborn bastard and doesn't respond to messages. So it took more than it should have. And please don't fall and break your nose. I don't want to have your mate trying to eat me because you can't manage to put one foot in front of the other." :: Elisa and Rand both touched Ru's head..or tried to. You know.. they looked at Geoff and shook their heads, Elisa looking rather bemused and annoyed. Cause it wasnt his fault, he knew it and if she was there she'd smack him for it.:: "You can come up, but you might not be able to hear them for a few days. Don't worry, nothing else is coming through the veil. I tolerate no shinanegans." :: Ru cleared her throat and he gave her a glare and pointed away:: "If you are going to sass, you can go over there. And think about redoing your wards on the complex. I think they are fried. I'll do a temporary thing, since I broke it, and you are to do no magic for at least three days missy. You won't feel it now, but you will in the morning. And explain to them so they don't think I'm some Vodun would you? I am going to have to apologize to Cerberus for knocking his a§§ out, hopefully before Uncle Hades is done with his wife." :: He pointed to Geoff:: "no power pows for 24 hours. Let them anchor themselves here. If I have to do this again, I will kick your a§§ from here to the underworld and back, and YOU can explain to my Uncle why I was fµ¢k¡ng around. Twice." :: just so many tidbits tonight. You can believe it or not. You can think it's just smoke and mirrors. Whatever you wanted. He didn't much care:: "Now, if you don't mind, I require, a hot shower, a very large steak, and at least 8 hours of sleep. IN a bed. Maybe not in that order. But I can't make the trip home til then. So where am I sleeping?"
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Scripts / You're Promoted! [Geoff/Tally]
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Location - Tally's House, Time Indeterminite

Geoffrey Cooper - Ulfric (m i c h a e l)
Tallulah Young - S.A. Wolf (Holiday)

Summary: Geoff presents Tally with a hand-made knife as a gift while promoting her to Freki within the pack, to take the place of the fallen Elisa. She is hesitant at first but he convinces her it's best for the pack.

Geoffrey Cooper: *with Geoff it's something of a crapshoot - is he going to just let himself in, or knock like a more-or-less civilized person....well tonight, the coin-flip lands on "civilized" so whatever you happen to be doing at the moment (reading, eating, scissoring, what have you), it's interrupted by a knock at the front door...it's just two sharp raps, not pounding, but firm, impossible to mistake for anything else....Geoff is making no attempt to conceal that it's him, so even a perfunctory examination by any of a couple means would reveal that it is indeed an Ulfric upon your stoop*

Tallulah Young: The reception would likely have been the same either way, whichever he did...minor irritation, annoyance at being interrupted...and that went for whoever stood at her door or came to see her. It was just doubly so where Geoff was concerned. She was up in her room, seated at her computer, keys rapidly clicking as she worked on the dissertation that, if all went well, should earn her her doctorate at the end of the year. Not many knew she was working on it...hell, not many knew she had a masters degree in applied mathematics, since people rarely looked under the surface, especially once they found out how she made her money. She wore thick, black-framed glasses as she worked, not because she needed the help - the lenses were fashion only - but because they acted as a sort of blinder, keeping her focused on what she was doing. When she heard the knock, and instinctively reached out to find out who it was, she let out an annoyed sigh and saved her work, first to her main drive, then to a cloud, then to an external, and headed downstairs. Opening the door, she was less than her usual glamourous self, in an oversized Georgetown sweatshirt and black leggings, those glasses perched up on her head and her hair pulled back into a serviceable tail. Leaning against the door frame, one brow arched over tawny eyes. "Geoffrey.

Geoffrey Cooper: Tallulah. *he speaks your name in a slightly-lower tone, his voice with a bit more formality to it than is normal....the way you'd speak to someone you're meeting for the first time in an business environment, perhaps, and it seems as out of place from him as say, eyeglasses on a werewolf......his blue eyes flick to the fashion accessory briefly, but not so fast that you don't miss it....if he has questions about them, he keeps them to himself...as for Geoff, he's dressed in more or less normal attire for him: jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt, no jacket in spite of the briskness of the air....he does have something tucked under one arm though - it's a long, slender box a little over a foot long four inches wide, and less than an inch thick....it's wrapped in featureless brown paper like one would for shipping, but no addresses or other writing can be seen on it....instead it seems to be wrapped in a ropey twine, very much like one would wrap ribbons around a present...in fact the twine is fastened in the middle of the box with a bow....he does nothing to draw attention to it though as he speaks again* Can I come in, or am I interrupting something? *the last few words are accompanied by a slight tilt to his head that suggests the request is more formality than anything; he wants (expects) to be invited in*

Tallulah Young: The formality in his tone was a little odd, particularly for him, particularly for him when addressing her, and it almost made her laugh...though not really in a mirthful way. It was hard to say what exactly had robbed this Southern belle of her devil-may-care attitude and outlook, but joy hadn't been something Tally had felt in...well, quite some time. She ignored the glance to her glasses...she knew why she had them, that was all that mattered. She did, however, glance briefly to the object he carried with him, her curiosity mildly whetted, and she tilted her head slightly as she lifted her gaze back up to him. "I'm working on my paper...so, yes, you're interrupting." She stepped aside, though, even if part of her wanted to shut the door without allowing him entrance, if only because she knew what he expected. It was mostly just the nature of their relationship, of course, but partly an unusual - for her - desire that she'd held for quite some time now...to be left alone. "But I suppose you're here for a reason, so...might as well come in. Drink?" She was already headed for the kitchen, where she opened the fridge and took out a soda for herself, waiting to get whatever he wanted if he did, and one way or another, the fridge would be shut and she would make her way back into the living room, handing him his drink or not, before lowering herself into one of the living room's chairs.

Geoffrey Cooper: *it would have been interesting - perhaps even fitting - if you'd decided to take issue with his entry....add that to the long list of "what ifs" in their history together, but this he takes with a faint nod of acknowledgement* I don't expect to be here long, you'll be getting back to your homework soon enough. *if there's any teasing or mockery at the prospect of your doing homework, you wouldn't hear it in his tone - the words come matter-of-factly without much inflection one way or the other...with his free hand he waves away the offer of a drink....and neither does he sit down....he remains where he is for the barest span of heartbeats before crossing the floor briskly and holding the package out for you to take* This is for you. *he's keeping careful steward of both his voice and his expression....so guarded that it actually looks like he's being guarded....but his hand won't waver until you take the package from him....it's neither light nor heavy....but you'd need to unwrap it to see what's inside*

Tallulah Young: "Alright, then," she said with a slight nod before stepping out of the way to let him in, going to get her drink in the meantime. After sitting, she opened her soda and took a small drink before setting it aside, watching as he crossed the room toward her in that brisk manner, no movement wasted, but then, that was their nature. Efficient, deadly hunters. It didn't do to show one's hand when fighting for one's life or livelihood. As he extended the package toward her, she eyed it warily. She didn't like his tone, or the set of his expression...so careful not to let anything by, and that might work on most people, but again...those of their nature. She knew it was just as easily a mark of trouble as it was a sign of nothing going on, and it made her cautious. Pursing her lips slightly, she reached out, slowly, hesitant only because she was quite sure she didn't actually want to know what was within that package, and took it in hand, pulling it to her lap. Drawing in a breath, she pulled at the end of the twine where it was tied up in that bow, slipping the twine off before pulling at the paper.

Geoffrey Cooper: *it's hard to know whether he was being cagey on purpose to set you on edge or simply to annoy you for sh¡ts and giggles...or because there was something bothering him....with Geoff, any of those things could be true and his motivations could change from moment to moment...as you slip the twine free and unfasten the paper, you would see a plain black cardboard box with a lift-off lid....after lifting the lid you would see a knife....the blade is perhaps eight inches from tip to plunge grind, and the handle another five inches....the handle looks to be carved from an antler of some sort and very nicely shaped to hold comfortably, the steel glinting brightly in the light of your living room...there's a slight curve to the blade but no fancy adornments....if you were anything of an expert on knife making, you'd probably spot a few small flaws in the metalworking, some signs of grinding and what appear to be superficial inclusions....but to someone with little to no expertise it would appear to be very well made.....in very tiny letters, less than a quarter of an inch high, you'd make out a faint "GC" near the base of the blade....it's an open secret among the pack that Geoff has been fiddling around with bladesmithing over the past few months - he's turned the first floor of the parking garage into a makeshift forge....but this is the first finished product that anyone (except perhaps Lou) has seen....perhaps the reason for his guarded expression is becoming more clear....he doesn't even seem to take a breath as you examine the knife*

Tallulah Young:  None of those options would surprise her...and at this point, her annoyance would likely be minimal...not the type that she'd lose her sh¡t over and try to make him bleed for. No, there were other things he could do to push her to that edge. As she lifted off the lid of the box, she blinked, seeing the knife. For a moment, her mind raced as to the meaning. Was it a knife that had been used on one of their pack? Was she meant to track the owner? Lifting it out of the box, she used her keen senses to make out what she could about it. It was only when his scent was the only one she could make out, and when she saw the tiny initials etched into the blade, that she realized what it was. It was imperceptible to most, but he would likely notice the slight relaxing of her form as she left her 'danger zone'. Content with the idea that this was a project of his rather than something nefarious, she allowed herself to notice more about the blade. She wasn't necessarily a blade expert - she wouldn't notice the flaws in the metal - but she'd used them, and respected a well-made knife. It was decently balanced, and she appreciated the simple elegance of the hilt's finish. It may have been an open secret among most of the pack, but Tally...well, Tally had, however strange it might seem, kept to herself for the most part over the last several months. "Very nice." Yeah, yeah, it's a compliment, don't faint. "Fancying a new day job?" She glanced up to him now, looking away from the knife, letting the handle twirl absently through her fingers before she set it back down in its box and replaced the lid, holding it back up to him. "I'm sh¡t at wrapping, so if it's a gift for someone, you might want to redo it." She imagined if he was showing her, it was likely something for Lou, or Sabrina.

Geoffrey Cooper: *he doesn't give an big explosive sigh of relief at the compliment, but he does draw in a faint breath and then resume breathing normally afterward....that, my dear, is all you'll know about what it cost him to show this to you....when you pick up the blade you'd find that the handle indexes very well - even with your eyes closed you'd be able to know exactly where the optimal cutting edge is.....it also patently wasn't designed based on his own hands, given how comfortably you can wield it....when you replace it back in its box and hand it back to him, he gives a small fluttery blink and doesn't move to take it back from you* Well it is a gift for someone. *pause* For you. *longer pause* Consider it a promotion gift.

Tallulah Young: The reaction, however faint, was curious enough. Tally was sure she had to be mistaken in what she thought she saw coming from him - a sign of nervousness, anxiety? Perhaps not those exactly, but at the very least, hesitation. Caution. Not things she generally associated with Geoff. That blink as she attempted to give the box back to him, though...that made her wonder if she wasn't right after all. As she set the box back down on her lap when he didn't move to take it from her, it was her turn to blink as he spoke, and then her eyes widened ever so slightly as he revealed it was intended for her. He'd managed to surprise her...well, he can check that off of his bucket list. The last bit made her chuckle, though. "Well, I've heard of fashionably late, but waiting a few years to give a gift for an event might be pushing it a little far. But..." she rose, setting the box down in the chair behind her, and faced him, looking him in the eyes. "Thank you. Truly."

Geoffrey Cooper: *his brows furrow for just a moment when you speak, and he realizes that he might not have been clear - that, or you purposefully misunderstood what he meant....he chuckles slightly, shaking his head* No, not Geri. *pause* Freki. *he holds up a hand to forestall any argument* The pack needs one, and there's nobody I'd rather have. *pause* Truly.

Tallulah Young: While she was entirely capable of purposely misunderstanding whether for her own amusement or for other reasons, that wasn't the case now. As far as she knew, the pack structure was intact and she had no desire to challenge for a higher position, content in the trust that had already been placed within her. He had to know her at least a little, because her mouth opened to put forth a bit of dissension, stopping only when that hand lifted. Her brow furrowed and she tilted her head. "I'm strong. I know that. I may have even been stronger than Elisa." She didn't know, of course, she and the woman had never sparred. But if anything could be certain about Tally, it was that the woman had pride and ego to spare. "But I never challenged her because I didn't think I had any business being the second of the pack. Of being the one to lead if something happens. I lead before. It didn't work out." She took a breath and let it out, looking away for a moment before bringing her gaze back to his face. "I know she's lupa, but Lou probably has more business being Freki than I do, Geoff."

Geoffrey Cooper: *he might have expected this, planned for it, had arguments in advance....but he doesn't....as with anything else about him, Geoff's playing this one off the cuff* You think I have any business running this pack? *try as you might, you wouldn't find any self-pity or even self-deprecation in his tone....he does speak those words with the faintest chuckle, though, and moves on* If. *pause* Something were to happen....you wouldn't like it, wouldn't be happy about it, it wouldn't be fair, but....push comes to shove, you'd do right by the pack. We tried Lou as Freki before and it didn't work out. She's right where I need her. This is about where I need you. *for a wonder he doesn't segue into some kind of crude joke, that should tell you how serious he's taking this*

Tallulah Young: It probably spoke to the seriousness the both of them felt in the current moment that neither of them were reducing to snarky comments or crude jokes. It was rare enough when Geoff and Tally were civil to one another...shame that no one else was around to see it, right? As he responded, she drew in a breath and let it out in a sigh...because he was right. She wouldn't like it, but she would do her duty. She would take care of those who needed caring for. Protect them with her life, if need be. And as much as she believed in her own mind that there were any number of others who might be better suited than she...and as much as she trusted them with her life...she knew in her soul that she trusted no one as much as she did her own self to do what needed to be done, because of her exacting standards, and her sound belief that she would never meet them, and she would never stop trying. "Fine," she said softly, almost a whisper, but of course he would hear it as though she were shouting. "I...I accept. Thank you for your trust."

Geoffrey Cooper: *his reply is immediate* You earned it. *his trust, or the position? if you really are interested in knowing the answer, you'd better ask quick, because as abruptly as he arrived, he turns on a heel and moves toward the door...maybe he can't bear being around you when we're both so solemn and serious....maybe he doesn't want to give you the chance to change your mind...in any case, he's almost out the door when he stops and half-turns, presenting you only with his profile* Thank you, Freki. *and with that, he turns and is gone*

Tallulah Young: She wouldn't ask - the truth was that they were one and the same, in her eyes. He wouldn't have asked - damn near demanded, truth be told - if there was no trust, even if she was the strongest in the pack. And his abrupt turn to depart didn't surprise her either...while she might chit-chat with others, that wasn't the nature of their relationship. No, if they weren't shouting at one another or trying to rip the other apart, and if they weren't trading barbs, quick and efficient was the name of the game. No wasted words, just like no wasted movement. And, well, maybe she couldn't bear being around him when he was so serious either. It was just...well, weird. She nodded as he turned that bare bit, and his words made her swallow past the lump in her throat. "You're welcome, Ulfric," she said, just before he passed through her door.
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